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  1. Cheers Nemesisuk, it’s lists mine as being able to read sms messages but the car doesn’t do it, is there a secret to it or is it done by witchcraft 🤪
  2. Can you enable this to work with an iPhone 6s? Mine will read an android phone but not my iphone
  3. Hi all does anyone know the paint code/colour for the standard wheels on an is300h 2017, I hve just touched the kerb with my n/s front 😱😡 and I want to hide it as much a I can for the moment. cheers Graham
  4. Thank guys, I know Lexus can do one but it'll be over £600, I'll have to wait until Witter or someone else brings one out 😱
  5. Anyone know the best place to get a towbar for my 2017 is300h, no one seems to sell one apart from Lexus and I guess I'll have to sell a kidney to buy that?
  6. Had my new IS300h for a month now and loving it, I do have a niggle though, my other half noticed that the o/s reversing light wasn't working, so I checked and yep not on so I looked at the clips to see if I could check the bulb but they seem odd so rather than break one I phoned the dealer to book it in, 'no point' said the dealer 'there is only a n/s reversing light, the o/s is a dummy' not very good on a quality car methinks, do any of the other models have both ? If so I'll buy the other one and fit it myself 😳
  7. Thanks Bluesman, he is great, very cute and he knows it and so much fun.
  8. I have paper manuals for my 2017 IS 300h
  9. This wasn't intuitive at all, the video explained it very well but it wasn't something I could fathom without help, it was switching from one menu to another then back again then saving the station, really quite complicated? But I got there so all good now 😜
  10. Update.......don't panic, I received an email today from the dealers with a video attached, it took me through the steps to programme the DAB, easy when you know how😜👍🏻 Thanks Lexus Cardiff top job.
  11. The DAB on my RX 450 worked perfectly so I assumed this would be the same, it will go back to Lexus and they can resolve it because nothing I do results in me getting a signal. Even the DAB radio I bought for my daughters car from Halfords worked well so I do expect this one to work😱
  12. Hi all has my IS for a week now and really pleased with it, I wasn't sure if coming from the RX I'd be disappointed, any way I can't get the DAB to work at all, it just says 'no signal' all the time. Do I have to set the unit up (the car is new) or is there a fault? any ideas appreciated Cheers
  13. Hi all im just about to take the plunge and change my rx450h for a new is300h 😳 Any comments good or bad? I'm testing th is on Friday and unless it's horrid I'll be doing the deal. I don't really need the 4x4 size now so this seemed like a good option, I hope I'm not disappointed after th rx 😱 ill let you know how I get on