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  1. I'll start by apologising for starting this topic which has probably been started hundreds of times! I bought my Lexus IS300 Sportcross just before Xmas, I already have a double DIN Headunit I'd like to install. I've done loads before but all the other cars where far easier! I've tried searching and found many conflicting views! I went a car audio place and they wanted £150 to install it! I told them where to shove that. Basically will this kit be fine and make it work? does anyone know the quality of the fascia? So I bypass the stock amp with this harness by plugging it into the out going cables of the amp, then fitting the head unit with the fascia and hey presto it works?? easy? also I have Sat Nav, not that from 2004 its any good, but will this still work? I'm guessing no, is there a way to fix this? been reading things like rear speakers won't work etc etc if installing aftermarket headunit, is this true? Need this sorting really by next week as chris moyles will be back ruining radioX (late great XFM) so I have to listen to my ipod in the mornings then. lol any help greatly appreciated :D
  2. Japfest 2016

    I'd also be interested in being on an IS stand in my IS300 sportcross, I'm going either way so would be nice to be on a stand - this would be the first show where I wouldn't be on one!
  3. Keys!

    Hi Guys, Bought my 2004 IS300 just before xmas, noticed the key started getting a bit dodgy. then it broke while I was at home, so I though 'no problem I have a spare!' put that in turned it and it sheared straight off!!! seen you can get replacement off ebay easy enough, looks like my keys are ebay replacements already. was just wondering if there was a permanent solution to this as it looks like an obvious common fault. I was thinking along the lines of someone making an all metal one or something, instead of flimsy plastic? must be something alternative out there!
  4. Is300 Aftermarket Headunit

    Did you buy the same cheap kit I've got? I haven't had any issues with the radio turning on/off with the car. It also dims the stereo screen when the headlights come on which is pretty sweet no I bought a different kit, the one I originally posted, I've fixed it like so it all works fine :D
  5. Keys!

    Dude, both my keys are unbranded ie been replaced before, I've owned many different types of key, I would say I'm pretty good at using them... two have broke within less than a month of ownership! one didn't even do one turn in the ignition! regardless of whether it's an issue or not (which if it happens twice then it kind of is), does no-one make or have ever made uprated 'unbreakable' replacements, I come from the Mazda RX7 world and lots of normal interior parts have an 'unbreakable' aftermarket counter part, would guess its similar in Toyota/Lexus world?
  6. Keys!

    oh no way, I'll stick with the ebay ones at £2 a pop! just though someone out there would have made one more sturdier. don't fancy an ebay flip key. not used to transponder type keys this is my first car with one :o
  7. Is300 Aftermarket Headunit

    they are DIN standard mate all sorted on Saturday, the fascia I got is pretty **** doesn't look very good but its in and working. I wouldn't recommend that kit I bought to anyone, the harness was wired wrong, it had the batt constant voltage and a switch live shorted together, so the radio wouldn't turn off / wasn't right at all. it of course took me an extra 2 hours to figure this out instead of taking me about an hour took much longer! all in and working though :D
  8. Is300 Aftermarket Headunit

    cheers bro, quality doesn't look too bad in the pic, I'll get the kit ordered and man up and fit it! I should be able to fix anything that goes wrong, as I found the wiring diagram, although it's USDM