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  1. Hi Guys, Just feeling the water, and if it feels right will sign up as a trader... Anyway - I'm from Motorsport Electronics Ltd here in the UK and we make engine management systems, PnP ones, and have had a massive following since our launch of the ME221 for the MX5 ealier this year - every major MX-5 tuner (turbo converter etc) in the country (and also one of the largest, if not largest tuner of MX5s in the US/World) has taken it over as their preferred ECU (Megasquirt was the favourite before, but always seemed problematic to most) (google it guys!) and we are looking at putting together a turbo conversion kit, as well of course as a true PnP replacement ECU. Is there a calling for a PnP ECU for the IS200? Budget would be around £650 for the ECU, would fit the factory casing, awesome basemaps, have inbuilt 21psi Map sensor etc, and use our ME221 core as its main architecture. Would allow you to run SC/ Turbo chargers or even ITBs reliably, safely, and of course allow correct tuning and extra motorsport features like Anti-Lag and launch control.... Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback guys, and as I said, happy to be a trader should this look promising :) Cheers Matt & Alex Motorsport Electronics Ltd