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  1. I note the seatbelt sign was flashing. Also that it was orange in colour instead of the usual red. The orange colour indicates that the seat belt needs resetting or servicing. The sound is just bringing the fault to your attention. Suggest call in to your dealer.
  2. Thanks Chris. Now ordered it
  3. had a look on ebay and could not find it. Maybe its been sold out. Do you have the link?
  4. Nice to hear. Anyone else driving any older/high mileage RXs? On the USA owners websites they are into the 250k -300k mileages with no problems.
  5. Anyone seen/tried this OBD which supposedly temporarily remaps ECU to be more power/fuel saver efficient. I am skeptical but it would be nice to hear others views
  6. Hi Chris I met the same challenge when I first obtained my SE-L. The way I looked at it the audio hard drive is only 10 GB whereas I found that pen drive sticks (I am now using 128 GB0 were far easier to load up and plug into the USB port.
  7. I thought I would copy the details below; Battery Life Extenders UK Price ——————————————— £550 fitted!!* Vehicle fitment guide.* Lexus GS 450h – all models Lexus CT 200h – all models Toyota Prius – all models Honda Civic – all models * I can adapt my Life Extender to suit other makes & models please e-mail me to discuss your requirements at :-enquiries@hybridbatterysolutions.co.uk What does a Life Extender do? My Life Extender does exactly that, extends useful life of your battery pack beyond the normal life that was originally intended by the manufacturer – often by years. Using normal domestic mains electricity It cleverly & carefully conditions your hybrid battery pack. Will it fully restore my pack ? The Life Extender is not as good as renewing all the individual cells in the whole battery pack (battery packs contain between 120 and 240 individual very expensive cells) however, in the majority of cases a significant improvement in capacity and fuel economy together with warning light cancellation is noticeable after use. How often will I need to use it? How often depends how deteriorated your pack is. (Usually once every 1 or 2 months) How long does it take? Between 12 & 24 hours depending on model. What will it cost me to run The cost in electricity (dependant on your suppliers’ tariff) is very small typically between 50p & £2 Is it dangerous & will it harm my battery pack? No! – I thoroughly test all units as I build them & again before installation. Proper use can only benefit your battery pack. Is it easy to use? It really couldn’t be easier, just open the boot – plug in the two leads that I have installed into the control box, plug the control box into the mains & wait.
  8. While I was looking at the http://www.hybridbatterysolutions.co.uk/prices-and-services/?utm_source=LexusOwnersClubUK&utm_medium=ForumLinks site I noticed a link to their installing/using a hybrid battery extender system to enhance/extend the life of the battery packs. Has anyone any experience of having these installed and any comments please.Amongst the comments from the website is that improved the MPG significantly
  9. Occasionally I check the USA Lexus Owners website and they do a lot of miles (understandable). A lot of them have done over 150k to 200k miles with no problems with the batteries.
  10. Early days but mine have been in for a year since purchase. One in use and one spare. I do not expect much has been drained from the batteries as I never use the key to lock/inlock the car/boot. I always use the drivers door handle to unlock and the button on the boot lid to lock.
  11. Other members who have a 400h will have to advise on this but in a 450h if you open the central armrest between the two front seats and look under the tray at the front there should be 2 inputs one of which is a USB port.
  12. The simplest method I use is a usb memory stick plugged into the usb port in the central consul. I tried it with a 8 gb stick first and everything worked perfectly using the steering wheel controls. I then tried a larger memory stick 128 gb and that works as well. So other than the time taken to load the memory stick with music its a cheap option. Hope that helps
  13. Hi Rayaans Do you have a specific waterproof adhesive in mind? Upon considering it I think it would be easier/less expensive for me to do it myself. Tom