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  1. Sorry for the delay, but other distractions (England cricket, remarkable weather, visitors) have held sway. Of course s..'s law would have it that the vehicle stability light has come on for the first time ever and shows no sign of wanting to go away. Rather than load someone else up with the problem, I will keep the car, continue to enjoy it and scrap it when I've used up the petrol. So, thanking you for your support and banter, I will arrange to exit the scene.
  2. Would recommend the Gold Coach bus. Great scenery and they serve tea/coffee.
  3. 2002 GS300 SE Auto Navigator 128K miles MOT to April 2020 £875 Condition: Car in good order and appearance with refurbished wheels and well shod. All dashboard warning lights in situ and working. All disappear as engine starts and seat belts engage. Performance / distance data clearly shown on satnav screen. Local manufacture s/s exhaust system November 2015. Extra Info: Clean interior with cream leather, opening / tilting sun roof, electric windows, heated adjustable front seats, FM/AM radio with tape and 6 CD player all working. Original LEXUS cream mats showing little wear. 2 keys. V5C Number of former keepers 3. My car since April 2014. Not driven far or frequently recently. Some service history. UK /Satnav handbook as well as US edition both unmarked. Original tools Contact Details e-mail More pictures/info by request Location Inverness, Scotland. Conditions Buyer to collect. Cash preferred. UPDATE: VEHICLE NO LONGER FOR SALE
  4. Hello John I, too, have a 51Reg GS300 - not quite so many miles at 124K - and found your article most interesting. I note that you have a 'smooth' boot lid whereas my car has a wing attached to it. I wonder if this is an original item, a variation or a later addition and would be grateful for any advice. I would quite like to have it removed as the line of your car looks much more sleek. Regards Ron
  5. Delighted to hear of your enjoyable trip round this part of the Highlands. We Lexus owners are a wee bit thin on the ground and so I was pleased to see a well presented GS450 in Morrisons car park in Inverness. Perhaps mine was the GS300 you came across in your travels. A small point - I think the distillery you mention is as you come into Forres - a few miles further on than Nairn. Anyway - Haste ye back and enjoy the product. Slainthe!
  6. I got a s/s back system made for my 2002 GS300 by a guy in Elgin last year. £900 or else leaky exhaust - no contest! See photo attached for general interest.
  7. RIMTECH has refurbished all 5 wheels (£377) and they look very good. As mentioned above the tyre pressure loss is remedied now - that's a relief! The centre caps are looking quite tired in comparison to the rest of the wheel. The replacements I got on e-bay are a correct fit but the external diameter is much less than the original. Is it possible to get a set with a 72mm 'face'? Alternatively has anyone experience in refurbishing the originals? I would like to spray them to match the wheels but am concerned that I would damage the metallic Lexus motif in removing over paint with thinners. I don't see a practical way of making masks for the motif. I'm too old and shaky to try a paint brush! So, it's 'old dog and new tricks' scenario - any advice will be gratefully received.
  8. I have approached RIMTECH up here and have had the whole one day bath/blast/coat/bake/seal process explained. Price seems standard at £240 plus VAT for four wheels. Still waiting for our really bad winter weather so I will put off for a month or so. Thanks for all the helpful comments on this topic Regards to all.
  9. The 17" wheels on my 51 registered GS300 are presentable but I, also, have trouble keeping tyre pressure (35psi) up to the mark on 2 of the wheels. The tyres have been removed and fixative replaced but the problem persists. Can you advise, please, if refurbishing and powder coating would be likely to cure the loss of pressure? The Avon tyres were fitted new in May 2015 and have done under 5000 miles.
  10. Hello Colin It was kind of you to take on these puzzles so promptly. Regarding the radio - I was 'thrown' because the frequencies still showed against each preset although no audio. I have done a manual tune as you suggested and re-allocated the preset 'buttons'. All is now well, thankyou. Regards
  11. Hello Staff Thank you for your welcome. Contributing to a forum is something unknown to me (old dog -new tricks) so bear with me please when I 'put my foot in it'. There are two puzzling items that I would appreciate advice on. After a normal outing and 70 mile round trip - next morning I found the car would not start and the battery voltage had dropped to 5.4V. I bought and fitted a new battery, but the immobiliser light kept flashing and it would turn over but not start.The AA man found "main relay fault code in abs ecu. Cleared code Started OK". It seems a strange fault and I wondered if others could offer a reason for it. Secondly, I find that having changed the battery, the radio is only giving a carrier and no audio, now. The VIN is JT153JSG000159011 and I would be grateful to know if there should be a Code for the radio and if so how to enter it. The Lexus is the satnav model - no buttons to press! Regards to all.
  12. I joined to benefit from the experience of members who have enjoyed the GS300 and have also found answers to the problems that may arise from a 14 year old - albeit that she bears her years well! So, excuse me if I try to 'pick your brains'.
  13. I bought a set of hard wearing fawn coloured rubber mats up here in June 2014 from Autosave Inverness. The driver and passenger mats are a good size and fit nicely but the rear two are rather skimpy. The mats are Aurora Part no :SWCM112 PO:3035 and originate from streetwise accessories who have a web site and e-mail at Hope that helps.