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  1. Hi all The backlight for my 2016 IS300h dashboard clock is out; just noticed whilst driving at night again. I'm sure I've had this before, but blowed if I can find out how to get it back on. The (hopeless) index in the owners' manual doesn't seem to mention it. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi all I too get much better economy during the summer months but this is 'par for the course' with all hybrids. Regarding the onboard computer being optimistic, I guess this has always been the case, though whenever I've double checked, there's only been a discrepancy of 1 or 2 mpg. My wife used to have a 1.3 Toyota Yaris and the IS300h still does more mpg than that did! Chris
  3. Hi John That's pretty good going. I just met a guy the other day with an RC; I think it's the same car but different body. He says he drives it carefully, but can't get better than around 40mpg. I find it hard to believe! Currently on our second IS300h (2016 registered) and just running about during the warm weather, have no trouble getting high 40s. On a long run, I can usually get around 59-60, even on the motorway and giving it some 'welly'. Chris
  4. Hi John and thanks for the reply; that's pretty amazing for a car of that size. Perhaps we'll look into this again... though I remember last time we looked, they were few and far between and the 2.5 seemed more common. Chris
  5. I was looking at a 450h recently. Out of interest, how's the economy on that car? Chris
  6. We now have the Executive with heated seats (but no rear camera). I found the fabric seats in the LE much more comfortable. The seats in our new car get my coccyx something rotten! I'm having to experiment with little cushions etc. It looks extremely infra-dig!
  7. I used to have one on a Prius and I could NEVER park that thing straight in a parking bay! I don't know why, but I do much better with the IS300's 'park assist' and the good old beepers!
  8. That is incredible. I once (from Hawkshead to Windermere in the Lakes) managed to keep the thing at 99mpg, but it was almost ALL downhill, or 30mph flat zones, and was only over a few miles. I got fed up in the end, put it in sport/shift and drove the rest of the journey enjoying myself, ending up (after 70 miles) with over 60mpg.
  9. Hi Malcolm 60mpg is excellent; I've only managed occasionally, and, like you, without going particularly slowly. But for a 2.5 with some poke it's incredible. My old dad, who never owned anything so powerful would have been amazed at such a thing. In the '90s he used to say 'if you're getting over 30mpg out of a petrol engine, you can't complain.' I'll keep my eye on the battery indicator and report back if I do any better; the screen is not one I've spent much time on. Before my last Lex, I had a Prius which used to frequently have all bars illuminated. Regards Chris
  10. Hi Uti I think the Toyota CHR is a much smaller engine though, and not same performance; is that right? CHR is an interesting looking car. Chris
  11. Hi Jayw 58.5 is very good; and it's my guess that doing 70 as max speed would have got you well past 60mpg. But as you say, for a 2.5 petrol car with performance, 58.5 is a very good figure. Before I had the two Lexus's, I had a 2litre diesel Jag. The Lexus out performs it in every single way possible and causes much less pollution whilst at it. Just as a matter of interest, when I first got my first IS300, I decided to drive as carefully as possible (just for the hell of it, to see what I could get) on a reasonably flat drive along nice country roads through Wensleydale from Aysgarth to Northallerton and back (around 60 miles). The car did 71mpg! Once I 'proved' to myself what the car could do, I went back to real life! As a Yorkshireman, I'm all for saving money, but the car's too much fun to drive just for economy! All best Chris
  12. If it's true that only 1% of owners ever use shift mode, I must say I'm surprised. I love to drive in this mode which also makes the car quicker off the mark (especially if also in sport mode). I also use 'temporary' shift mode every time I go out (but we live in a pretty hilly and rural area!). The IS300h gives so many options in the way it can be driven that I'd never want to go back to an 'ordinary' car. Most of the criticism I read of this model... negative comparisons with BMWs etc., almost always comes from people who just don't understand how the IS works and how to use a CVT hybrid drive car properly to get the best performance and economy. Although I'm happy to get mid 40s per gallon running around home (UK in summer time), I have no trouble getting the car to do 50+ if i drive carefully, and 60+ on a longer journey (without ever going below speed limits on motorways etc). Chris
  13. A few times during the recent heatwave in the UK, my IS300 comes up with a humming noise on startup (before the petrol engine kicks in). I can hear the noise still buzzing/humming along with the petrol motor for a few seconds after driving off and then it stops. I've a feeling this is nothing to worry about and that I may have come across it years ago on a Prius. Does this make sense to anyone? Can't find any help in owners' manual. Thanks Chris
  14. Regarding the fake engine noise. After having the IS300h for a while (I'm now on my second one) I found that the engine sound was useful and much more than the gimmick I first assumed. Driving over country roads quite quickly using shift mode and the paddles, I once or twice after slowing down to a crawl, forgot I was in 6th gear. You get quite shock when you floor the pedal and hardly anything happens! (It takes the car ages to pick up in a high gear). I found that whenever driving in such conditions and in shift mode, it's a good idea to use the engine noise as one gets some 'feedback' as to what's going on under the bonnet; you can thus 'feel' that you need to change up/down at the appropriate times.
  15. Hi all and thanks so much for all your advice. I'm putting a message back with an update that may be of interest to any future owners with this problem. I just had the car looked at by a Toyoat/Lexus trained technician who is '100% certain' that the vehicle has not been in a bump. The reason is the VIN stickers which Lexus fit on the boot lid. To replace these after an accident means that the repairer has to apply to Lexus who decide whether they'll issue the new stickers or not (presumably, depending on who's doing the repair, if authorised etc). In many cases, repairers don't bother and these VIN numbers are not replaced. The damage has most likely happened by the boot being banged down with something obstructing the hinge(s). This happened personally to the chap I spoke to on his own Lexus saloon (a pushchair in the boot) and the boot lid was slightly thrown off. There is adjustment to correct this, and the Toyota dealership where I bought the car are seeing to it next week. So I feel much happier, but again, wish to thank everyone who took the trouble to reply. Chris