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  1. is always pushing Shell V-Power with fuel system cleaning additives to improve the performance and fuel ecomomy of all engines, both petrol and diesel. I use Tesco regular unleaded and never had a problem with my 10 year old GS300. Often wonder though, should I try the Tesco Super Unleaded. Might it clean the engine? Does it need cleaning? Will I get better performance and more MPG? Not tried it yet though.
  2. Yes very annoying. (I like the banging-head against brick wall emoticon. You've got to have a sense of humour in these circumstances). I remember taking delivery of a brand new Ford Granada donkey's years ago and within days getting a puncture similar to yours and having to replace a brand new tyre! Arghh.
  3. Brilliant site this! Virtually everything gets an answer. Tonight I've learned about the ambient light sensor and also what to do about TPMS problems. Thank you all.
  4. At what mileage did you replace the exhaust system?
  5. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Have to agree with The-Acre. Fantastic interior of ivory/beige leather and wood interior in my 10 year old, 66K miles, GS300. I like peace and quiet when I drive so don't have the radio on and I can't hear any creaks at all.
  6. Have a look at the thread in the GS section titled 'MOT + Big service - DONE!'
  7. Mine's an 07, bought it when it was just under 2 years old, now done about 66K miles so a lot less than the one you are looking at but I've had no problems other than usual wear and tear i.e. new battery, tyres, brake pads, discs, callipers. Plenty of people on here with high mileage ones. I personally don't know the first thing about the mechanics of a car, but you obviously do, so you should be okay.
  8. New Discs and Pads - Squeal

    All's well that ends well! My indie had the car back on Thursday and they say that they 'checked and adjusted everything and greased/lubricated the callipers and no squealing now. If I have any further trouble we'll change the pads under warranty for you' They can't tell me exactly 'Why' they squealed, just one of those things they said. As I am not technically minded re cars I accept them at their word as they have been looking after this car for me for 8 years and no problems with their expertise previously. Maybe the guy that did the brakes initially had a bad day and didn't fit properly or lubricated properly, who knows? Only been out in the car twice since but all seems okay, nice and quiet braking.
  9. New Discs and Pads - Squeal

    So, if they have not removed the anti-squeal shims from the old brake pads (to fit to the new brake pads), you reckon that that will be causing the squealing? Surely they would know to do that? They've been looking after this car for me for the last 8 years, never had a problem with this garage before. If that turns out to be the case you can bet the old pads and shims have now been binned.
  10. New Discs and Pads - Squeal

    Went back to my garage today and they agree excessive squeaking. Booked in 1 week from today for them to investigate/adjust/possibly replace the new pads? Will report back in due course. BTW, had noticed the brakes were also squeaking when braking hard going forward so not just on reverse.
  11. I had new front discs and pads fitted 2 weeks ago to my GS300 (2007) by my independent garage but the brakes squeal very loudly when I reverse out of my garage. I do a very low mileage and have only done about 100 miles on local roads since the brakes were done. Any ideas what the problem is and how to rectify it? Do I take it back to the garage? Thanks
  12. rayaans do you use Lexus Stockport for the tyre fitting?
  13. So can it be corrected by the Lexus dealer and for that matter by an independent?
  14. Same here, no creaks and have never topped up with oil in 8 years of ownership. Car now just over 10 years old with 65K miles on the clock. I have averaged about 5.5K miles p.a. over the last 8 years. Serviced once a year when they obviously change the oil.
  15. John, great looking wheels. They want £140 + Vat i.e. £168 or £180 + Vat i.e. £216 for 4 wheels if they remove the and refit the tyres which is a very good price but Preston is a bit too far to travel. Steve, as you have used Prestige previously and they are on my list and the nearest to me, I'll get a quote from them. Just need to decide what can be done with the bodywork as I've got lots of scratches on the bonnet and boot. Thanks guys!