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  1. Bhp And Torque Curve

    Supercharged, stock internals 213bhp
  2. Bhp And Torque Curve

    It's a screen shot so I'd be very surprised it did allow you to watch the video haha, here is the link There's a few other vids of is200s in standard form or close but this is the only one with power figures torque and bhp in the description.
  3. Bhp And Torque Curve

    Just found this, proof that modding the is200 will see improvements, more torque gained with a cat back and airfilter. I bet with a slightly better air filter (apexi) and decent engine oil you would see more.
  4. More Bhp For Is200

    Gs300 brakes upfront with braided lines decent coilies / lowering springs and anti roll bar upgrade
  5. More Bhp For Is200

    And you only live up the a419 from me so would be ideal for me to collect 🙁
  6. More Bhp For Is200

    The following na setup may get you some where near 200bhp. Port and Polished head apparently the exhaust side is quite restricted) Head skimmed to raise compression Ignition Timing adjusted Decent ram intake (not just as a cone filter attached to sopipes.) Straight through exhaust Uprated cams Lightened single mass flywheel Piggy back ecu and remap Good service with decent engine oil. But this setup with parts alone will be very pricey. even if you got everything quite cheap
  7. More Bhp For Is200

    But going back on topic, from nearly years worth of research keeping the 1gfe na and gaining decent power will you most expensive option. swapping for r200 engine is probably more efficient than tuning the 1g in my opinion, some will say "just get a is300" is300 average around 3 to 6k still! picked my is200 up for 550, Forced induction is the best way of getting your money's worth. Me personally if I had 2 to 3 k spare, I'd either go with the r200 swap or turbo /supercharge my block. or buy a mk6 type r or mk7 accord type s but then loose rwd
  8. More Bhp For Is200

    Just the answer I was looking for hahaha, you will probably here this all time, but if I did have the funds I'd rip your hand off! not only is it in the colour I want but it's turbod and uv done handling mods as well!
  9. More Bhp For Is200

    That's what I was thinking but didn't want to seem rude. What mpg do you get out of that compared to standard
  10. More Bhp For Is200

    1gfe 300bhp with a supercharger???
  11. Why can't I view pictures on some threads? This one for example
  12. Cruizinkev's Lexus Is200 S/c

    Lovely, any more updates?
  13. Hello All, as some of you may be aware, i have been looking to by an is200 recently for the past few months and finally found one. i am now the proud new owner of a gun metal grey is200 sport :), and for the money i paid for it, its brilliant! Due to family commitments i am restricted to carry out the usual mods i am use to, so all my mods will be subtle and for mpg, averaged 40mpg on the motorway, from stoke on trent to gloucester, about 90 - 100 miles sat between 50 and 80mph. Got the price down to 600 from 800 :) Specs and information from purchase: * Gun metal grey is200 on a 2002 plate. * Overall, very good condition inside and out for a 600 quid car. * no service history * Small bits of damage here and there * few missing bits and bobs. * small hole in the exhaust but sounds really good surprisingly *engine bay could do with a clean. * few touch ups and paint treatment needed. * 5 months mot. Future plans: *Service - Cambelt and all auxillary belt replacement, pulley and idler replaced, oil and filters, VVTI filter clean, brakes stripped cleaned and pad rears greased, tyre pressures ( i tend to run 2psi higher than required), spark plugs, coolant, grease all hinges and moving parts. * paint brake calipers red * Detail the car * Yaris injectors * reset ecu * tidy and clean the engine bay * Fit aftermarket cd player as the standard unit doesnt work apparently? * fix the sat nav (didnt even no this car came with one so im really happy about that) * fix passenger side mirror as it was hit badly a week before i bought it, * fix central locking as it doesnt work * Lowering springs * New wheels * front splitter * custom sub install *led lights where i can * headlight black out * possibly a new manifold * Renew diff oil * Renew gearbox oil due to the condition of the car being alot better than i expected, as long as the mpg is some where near what i was expecting (25 quid a week is my target for fuel) i think i may keep this car for a very long time! Some may find the above list daunting, but i love working on cars and love keeping them maintained. Pics and updates to come :) :) :)
  14. Little update, Fitted my double din unit and it has power, iv had to make my own loom as i couldn't find the correct connector block any where, just need to figure out the amp power and speakers and it's all done, reversing camera to be fitted at a later date
  15. This is what my key looked like for two weeks while I was solving the issue and solving parts haha
  16. Try new battery in the fob, immobiliser might be having issues, mine would start at all with a duff battery
  17. I guess this doesn't exist any more
  18. Problem I Cant Solve Is200

    Check the obvious, fuel lines, spark plug condition, airfilter etc M
  19. Washed and waxed it Friday night,..... Yes night and it's filthy again, thank you muddy British roads!
  20. Black Lexus

    Black paint work is high maintenance as it shows dirt and imperfections well. So avoid unless you look after your vehicle and keep it clean
  21. Lexus Is200 Parts - Various Needed

    Hello all, Today is you lucky day, do you have any old broken or unwanted is200 bits lying around in your sheds, I'm looking for the following, ideally I'd like to collect as i hate waiting for postage haha. Not looking for mint condition, as long as the part is all there and not too badly damaged. Front grill Front splitter Adjustment levers for electric seats Decat manifold Left hand side washer mechanism with external cover Roof spoiler lip 17x8 wheels Literally looking g for cheap as possible, so please no mint condition items Please remember if you offer any of the parts asked for you need to be a Gold Member. This also includes contacting each other via Private Messages.
  22. Lexus Is200 Parts - Various Needed

    Updated :-)
  23. I know, iv always wanted one, so there's no better way then to start by reviving potential.
  24. Don't worry mate, everything in that area is going to be replaced, as I plan to keep the car now, I will be spending a fair bit on it to get it near mint.