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  1. Quick update. Both rear tyres had a few hundred miles left in them but I decided to change them now rather than risk forgetting later. Fitted Bridgestones as that is what my Lexus dealer put on the front last year. Problem has now disappeared. I would like to have had a close look at the old tyres but my wife took it to the tyre fitters so missed the chance. Thanks for replies 👍👍
  2. Hi all Driving along a new stretch of super smooth motorway the other day at low speed due to traffic. The car was rolling as if one or more wheels was oval, very bouncy and very un Lexuslike. Jacked each wheel in turn and checked wheel bearings and for running true, checked tyre pressures and wheel nuts but at a loss. Any ideas from you gurus? Regards Mike
  3. All done. In the end there were 2 compressors to choose from both by Denso and I bought the wrong one, schoolboy error. Apart from them looking very different the price is different too, £285 v £355, Mine is the expensive one! Independent garage near Ringwood did evacuation, compressor change, regas and test for £140. All good now but I'm £1600 lighter after that and the MOT, that's nearly the value of the car!
  4. I've bit the bullet and am paying a local (ish) garage to do the evacuation, compressor swap, recharge and test. £168 in total. Car goes in next Thursday. I'll report back.
  5. I had thought about that but want to minimise the hassle. Since being lured back into full time work I'm shorter on time than I used to be. I've had one quote of £160 so far for all the work, I'll see what else comes in today.
  6. Flushing not necessary and in some camps not recommended unless contamination is present. I don't know the cause of my failure at present but I won't flush unless I'm convinced it's necessary. I've put the word out that I'm looking for evacuation, compressor swap, regas and leak test. I would swap the compressor myself but I can't discharge the gas with a clear conscience.
  7. This is the amount of oil in a new compressor. Not much at all. Looks like glycerine which we used to use in ships steering systems. 20181212_153836.mp4
  8. All good points. I take the point about being illegal to release the gas but had to smile as it's only 220g and I fell into the 'my little bit won't hurt' category. I can't begin to tell you how much we used to dump when I was in the RN but it was a different world then.
  9. Yep, sort of mentioned in my post yesterday in other parts may be needed. Ordered a small bottle of dye today but I suspect there may be enough left in the system. We'll see.
  10. Agree. We're not talking about much here but it seems critical to get it right. I'll check how much comes out of the old one. Next task is to check on the dye, the oil in the new compressor is clear.
  11. Some pics of the manual taken this morning. This is all there is in English. Going to triple check but apparently the compressor comes from Denso with sufficient oil already in it. Found a couple of things online which bear this out but there doesn't seem to be much oil in there at all. Having said that, the compressors where you do need to add oil only say around 150ml. 160461-denso-leaflet-practical-tips-a4_en_.pdf
  12. Mine failed at 143k. New Denso compressor arrived today but without oil and O rings which I've now ordered. Local aircon specialist won't fit it quoting liability issues fitting a part that they hadn't supplied albeit brand new. I'll probably fit it myself and do a step by step photo trail. Will then get it flushed and recharged. The Denso book that came with compressor highlighlights that other parts of the system should also be changed. I'll do photos later.