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  1. JeffL


    My GS300 ones are very quiet. Fitted new ones recently and polished the windscreen.
  2. Yes very interesting. Fortunately I've not experienced any of the problems mentioned on mine, fingers crossed!
  3. Just came across this on YouTube. Not sure how old the video is. Maybe some of you have already seen it, but I couldn't resist putting it up on the forum. What a fantastic advertisement for our brand!
  4. Is £360/£480 a reasonable price? I've got 4 price quotes to have the bonnet of my GS300 resprayed which includes feathering-in over the tops of the wings. The bonnet is badly scratched and stone chipped, a complete respray of the bonnet is required prices are £360, £480, £500 and £545. The £360 and £480 are favourites as I liked both guys who both explained what they would do in detail and I just got the right vibes from both of them. So I now have to choose between the two. I don't suppose there's anyone on here has had and work done by Cheshire Accident Management Ltd or DC Motorbodies, both in Stockport?
  5. I got 3 more quotes this morning to compare against the £480 quote. £360, £500, £545. Out of the 4 quotes, the £480 and £360 are favourites, not just on price, but I liked both guys who both explained what they would do in detail and I just got the right vibes from both of them. I don't suppose there's anyone on here has had and work done by Cheshire Accident Management Ltd or DC Motorbodies, both in Stockport?
  6. Thanks Lee and Phil. The chips in question are pin-prick size, lots of them, very low down on the bumper so I'll try the black Turtle Wax and see how it goes.
  7. I was talking to car body repair guy this week about the stone chips on the plastic bumper of my car and he suggested using a coloured polish (or he might have said coloured wax). Which will it be? Does polish go on the car first, followed by wax? I've just found this product 'Turtle Wax 52709 Color Magic Car Paintwork Polish Restores Colour & Shine Blue 500ml' Any other recommendations? My car is very dark blue metallic, so would blue be the right choice or should I go for Black?
  8. Funny that this conversation should come up today. On Tuesday of this week I was getting a quote for having my bonnet resprayed and during the conversation the guy was saying that in his opinion, old cars are the best (mine's 12 years old this year). He's not keen on a lot of the sophisticated and complex gadgets and fixed/sealed units on new cars. A friend of his runs a garage and a customer's car failed its MOT due to a faulty tail light. It was an LED unit, no bulbs. Cost for a new unit? £750! Turns out the small car with a high mileage was only worth about £1,000 and the poor guy, was in fact poor, couldn't afford £750, couldn't find a replacement in a scrap yard so his only means of transport was scrapped! If true, I find that to be shockingly immoral. Phil, how much did you have to pay for a new unit?
  9. Steve. Am I right in thinking that the above procedure is only done once or do you repeat all or part of it periodically? Obviously you'll wash the car fairly frequently but I'm just wondering how long the polish and wax last for before you reapply? Thanks.
  10. Paul. Yes, I've just put together a list of 3 more companies and I'll get quotes asap.
  11. Hi Lee. It will have to be the whole of the bonnet as it has quite a few stone chips and scratches in addition to the paint bubble.
  12. Very nice indeed. So how much do you charge for a job like that!!!😉
  13. Update: The bonnet was inspected by the local Lexus bodyshop today. Very knowledgable and friendly guy who said that unfortunately the chipped paint on the front lip of the bonnet immediately in front of the paint bubble will have been caused by a stone (stone chip) and therefore the problem is not a manufacturing fault (There is no corrosion from underneath the bonnet). With his 20 years experience and knowing how Lexus deal with these claims, his opinion is that Lexus would not agree the claim for the aforesaid reason. He did say that had the car been serviced with Lexus throughout my 10 years of ownership (I bought the car when it was just under 2 years old), Lexus might well agree to pay for the repair as a gesture of goodwill. He said they would be prepared to submit a claim to Lexus but under the circumstances I would have to pay £75 for the preparation and submission of a claim report to Lexus. If the claim was successful the £75 would be refunded. I'm not surprise, It all seems pretty reasonable to me, but it was worth at least asking the question. I asked for a price if I were to pay them direct just so I'd have an idea of cost and the bonnet would be £500 but realistically they'd need to feather-in the paint onto the top of both wings to avoid the new paint not blending in with the old. This would add £300, so £800 in total. I called at another bodyshop that had been recommended to me and they quoted £480 for the same job. I'll now have to think about whether or not I want to spend that amount of money or just leave the bonnet as it is. I imagine it's going to take many years for it to go into a hole as the car is garaged and I do a fairly low annual mileage. Would be nice for it to be all shiny and new though. Of course, over 10 years I've saved more than £480 by having the car serviced by my local indie, so it is a case of swings and roundabouts! I'll sleep on it! Just thought I'd let anyone who's interested know the outcome (so far).
  14. I'll take it into Lexus Stockport to see what they say. However, I've just looked at the warranty statement in the service record book and it says: 12 years of coverage is provided against bodywork perforation (i.e. any holes through the bodywork from inside to outside) appearing on any of the painted body panels due to a fault in materials or workmanship. There isn't any hole from the inside to the outside so I'm not sure what the outcome will be. No harm in asking though. Thanks for the heads up. I'll report back.
  15. Thanks for that, it must be worth a try. I'm attaching two photos of the bubble and I'm assuming it's rust but it could be caused by a stone hitting the bonnet although it IS a bubble and it's not like the other stone chips on the bonnet.