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  1. I don't know until it arrives. I'm going to use a local aircon specialist to fit/charge and test.
  2. Jack Car registered January 2007. Part number from Denso online catalogue is DCP51001. 5 year warranty. Bought from RTG Automotive UK. Hope that helps. Mike
  3. Superb thread! Had exactly the same symptoms yesterday on the way home from a Lexus service and MOT. Not in the best of moods as I'd just left the workshop £1100 lighter. Ordered a new compressor this morning after seeing this, got a brand new original Denso for £280 which I'll fit when it arrives then get it re-charged and tested. I'll strip the old compressor and do a refurb if it's worth it. In the meantime, I'm in the market for a new car. It will be a Lexus.
  4. Superb response which answers all my questions. The way forward is much clearer. Many thanks everyone for your contributions.
  5. New discs and pads front. Rear calipers and pads Price also included minor service and MOT test. Not related to aircon issue. £176 of it was VAT.
  6. Hi folks, calling on your technical wizardry.... On Tuesday evening, I started my engine and it immediately started to hunt with a rev range of about 200. Drove off thinking it would clear as the engine came up to temp and it did. Today I noticed that my A/C light was flashing. I pressed it and immediately the engine began to hunt again. I turned off the A/C and the engine stalled. I tried it a few more times with the same result. Just to make my day I just handed £1100 over to Lexus to get my car through it’s MOT but that’s another story. Any thoughts? Should I be looking to replace my pride and joy. Best wishes to all. Mike ‘56 plate is250 SE L 140,000 miles
  7. Did you use the original rubber hangars? I used new ones that said Ford Sierra on the packet. They work fine.
  8. Needs a clean but here you go..
  9. Got it and fitted last year, easy fit good quality no discernible extra noise, still virtually silent at idle. Try and save your old tail pipe trims though or buy new ones like I did.
  10. Excellent, Normski, thanks, if the fault re occurs that will be my next step. I'm in Barton on Sea but pass through Ringwood on my way to Poole every Tuesday.
  11. Every cloud has a silver lining. The car now seems to be running better than ever and my fuel consumption figures are better. Now getting 34 mpg on a short (7 mile in each direction) daily commute. I was getting 29 mpg on the commute before and thought that was reasonable. Happy. Thank you Shahpor, Normski and Texas. Regards Mike
  12. Not sure if this helps with air con recharge connection. Are you going to do it yourself?
  13. Hi all This has probably been done before but I wanted to big up a TechStream kit I bought for 23 quid on eBay the other day. I know some of them don't work and that mine isn't the genuine bedouin but it works perfectly and helped me out a lot today. I ran it on my wife's Windows 7 64 bit laptop (not sure that there's a Mac option). Because it was 64 bit, the installation was a bit fiddly but not beyond the competence of anyone that can follow instructions. I'm not going to advertise here but I'll share the vendor if you message me. Regards Mike
  14. Hi all Followed forum advice and did the easy stuff, checked hoses, cleaned MAF sensor even though it was spotless. All back together and then a 60 mile run under various road conditions. So far all good, I'll let you know if anything changes. Regards to all Mike