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  1. I've had my RX450 for for a year now and have only done 7000 miles in that time as I use my vans a lot, I have noticed in the last couple of months that the centre consul gets very hot. Has anybody else experienced this, I asked a mate who is not a Lexus mechanic and he said it could be a faulty heater core or damper motor servo, I am not mechanically minded so I don't have a clue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. Further to my last post where I was going to take my Lexus back to Lexus Cardiff, after my service record turned up I decided to keep it. I wanted a few bits done so I have been dealing with the manager. I wanted to take the vehicle in just before Xmas and he emailed me on the 16th Dec confirming that I could take it in and promised to get in touch the next day, well it's now the 9th Jan with still no contact. I know I can contact them but I think I will just hang on and contact Lexus main office, I would not deal with that dealership again, very disappointed
  3. Returning A Vehicle To Dealer

    Well after several phone calls between us and a lot of searching by them, they have come up with a service history from another Lexus garage in Lincoln and also a major service invoice from September for £1220. It seems it had it all the time and couldn't be bothered to find it, I'm a happier man now and starting to enjoy the vehicle. Thanks for all your replies
  4. Returning A Vehicle To Dealer

    I picked it up on the 20th and spoke to the salesman on the 24th, he said he would have the manager to phone me. I waited 3 days and when he didn't call I emailed Lexus on the 27th but have had no reply from them either so they have probably gone directly to the manager. If I wasn't so busy myself I could have taken my time to check on the details but like I said previously I relied on their honesty. Thanks for your reply
  5. Returning A Vehicle To Dealer

    Thanks for the replies, I have offered Lexus to try and come to an agreement giving me a the difference in value of a same year vehicle with no service history and one with service history. I don't think I am being unreasonable and just want a vehicle that has been looked after, I have never spent that amount of money on a car for myself before and want to enjoy it. After reading a few things I also believe that the warranty provided by them would not be valid as the vehicle was not maintained to the manufacturers specifications, so that is something else that I have to clarify. By the way if it does go back I will be in the market for another RX450h SE-l or the premier up to £18500 to £20,000 if anybody has one to sell or maybe I should just stick to older cars as they are not so much stress. My 06 Merc E320 had 186000 on the clock and never let me down so it's food for thought as I only average 7000 miles a year as I spend most of my time in my van working
  6. I purchased an RX450h from a main dealer, I know nothing about cars and simply rely on other peoples honesty. When I was discussing buying the vehicle with the salesman I was concerned that it had done 40000 miles in a single year, the manager appeared and said not to worry as it had been fully serviced elsewhere and as Lexus did the last service it would be approved by them. After paying for the car I found that it did not have the services that he said and together with a few other issues we agreed to take it back and refund me my £18450, I wanted my Mercedes back and the money I had paid but it has been sold, My question is should they have kept he car for 14 days in case I returned the car and if so and they had sold it am I entitled to the price that they sold it for or the actual value that it was worth as they only gave me £2300 part ex because I am a loser on the Mercedes. Any advice would be appreciated .
  7. Hello From South Wales

    Thank you all for your welcome and your advice, I am not mechanically minded whatsoever so will no doubt be a regular pest. I shall read all the guides as I get an opportunity
  8. Hello From South Wales

    I have just paid a deposit on a 59 plate RX450 SE-L Premier and I'm collecting next week. I was impressed with the vehicle and its extras on the test drive and was wondering what everybody's opinion was. I would appreciate any advice on anything that I should be aware of etc I am changing over from a Mercedes e320 although a nice car I think the Lexus was that much better plus all the gadgets Thanks for any replies