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  1. Lexus Nx True Mpg my L200 delivered at 7.40 this morning - first impressions...**** its big! about 2 feet longer than the NX but about the same width - a bit jiggly in the ride due to the leaf spring rear suspension but given that the NX isn't the most planted car to drive in any case, isn't a big change - if I had been coming from my previous car, RR Evoque, I might have been more aware as that was well solid on the road, but other than that its fine - quiet, sits high on the road, so far on a very tight engine back from Settle to Stone has averaged 36mpg - Barbarian spec lacks for very little: Sat Nag, Leather Seats, auto dipping mirror, auto lights, auto wipers - better in a couple of areas than my SE spec NX......time will tell but it seems pretty good to me and my colleagues at work are all wanting one!
  2. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Well I have now had my NX for just about 2 years and I have driven 55000 miles of mixed motorway and A and B roads and my long term true tank to tank mileage is 39.3 which for a 2.5L petrol is pretty damn good. However, I am sorry to say that I am letting it go back to the lease company for tax reasons and getting an L200 pickup instead that will save me around £150/month in tax! i have thoroughly enjoyed the NX experience, it has never faulted in the 2 years and has been supremely calm in its driving and I will certainly look at owning one privately in future. This will be my last post so - so long and thanks for all the fish!
  3. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    After 42000 miles in 17 months, my long term tank to tank mpg is still 39mpg - I don't think many large diesel suv's will better this and I know I would rather drive a quieter more environmentally friendly tank than one of those and that comes from someone who has had diesels for the last 30 years.....
  4. 300h 0-60 times

    I've now timed it both with a gps tracker and good old stop watch and got just over 7secs in mine so either I've got a good un or most people drive like pussies!
  5. 300h 0-60 times

    Bloody hell this is a quiet forum! Timed mine again on a perfectly flat road with a GPS timer at 7.1 secs to 60mph - not at all shabby and that's a big fo to the naysayers that say my RX is better than your nx etc brigade!
  6. Winter (and summer tyres)

    Stock Bridgestones have lasted 29000 on fronts, rears barely worn, Michelin now on fronts and seem much more secure in wet - wait to see on mileage but history suggests much more than29K....
  7. Radio Pre-set Question

    No - it's just a different method of radio broadcast like am and fm which are broadcast in analogue whereas dab is broadcast in digital like most terrestrial tv stations these days.
  8. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Clicked over 30,000 miles today in 11 months - long term actual, factual, mpg is currently standing at 39.62 which I'm happy with - for a 2.5L petrol auto 4X4 I think this is very acceptable - while I achieved around 45mpg out of my diesel manual Evoque, I'm pretty sure an auto 4x4 version wouldn't get close to that - certainly looking at the figures achieved by various car magazines on many diesel 4x4's, most struggle to get mid 30's and you have to deal with that horrible thick stinky stuff at the pump! I love this car!
  9. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    My figures are actual factual tank to tank averages not the computer readings - I do sometimes achieve better than the dashboard readings but it's a rare occurrence - usually 1-2 mpg lower than the figures on the dash but tbh the computer in the Lexus is way closer than most if the other cars I have had in the past......
  10. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    I regularly run junction 17 to 19 on the M6 which is about 13 miles at 50 mph and it does wonders for bringing up my mpg - it hunts from EV to engine on for pretty much all the way and adds about 2-3 mpg to my current average by the end of the stretch - tend to ruin all the good work by then nailing it down to J15 where I come off.....
  11. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Paint looks fine - a couple of minor stone chips on the leading edge which is not untypical of any of my cars that have done these sort of mileages in the paint for hardness was surprisingly on my Evoque which was virtually unblemished after 3 years and 100,000 miles
  12. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Up to nearly 28,000 miles in 10 months and my actual tank to tank is still hovering around 39.5 - that's over many motorway miles and fast A road journeys - I do at least 400 miles a week on motorway and a leaden foot certainly drops the average.......
  13. Nx300h S/SE - No parking sensors option

    SE has a reversing camera which negates the need for sensors does it not?
  14. Happy with Fuel consumption

    I regularly drive mine like stink and utilise its 0-60 in around 7 secs and still get 40mpg - think that's a great return for a large capacity petrol and a diesel 4X4 is unlikely to better that....followed a Jeep V8 thrashing a windy B road at 60mph +VAT, eh hem, and I bet it was getting 15mpg whilst I was basking in around 38 last week and easily kept up with it.....
  15. Happy with Fuel consumption

    Looks good although like most fuel computers, they tend to be over optimistic on actual figures achieved - only accurate way to measure mpg is to record brim to brim using something like Road Trip LE to record it - in the 24000 miles I've done since Christmas I've had a variety of figures - best at close on 46 and worse at 35 when new - long term average is 39.7 and slowly climbing as latest few fill ups have been over 40 - probably due to the warmer air......