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  1. Thanks John. Yes the complete new TPMS units are quite expensive but some forum members have bought (on eBay I think) TPMS valves, possibly delivered from the Far East, and I think the quality was fine and very reasonably priced. I'll research that further if I have to go down that route. Also, I did wonder about replacing the TPMS valves with ordinary valves as the car is a 2007 year so doesn't legally have to have TPMS but I wonder if my insurance company would pick up on that if I had an accident as they always ask if the car has been modified in any way when the insurance is renewed. Also the TPMS valves are a good safety feature to have, as the warning they give when tyre pressure goes below a certain level is likely to be activated sooner than the driver noticing in other ways.
  2. I've been finding it very hard to press my tyre pressure gauge onto one of tyre valves for quite some time now. They are TPMS valves. Can the core of the valves be replaced with new cores? and is that likely to solve the problem? Are cores all the same or do I need to specify a particular model type/number? Thank you.
  3. Try sitting in one, I'm not impressed. It's not an SUV, too low. It's too small a cramped for me, boot very small also. I'd rather have a used 3RX.
  4. If you put into Google 'Lexus LS600H for sale' then click on the Autotrader link you'll see a beautiful blue with grey interior. Really really superb looking car.
  5. Hi Jonathan. "The only issue is what on earth am I going to replace this amazing car with around the summer of 2021?" You buy this when it's depreciated a lot more! I love the look of these cars but how do you go on when parking them? How long does it take to find a suitable parking space in a car park?
  6. I don't have a USB socket on my 2007 GS300 (AFAIK) but with the latest cars from Lexus with USB sockets, can an iPhone be plugged in and would the music from the iPhone play in the correct order? As an aside, do recent Lexus models have Apple Car Play? Thanks.
  7. Further to the above, just checked Kerb Weights: RX200t 2070Kg, 2016 RX450h 2210Kg, 2012 RX450h 2205Kg.
  8. On another RX thread, the RX200t (Petrol only, no hybrid) came up for discussion. Has any forum member got one or had one previously? We were just wondering how the 2.0L engine performs with it being a big car?
  9. Yes, it is more than I would want to pay and I had the same thoughts about the engine size versus the size of the car but also thought it should/could be lighter in weight than the hybrid as it won't be carrying all those heavy batteries? As an interesting exercise, just for the fun of it, I'll start a new thread, see if we can find anyone on the forum who owns one 🙂
  10. Herbs, just posted on another thread re your wish for an 'RX Petrol Only' Look at this link for one for sale at Bolton no too far from you?
  11. Lexus Bolton have a petrol 200t for sale at £28K with about 9k miles on the clock! It's been for sale for a while so price might be negotiable.
  12. Les, would you please put up photos of your wheels when they've done? Thanks
  13. Has anyone on here got any idea when we could expect to have a new model NX? The new 2019 RAV4 is apparently 'all new' from the chassis up including a new engine. I'm going to have a look at it soon but think an NX using the new RAV4 as a basis will obviously follow, but how long is it likely to take I wonder? As an aside, do you think a hybrid would be okay for me as most of my journeys are only 5 miles there and 5 miles back 3 or 4 times a week and a few 100 and 200 mile journeys over a 12 month period? Thank you.
  14. Do they use the same paint on Toyotas? Just thinking about the new RAV4 as a possibility.
  15. Normski, how many miles has you car done? I've got a 2007 with 71K miles and just wondering when it's likely to happen. Thanks.