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  1. Standard 44 inch but I get your point, I'll remember that if I play at other courses 🙂
  2. Couldn't quite get all the clubs in there in the bag, I had to take the driver out. Then decided to drop one of the rear seats but that gave an awkward step which meant pushing and pulling. Finally decided that for £100 a year I'd leave my clubs in the dry, warm trolley shed at the course. Battery charging connection included so all very happy, I now have an empty boot and no loading and unloading at either end. Hasn't helped the handicap though 🙂
  3. Bought my 2017 IS330h Premier and sold my 2007 IS250 SE-L in December last year. 2 totally different cars but both very enjoyable for different reasons. The silky smooth V6 and slick gear changes were a pleasure as were the luxury, refinement and solid feel in the 250. The 300h just feels so much more modern and once you get used to the hybrid driving technique you enjoy increased mpg and a feeling of driving along in an elegant automobile with power on tap in sport mode if you want it. It's not blisteringly quick but I'd say on par with the 250. If you plant your right foot in sport mode, it will more likely make you grin than yawn. I loved my IS250 but if I could wind back the clock I'd do exactly the same again which is always a good indicator.
  4. Nearside - Offside - Both -
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