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  1. Which brand/model of windscreen wiper blades do forum members prefer? I need a set for my GS300 model year 2007 (and a set for my wife's Honda Jazz model year 2005). I just did a quick search on Google for reviews, and both suggest 1st choice Bosch Aerotwin with a rating of 5/5, 2nd choice Aerowiper with a rating of 4/5, 3rd choice Trico ExactFit with a rating of 4/5. All with one adaptor apparently to fit any vehicle. Have any of you used these ones or is there a specific Lexus one (Honda one). Just want some guidance so that I don't waste money on inferior ones. Also where best to buy from, I've seen somewhere on this forum suggested eurocarparts and carparts4less. Thanks.
  2. That's really not fair play is it. If you'd been driving your own car on your own insurance you'd have had to pay say £90 windscreen replacement excess not £1,000. I've often thought that the £1,000 insurance excess when driving a courtesy car is a bit outrages, but if it has to be, they at least should only apply say £90 excess for a replacement windscreen on the basis that that is what your own insurers would apply. Also, would it be cost effective to add a courtesy car to your own insurance and would the excesses on your own insurance apply to the courtesy car? Just thinking of a way to avoid the £1,000 excess applied by Lexus in the event that the worst happens. I'd be interested opinions of forum members on this topic.
  3. On the Carista site I can only see GS 4th Gen 2012. Can't see any reference to Gen 3 for GS300 or GS450h.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've looked on the Carista website under Supported Vehicles and for the Lexus GS it appears only to be supported from 4th Generation year 2012.
  5. My hearing isn't what it was, so I decided to look into increasing the volume of the parking sensors and the turn signal indicators on my 2007 GS300. Success with the parking sensors! BUT I can't find anything in the handbook about increasing the volume of the indicators. It's probably not possible, or is it? Any ideas?
  6. Michelin Cross Climate has been a favourite of honestjohn for a long time. However. they are now number 3 in the list.
  7. Herbie, would you say that regularly doing 4 to 5 mile journeys would be too short for the hybrid battery to replenish the 12 volt battery?
  8. It will be a 2012 face-lift model RX450h for me when I find the right one. I don't want to hijack this thread but this might be of use to the OP as well as me and other potential purchasers. I would like some pointers when buying. I will buy from a Lexus dealer so will get the warranty and I will also get the once-a-year hybrid check to extend the hybrid warranty. What else to do/look for when buying? 1. RAC Vehicle Check. Basic, Comprehensive or Advanced (mainly to check that the vehicle hasn't had any serious accident damage) 2. Check has full service record. (Just stamps in book OR insist on invoices?) 3. Check M.O.T. History. 4. Would you accept the word of the Lexus dealer that they've done an outstanding finance check or would you pay to do your own? 5. I'm looking for a 'Luxury' but would consider an 'Advanced' which comes with either a Sun Roof or Pan Roof but I think I read somewhere that these are susceptible to cracking if a substantial stone hits them and also potential for water leaks and creaking as not as rigid as full metal roof. All comments and suggestions welcome on the 5 points above plus any other advice. Many thanks as always.
  9. Had a Dodge Charger on rental in Florida one year. Really nice car to drive. Of course you can get the posher version in the Uk i.e. Chrysler 300 but I reckon the quality and reliability is nothing like a Lexus/Toyota.
  10. Thanks John. I've had a good look at the wikipedia page and the LWB (UVF46) apparently has a length of between 5151 and 5179mm, the SWB (UVF45) has a length of 5029 to 5060. I'm not sure why there isn't an exact length quoted. The ones I can see for sale at the moment appear to be SWB as the dimensions blurb quotes the length at 5030 to 5060 approximately BUT they have 'L' on the boot badge so I'm still uncertain what the 'L' stands for. I would have thought that on such a luxury high specced car that there weren't any grade levels apart from personalised options which wouldn't affect the badge. I don't think the 'L' can be for Long Wheel Base as the cars currently for sale are quoted at approx. 5030 in length unless of course the blurb attached to the adverts is generic and the sellers aren't doing their research properly. If anyone can shed any light on this I'd appreciate it.
  11. Could someone confirm for me, is the L after LS600h i.e. LS600hL for the long wheel base or is it for Luxury? The ones I've seen for sale say the length is 5030mm irrespective of the L. If there are two lengths, what are they? Thanks.
  12. DVD player: Don't know, try one! or read the manual. Oil: Mine done by my local indie. Brand probably varies but they have used Unipart Fully Synthetic 5W/30. Tyre Pressures: 33 all round on mine. Current tyres: Goodyear Efficient Grip performance 225/50 R17 98W. I find the above tyres are very good and bought them after looking at various reviews (and probably asked on this forum). I might try Michelin Cross Climates next time. Although more expensive, they are very highly rated by and forum members on here as a good all weather tyre and apparently very quiet. BTW it's customary to put a few photos up on this forum when a member buys a new (or used) car. We like photos! Enjoy your car, it's a great machine with that 3.0L petrol engine and torque converter auto box!
  13. Thanks John. Yes the complete new TPMS units are quite expensive but some forum members have bought (on eBay I think) TPMS valves, possibly delivered from the Far East, and I think the quality was fine and very reasonably priced. I'll research that further if I have to go down that route. Also, I did wonder about replacing the TPMS valves with ordinary valves as the car is a 2007 year so doesn't legally have to have TPMS but I wonder if my insurance company would pick up on that if I had an accident as they always ask if the car has been modified in any way when the insurance is renewed. Also the TPMS valves are a good safety feature to have, as the warning they give when tyre pressure goes below a certain level is likely to be activated sooner than the driver noticing in other ways.
  14. I've been finding it very hard to press my tyre pressure gauge onto one of tyre valves for quite some time now. They are TPMS valves. Can the core of the valves be replaced with new cores? and is that likely to solve the problem? Are cores all the same or do I need to specify a particular model type/number? Thank you.
  15. Try sitting in one, I'm not impressed. It's not an SUV, too low. It's too small a cramped for me, boot very small also. I'd rather have a used 3RX.