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  1. No fuel in the wife's IS250 but we did enjoy the free coffee and Danish pastries on offer. Got a white IS200T for the day. Very nice looking and nearly new car. Was expecting better from a modern 2 litre turbo but found the performance very poor and the engine sound was dire compared to the 6 cylinder V6. can't tell you how nice it was to get back into the IS250.
  2. The ventilated seats don't "blow", they " suck". The fan is used to draw air in through the seat surface and exhaust it underneath the seat. You won't feel air blowing out through the leather surface.
  3. Can't comment on customer service but Adrian flux have there uses. I remember in my younger days with my heavily modded escort RS2000. No other insurance company would give me the time of day except Adrian flux. Great company for the youth with modded hot hatches as they will actually insure you for a reasonable price.
  4. one day to the next

    What an absolutely stunning looking car you have there. Fantastic colour. You must be over the moon. I'm hoping to join the F club myself soon. There's one at Lexus coventry I've got my eye on.
  5. Halfords are the worst. They offer cheap online MOT bookings for less than 30 notes. They will fail the car on the slightest thing and then persuade you to book it in with them for repair. They once failed mine on front brake pads below limit when I know for a fact there was plenty of life in them as I fitted a new set myself 6 months earlier.
  6. Maybe some back to black would do the trick.
  7. New Lexus's

    I agree it is bad Lexus never introduced the IS350 to the UK. I think it would have sold Like half priced ice lollies on a hot sunny day. They scrapped the IS200T because it's simply too slow. Well slow for a 2 litre turbo anyway. People looking to buy a 4 pot turbo have performance in mind and the Lexus fails to deliver. People look elsewhere to the likes of the bmw 328i (2 litre turbo) that hits 60 in under 6 seconds. The Lexus is at least a second too slow. A second dosn't sound much but on the road it's several car lengths ahead.
  8. While your at it Paul ask them if they could ship a few IS350's our way 👍
  9. He's totally transformed this forum. I remember when he first joined up. Paul became an instant hit with fellow forum members due to his passion and knowledge on cars and not to mention great banter and sense of humour. Keep up the good work here Paul 👍
  10. Many happy returns Paul, have a cracking day bud and enjoy your new toy 👍
  11. Rear Tyre for IS250 - 2012

    Agree with Steve. I would definitely replace them both at the same time. Buy the best you can afford. I think the Dunlop sports that come with the car take some beating.
  12. I've bought extra lottery tickets since this thread started but unfortunately I'll still be running about in the 250 tomorrow 😦 Paul you have bought yourself a truly awesome car and I'm sure you will enjoy every minuet of it.
  13. Looks like she needs to get a good stew down her neck.
  14. Lumpy idle when cold......

    My guess was a dirty MAF. I've had a similar issue on a variety of motors over the years and a good clean of the MAF usually does the trick. A regular dose of injector cleaner is always a good idea but I recommend using super unleaded all the time to keep the system clean. Trouble with the IS250 is that people just tend to potter about in it and not letting the revs get up high enough to blast any rubbish out. My wife drives the 250 about like a granny and I've recently noticed its been a tad sluggish and below par. Just last week I gave it a bit of an Italian tune up. I put it into select/sport and drove for 20 mins down the motorway in 3rd gear at around 5500 rpm. For the first few minutes it started chucking out a lot of muck but soon cleared up. Anyway the car feels much much better now and noticeably more responsive.
  15. Aftermarket wheels

    Very nice. I wouldn't mind a set of these for the wife's IS250 in 18 as the Lexus wheels have seen better days. Any idea how much a set of these would set me back in 18 inch?