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  1. Wheels were collected today . Thanks Daka
  2. He sounds like a right pain in the backside
  3. No worries. They'l be getting left out for scrap man this week. I hate throwing this sort of stuff though
  4. I' not a premium member and these are free so I'm not sure where to put this. I've got 4 ls400 wheels two aren't great .the other two are OK with matching tyres with good tread. If anyone one wants them or even just centre caps let me know. Thanks
  5. That's Shame I'm about to skip 4 wheels 2 pretty good ones with tyres
  6. Paul frost on Facebook has just picked up a ls600.that he'll probably be selling . They must be good .he' got one already and loves it
  7. i know its not the same but my 3.5 elgrand came up with the fault. 02 sensor .not vsc but just engine light. i cleared it used it for a bit .was fine until i left it for a few weeks unused. started it and came on. i cleared it again and its been off. I'm wondering if its battery related too as I'm sure i had the vsc light come on when my 5 series battery went flat
  8. Wasn't one of the many cars that were involved in the floods a few year' back was it
  9. Could be the light .but drivers rear quarter looks different shade to the doors
  10. I would say well done but I was next I line. 😉 Back to looking at jap auction sites
  11. He had that car up for sale months ago. And I think someone else did too. I'd be very wary
  12. I'd be suspicious of that car. It was up for sale ages ago. Look like same pics too. I thought the dhp pack had half wood steering wheel
  13. If your ls doesn't come my way Phil I'm thinking of a gs450h. My budget will be lower so I'll be taking a bigger risk and probably buying privately. I' also looking at importing one.. saw this at jap auction . Looks nice
  14. i fell for it the other week when i saw it.