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  1. Garage did suggest grinding the lip down but l went for replacement as was not a lot of differents in cost.
  2. 06 GS300. Front breaks had been squealing for a while, had them checked when MOT was done, cleaned and copper greased. Still squealed. Next changed pads, still squealed. This time replaced discs, old ones where still good but had a small lip on them. No more squealing. Surprised that a very small lip on the discs caused sutch horrendous squealing.
  3. The plugs are ngk and genuine, they might have fallen off the back of a lorry, but at that price I wish I had brought more!!!
  4. The car is over ten years old and most at this age would have about 120 on them, I had them changed due to age of car and for just under £50 for the six of them it was worth it as plan on keeping it for a couple more years.
  5. The car has full Lexus history up to 70000 miles but couldn't see if the plugs had been changed.
  6. Thank you, was looking for a silver or black one with black leather but when I came across this one with full Lexus history l couldn't let it go.
  7. 06 GS300 passed MOT again with no advisories. The reliability of this car is outstanding, covered just under 90000 miles, just had a full service including replacing spark plugs, pollen filter and regassing the air con. Replaced all four tyres with Michelin super sports as was having the alloys refurbished, these tyres rearly suit the car and the grip in the corners is outstanding.
  8. Just had a oil service and MOT, passed with no advisories and best part it cost £110.00 all in with genuine oil and air filters and 5w30 fully synthetic oil. Not bad for a ten year old GS300 with 84000 miles on her.
  9. Sorry, having trouble uploading pictures.
  10. Washed, clayed, polished and waxed, ready for the winter.
  11. Picking up my new to me 06 GS300 SE, blue with beige interior, full service history with 82,000 miles on Thursday, Can't wait to get behind the wheel!!