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  1. I think theyre a little bit eccentric. Hes got an 03 Corsa thats sat for 4 years too. Was moaning he'll only get 70 scrap so is thinking of stripping it for parts. Hes 70 with a heart condition
  2. After speaking to the husband. It appears hes a bit of a dreamer. Hes idea is to get it back on the rd and to rent it out. So it looks like it'll sit there until its completely worthless
  3. Ive mentioned it to his wife and dropped some not so subtle hints. Like handing a bucket for her to wash it. Fell on death ears. Going back after xmas
  4. They bought a toyota hybrid suv thing. Treat it terribly though. Loading it with rubbish for the tip. The more i know of the husband the more i think hed either want silly money or he won't sell and he'll let it rot
  5. I agree . But i find it unacceptable that the likes of speakers , subs and amps go wrong When every other japanese car have been fine
  6. Luckily id already had an ls400 before i bought a 430. Otherwise id never have believed whats said about lexus quality. The 430 seem to have quite a few issues
  7. Im not looking to buy one. This has just came lovely as they are . After my last 430 i wouldnt be willing to pay good money for one. Id buy a ls400 .
  8. If its not for peanuts i wont risk it. Got my toyota crown replacement on its way home from japan. So the mrs wont have me spending anymore
  9. I agree. Having had a 430 that was reasonably well maintained .and still developed a lot of issues it will have to be virtually scrap value.
  10. Theyre a couple of hoarders so not sure. Thets probably rather it rot. Itll need a battery . 4 tyres and a service as a minimum. So i dont think its worth that
  11. I started a job in a house this week for what looks like a fairly wealthy family On the other side of the house is a blue 02 reg ls430. 4 flat tyres ,suspension low and covered in moss. I mentioned it to the lady and its her old car and they just dont use it. I did an mot check and it looks like it ran out in 2017. On around 65k miles. Good mot history too. Ive not so subtly mentioned im a jap car nut and ill be interested. Am i being a bit daft not wanting a once nice car left to rot
  12. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Very nice. Refined . But bloody quick
  13. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Sold it now. Got this coming
  14. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Taken the ufo out for the firt time today. Its got some go in it. Its a bit like an ls400 on adrenalin. Got the best rear lights. And i love the little green ones on top off the wings