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  1. I just Googled and found these Not read any, don't know if they're any good or not.
  2. Thanks Steve. I've copied and saved that for future reference. I remember when you got the ES you posted photos and a lot of information about what you did to the paintwork at the time. Keep us posted on the long term results of your latest treatment.
  3. Ganesh, might this be of interest? It appears that you don't have to plug it into the cig lighter on your car (although that option is available). It's a battery power pack with compressor. Rechargeable at the mains. I'm thinking this might be a good buy on the basis that the cost of a compressor plus the cost of a converter would cost as much. Anyone else on here got a view?
  4. I'm looking for a Voltage Converter AC 240V to DC 12V to go with my proposed purchase of a powered tyre inflator (compressor). The one in the link below appears to have good reviews. Is there much difference between all the ones on the market? Does anyone on here have any recommendations?
  5. Hi Garth I've had a look at the Heyner website and all the current models appear to be analogue display. Is your one digital display? Just wondered as the description you gave is Digimatic. I've emailed them to ask which one from their current range is the equivalent one to yours.
  6. You can get aVoltage Converter 240v to DC 12v. I've got this one on my watchlist with two others but this one has the better reviews. Can anyone on here on recommend one? Thanks.
  7. +1. Loads of stuff on here about the CTEK MSX5, just bought one this week. Do a search on LOC for CTEK MSX5
  8. David, yes Aldi and Lidl do have some good stuff, you just have to be there at the right time, will bear in mind.
  9. Mark, yes they've got the Ring ones on amazon and also recommended (I think) on
  10. Garth. I quite fancy this one too, pity that exact one is discontinued.
  11. Ganesh. No problem, be interesting to see what gets recommended.😀
  12. Piers, thank you. I have that one on my watchlist on amazon. Good to know you recommend it. The amazon reviews are excellent. Definitely considering this one.
  13. Thanks Garth Anyone else???????????