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  1. I knew you'd know how to find this out Herbs. I of course have the charger but no idea how to perform the calculation as per the link you attached. Hopefully someone else on here will be able to do it. I was surprised that you don't have a CTEK but then remembered you've got a Hybrid and you'll just use your booster pack if/when necessary.
  2. Read this thread on this forum. Maybe Michelin Cross Climate tyres will improve the ride sufficiently. Michelin Cross Climates are very popular and have been recommended many times.
  3. Sorry to disappoint you Je but maybe best to wait a little longer until 2018 models are at a lower price. Expecting some more comments from existing NX owners (hopefully)
  4. I found this article on the internet today, dated May 2017. Can anyone confirm the date these improvements, particularly the AVS improvement, became available i.e. first registration date of such NXs. Also anyone who has one, do they they think there is a big improvement to the suspension? Thanks. Lexus has revealed the new 2018 NX crossover model year and there are four key things that shoppers should know. Lexus NX Model Name Changes Before we begin with the four improvements that Lexus has made, we need to first explain that Lexus has changed the vehicle's name slightly. The 2018 Lexus NX will now be called the NX 300 instead of the NX 200t. The engine is unchanged and this now renders Lexus' model nomenclature completely nonsensical. Lexus already has "300" suffixes attached to V6 versions of other vehicles, so it seems to be moving away from the numbers meaning anything useful. The NX 300h hybrid model name remains the same. New Standard Safety On Lexus NX Unlike past model years, the 2018 Lexus NX line will feature standard active safety. Every trim will come with the Lexus Safety System +. This system, integrates active safety technologies, including Lexus' Pre-Collision System (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control System, Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Automatic High Beam (AHB). Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. Lager Infotainment Screen The biggest interior improvement to the new 2018 Lexus NX line is a larger screen. The new screen is 10.3 inches in diameter, as opposed to the outgoing 2017 model year's seven-inch screen. Bigger is better when it comes to infotainment screens and this alone is worth waiting a few weeks for. Big Changes To Lexus NX Suspension and Handling Lexus has added a new Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). The technology is based on the system found in the LC 500 ultra-luxury sports coupe. The new system can make up to 650 instantaneous compression and damping adjustments (up from 30) for better control and superior overall handling stability. New Lexus NX Style Lexus has changed the front and rear facia of the NX line. We won't try to sell you on the new look, but rather we will let Shin Kamiura from the Lexus Design Division do so. He says: “Starting at the spindle grille, the way the front edges connect to the front fenders results in a much bolder expression than before, clearly highlighting the NX’s style design architecture. We’ve also changed the shape of the lower front bumper to better support the spindle grille, as well as relocated the fog lamps to the corner of the front bumpers, separating them from the ducts. The result is a front fascia with a stronger and more aggressive presence.” Given these changes, it is easy to argue that shoppers should wait for the new 2018 about to arrive.
  5. Update: I put my car on SORN at the end of March. Garaged, full tank of petrol, parking brake off, tyre pressures increased to 40 psi, fully comp insurance changed to fire and theft and I connected my new CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger to the car. So for the last 5 months we've been using my wife's Jazz for the very few trips we've made during these unprecedented times. This Monday I taxed the car and reinstated the fully comp insurance. Disconnected the CTEK, sat in the car and thought, wow, I've missed you! Now for the moment of truth, I pressed the start button and it started immediately, no hesitation at all. Took it out for a run yesterday and again today and it drives just like it always has done. So being in hibernation for 5 months doesn't appear to have done it any harm. Thanks to those on this forum who recommended the CTEK MXS 5.0.😀 Question: I did take the CTEK off the Lexus for a few hours one day to give the Jazz battery a charge and although I have the CTEK 2.5M extension attached it would only just reach the mains socket (The Jazz's home is a carport attached to the garage). I can manage with this, just about, but thought it would be far more convenient to use two x the CTEX 2.5 M extensions instead of considering using a 240 volt extension reel. So I sent an enquiry to CTEK as follows. Is it okay to use 2 x your 2.5M extension cables together to create 1 x 5m extension when using the CTEK MXS 5.0 battery charger? Their reply is as follows. No, not to recommend, as the resistance will be quite high so the charge that reaches the battery no longer is as we want it to be. Extend on the mains side, if possible! Med vänliga hälsningar, Yours, faithfully, Teresa SUPPORT TEAM I thought this might be of interest to anyone on this forum considering doing this. Also, would you agree with what they've said? Thanks.
  6. Is AVS available as an option on the Luxury but included on the Premier and the F Sport? (I thinking MY 2017 onwards as I'd be buying used) Why is a system like AVS necessary, couldn't Lexus put a decent suspension on the NX without the potential complications of a system that I hadn't heard of prior to reading this thread. Treat me gently with your replies because I know nothing about the mechanics of cars! PS what system is used on the RX (2016 onwards) as RX owners on here say there's a world of difference in the ride between an NX and an RX?
  7. Has anyone used Resolver for complaints (for anything) ?
  8. Yes, buy a series IV RX the you can tel us all your opinion on the underneath vulnerability of the CATS 😀
  9. Tick: Bradford 1. Sheffield 1. Stoke 1. Stockport 1. Zero: Listers
  10. Thanks John. Would be good to have a list of recommended official Lexus dealers with a view to buying a used or new Lexus. I think I'll start a new topic.
  11. Pity I live such a long way from Hedge End. As John said above about Sheffield, I'd heard the same. Stockport has been reported as good on here but personally I'd say they were just okay. As per matt8 above, who are the really excellent ones? We should compile a list.
  12. Thanks but it is the Series/Generation 4 RX450h under consideration i.e. the latest shape from 2016 to 2020.
  13. A few days ago I put this enquiry on the NX section but now also want to ask RX450h 4th Gen owners. I'm considering buying either a 4 year old NX or a 4 year old RX450h. The answers on the NX section suggest that no NX owners on the forum have had their catalytic converter stolen and that the cat(s) are up in the engine bay and are difficult to access by thieves. I'd like to hear from 4th Gen RX450h owners if they have/have not had a catalytic converter stolen and also if anyone knows if the cat(s) are located out of sight as on the NX. Thanks.