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  1. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Thanks for the info. Had loads of imports but not had a toyota yet
  2. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Sounds dear. Do you import the parts
  3. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    If i dont use the roon of the estate i may get a soarer or maybe a saloon crown 1jz. Have you had the cambelt done. Im wondering how much itll be
  4. Im still allowed access through a company ive used in the past. My mate lets me use his too but normally you have to leave a deposit to gain access. You can try ts exports . Thatll show you some. Or tradecar view but they buy to sell. If you want some more info feel free to pm me. Its becomes a bit addictive . Even though ive got one on its way im still looking even though im skint now😆
  5. They hide the gear shift knobs in the car so they dont get stolen . I think the crown may need a bit of a tidy up .as even though it was a good grade its got a mark on front lip and a possible scratch on rear quarter. Was reasonably cheap compared to others ive bid on. Looks very clean underneatg though. This was my 08 cube i just sold. Looks new underneath
  6. Id have bid on this if i hadnt bought the crown. Bit gutted really. 80k kms .
  7. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    The first car i bought i used an agent who organised the payment and shipping. And i organised everything this side. Quite straightforward
  8. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    My mate is an agent .
  9. Theyre seat covers. The ls ones are bigger to i think. Will be an interesting comparison. Im a bit gutted though as a lovely ls400 went through last night but ive soent my money on the crown
  10. I think it shares some suspension components with an is 200/300. Not sure on anything else. Ive had some pics sent today. Pretty stock barring the wheels and seat covers
  11. I think my elgrand was limited with the cruise on. I dont think my crown has cruise. Ill know in about 8 weeks
  12. Chasdad

    Toyota crown

    Theres a few about but not many. Apparently theyre quite easily tuned and the engine and drivetrain is reliable to 350-400bhp in stock form Im not sure about mods yet. See if i get bored of the 280 its got as standard