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  1. Interestingly, I have a 2007 GS300 V6 (70K miles) and love it, but as you say £500+ R.F.L. I have for a while been contemplating an RX450H (2012-2015) Luxury or Advance with sun roof (not keen on the pan roof). Premier would be nice but concerned about the air suspension although apparently not an issue for the age range I'm considering. Everyone on here who owns an RX450H seems to love them and I've not heard anyone else (I don't think) mentioning the howl of the CVT. Are you comparing build quality/luxury of the 2007 GS300 to a 3 series or 4 series RX? Thanks.
  2. JeffL

    Jump Starting

    I haven't got a hybrid (yet) but from what you are saying it is a NO NO to offer to jump start another car using a Lexus hybrid vehicle? Secondly, what should a Lexus hybrid owner do if the Lexus won't start? Presumably, this would be because the small battery under the bonnet is dead?
  3. Not sure where on the forum to put this. A friend of mine has recently bought a new Ford Focus (petrol) and as he does a maximum of 3K miles p.a., all short journeys, he thought he would not have the problems that drivers of diesel cars experience in that their DPFs get blocked-up if the cars are used only for short journeys and are not left running for a little while at the end of a journey to allow for regeneration. However, he's getting a message on the dash which results in him having to run the car for a least 20 minutes at something like 2500 rpm to clear it. So yesterday he went for a drive on the M60 to do this. The message cleared, but this morning when using the car again the message returned. I've told him he'd be better off with an electric car for the exceptionally low mileage he does. I too do lots of short journeys, say 6 miles, but I also do longer ones and total about 6k miles maximum p.a., and would never contemplate a diesel for that and many other reasons. I only tell the above story as a lead-in to my question, which is, with the most recent WLTP standards, are we likely to have these short-journey problems with new Lexus models? I want a car that doesn't cause me any problems or inconveniences, that's why I run a Lexus. I would only ever buy a Lexus or a Toyota (same thing I know!). If there are going to be problems for short-journey drivers, I'll either stick to my current 2007 car or maybe buy one made before the most recent WLTP standards came in! Petrol cars have been subject to particulate emissions legislation since the introduction of the EU5 standard in 2009. The latest stage, EU6c, was introduced in September 2017, forcing petrol engine particulate emissions to be reduced by 10 times the previous level. WLTP (World Harmonised Test Procedure) and RDE (Real Driving Emissions) testing standards. Like EU6c, WLTP applies to all new types of car introduced after September 2017. WLTP should ensure the quoted emissions are much closer to real world outputs.
  4. Paul have a look at the Honest John website. Link below to dash cam reviews. Once you've decide which one to buy please report back and show photos of fitting details ie. which bolt you decide on for the earth. I've been thinking of getting a dashcam myself but like you unsure which one to buy.
  5. Thanks guys. Yes, poor stitching was mentioned on the amazon reviews. Good to know that your ones are working fine.Any chance you could tell me what brand your ones are? I've been considering the ones below.
  6. Has anyone got one of these pouches that has and is still working for a long time? If yes, where from and what make? I was about to buy from amazon but there are negative reviews regarding them stopping working after a few weeks?
  7. Same here. Happy Christmas and a Happy NewYear to all on the Lexus forums. It is a very friendly, helpful and informative community. Very much appreciated by me.
  8. Vlad. The question was aimed at rayaan in response to him saying he's recently used Chris Knott Insurance Brokers. Brokers (another name for an agent) still operate as a go-between buyer and supplier (just like a travel agent) it's just that with the increasing use of the internet, I imagine a lot of them have ceased trading. Also bear in mind that comparison sites don't include ALL insurance companies or insurance providers, examples are Direct Line, Aviva and Zurich.
  9. Have you used Chris Knott previously (or any other broker for that matter). I've not used a broker for many many years since online quotes became available, but definitely worth knowing if there are good brokers out there! B.T.W. My GS300, 2007, 70K on clock, 7K miles p.a., 2 drivers, pleasure use (no business/commuting). Have been with L.V. for a few years now and always check comparison sites at renewal time and L.V. nearly always one of the cheapest online, so I renew online and ignore the renewal price. Last year L.V. renewal £262, same cover online L.V. £240. This year, just done it, L.V. renewal £291, same cover online L.V. £216. Go figure! Agree, doesn't pay to be loyal. (Although I'm staying with the same company for convenience) Edit: NCD Protected. No convictions or claims for donkey's years!
  10. JeffL

    New Lexus ES 300h club forum is born

    So do you prefer the driving position of the ES saloon or your NX SUV?
  11. JeffL


    I've always been led to believe that car manufacturers set speedometers to read 10% higher than the car is actually travelling. Reason being they don't want to get sued by a driver who is fined for exceeding the speed limit when said driver has relied on the speedometer. Now that maybe bunkum, I don't know, it's just what I was told many years ago! So I thought it a good idea to get opinions, preferably fact, on the situation and what better place than the 'wise level-headed' Lexus owners on this site! I was prompted to ask as I just came across a discussion elsewhere on speedometers and the following was stated. Every speedometer is different. Some speedometers read exactly true and some speedometers over-read. If the speedometer overreads it can do so by any amount it is set to. Some are set to overread by a couple of percent, others 5%, 10% or even more. Legally speedometers can overread by up to 10% plus a few mph on top - quite a significant extent. In reality most modern speedometers overread by some amount but less than 10%. Some by up to or over 10%. Some are entirely accurate . I'm not advocating here that we exceed the speed limit, just that If we are allowed to do say 70 on a motorway, is it reasonable for us to travel at a speed where the speedometer is reading 77 or 80?
  12. JeffL

    wrong time on topics

    I do clear my browser history regularly, but thinking more about the problem, I think it might have been due to me clicking the back arrow to return to the previous section (which is convenient if looking at more than one topic in say the NX or GS section etc), so instead I've just tried clicking on the 'Forums' tab instead and that appears to refresh everything and at the moment the dates/times tally. I'll keep an eye on it and thanks for the reply as it made me think about what was really causing it.😀
  13. JeffL

    wrong time on topics

    Well I'm just signed in as normal and using the site as I've always done. How do I check about cached pages? No one else having that problem then?
  14. Anyone else noticed that when looking for the most recent reply to a topic or the start of a new topic that the dates/times are wrong on several of them? I've just clicked on one that says it is 2 hours old but in fact is two days old. Plenty of others. Something wrong with the software on the site?