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  1. XT5

    MPG of different wheels and tyres?

    And I believe the batteries are more efficient in warmer weather too aren't they?
  2. Hello Joe, and welcome to the forum. I would start off by saying that my advice would be to avoid any that show any signs whatsoever of neglect, and aim for one with a full and verifiable Lexus service history. And don't be too put off by mileage, these cars wear their miles very well indeed. I'd have thought you'd not have to spend £12000 to get a really nice one. Hope this helps, and good luck with your search. Brian.
  3. Try getting a suitably sized torx key, one that'll be tight fit, and bang it in with a hammer. Put plenty of penetrating oil (proper stuff, Plus Gas or similar, not WD40) on it first and leave it soaking overnight in it if you can before you try to undo it. Good luck!! Brian.
  4. IMO you wouldn't have to look particularly hard to find a nice GS450h for similar money and with far less miles than that. Even if it's had a new hybrid battery, every other component has done 200,000+ miles too hasn't it? Just my take on things! Brian.
  5. That is utterly disgraceful and they should be investigated by Trading Standards and reported to Lexus. I most definitely would have done both of those things.
  6. Mine are rear lhs 360mm, rhs 358mm; standing on a near enough level drive, centre of the wheel to the edge of the wheelarch protector that is nearest to the wheel. Hope this helps! Brian.
  7. XT5

    P/S warning light.

    Thank you. I didn't even know they had a power steering warning light! I do hope you get your problems sorted soon.
  8. XT5

    P/S warning light.

    I'm missing something here and it's probably staring me in the face, but what exactly is the P/S light?
  9. Sorry to have wasted your time....... I don't understand that price, it was only about 18 months ago that I bought mine :-( hope you get sorted.
  10. I paid about £34 each including VAT for Osram bulbs with a (I think) 3 year warranty from Andrew Page motor factors. I think they have a number of branches. You can check if the headlamp ECU is faulty by swopping the bulbs over and seeing if the fault moves to the other side too. Beware that there are loads of fake branded bulbs about, plenty on the Internet on that, best to buy from somewhere reputable. HTH, Brian.
  11. What does that give you for the extra £3190 that the one for £7800 doesn't, do you think? On the face of it, your Dad could buy the lower priced one, plus a two year Lexus warranty, and still be £2000 better off.
  12. IMO that small mileage difference is irrelevant on a GS450h. Look at the condition and service history, if they are comparable then your Dad might as well keep the £4200 difference in the bank.
  13. Similar with me. I bought mine from an independent dealer I've known for years. I bought my warranty from Lexus Stoke, and because it had been serviced at a Lexus dealership not too long ago they didn't feel a need to inspect it. And they honoured every claim I had without question. Rear o/s central locking fault, two boot lid rams, and both door mirrors complete. We always get superb service, and are treated as if we'd bought a brand new car actually from them.
  14. Couldn't you ask a friend nearby to come and run it for a while every three or four weeks for you?