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  1. Okay found a pic to show what I mean, due to fitting a bigger turbo I had to upgrade from the stock rad (black) to a smaller rad (silver) and so added a separate ATF cooler (funky thing in the bottom right). TBH it was a little big for the application but the autobox seemed to be quite happy all the same. Also gave me a slightly bigger oil circuit to play with. You could slap a similar core onto the RX whilst you are playing with pipes.
  2. I installed an aftermarket oil cooler for the transmission on my Starlet a few years back (I know what you're thinking but same basic principle as these big buses 😁) think it cost around £40 and bypassed using the engine radiator. Bought the bits off American eBay and it worked fine. You pretty much just mount the cooler to the radiator core so as it sees airflow. Probably a bit overkill but thought I'd throw in the option!
  3. That's pretty handy, I've only added gauges to pre-OBD2 vehicles so I'd still be looking for the RPM wire to splice into and where to get a vacuum feed through the bulkhead! Isn't technology wonderful 😎
  4. I wasn't even aware they had omitted the tacho from the third gen, TBH it would annoy me too. I know it's not in keeping with the general feel of the cabin but I'm no stranger to aftermarket gauges peppered over the dashboard in my other cars so that gauge looks quite sedate all things considered. Never seen an OBD2 version of these, I'd imagine it can read a lot more than just RPM Vladimir?
  5. Yeah, I did the same reading and used Mobil ATF 3309 on my RX350 last year to freshen the box fluid up. No hassles at all to report. Saved a bit of cash in the process too.
  6. Haven't experienced any on my own Grant but on previous Toyotas I've had plenty of coolant being splashed everywhere. Thoughtfully the genuine coolant is a bright pink colour which leaves a visible stain on things in the engine bay so you can grab a torch and have a quick root round by yourself initially. Start at the top of the engine and work down paying attention to the pipework and radiator area. Hopefully it's easy spotted. If you don't find anything obvious a workshop can perform a pressure test of the cooling system that will force any weakspots to leak. Hope that helps, Jay
  7. Jaystar77

    Is a remap possible?

    Just on the topic, I've been looking at a remap for my 06 RX350 (more for power than mpg) and there seems to be a few options available. For reference I'm getting around 28mpg on the daily commute which is spot on for the size of it. http://www.quantumtuning.co.uk/car-remap-tuning-remapping.aspx?Make=Lexus&Range=RX350 https://www.racechip.com/chip-tuning/lexus.html http://www.dcptuning.com/car-ecu-remap-engine-mapping-chip-tuning-lexus.html They all seem to be mainland UK so a few emails might net you some answers. After a few 'brown' moments I've decided that the chassis needs some work before I go adding any more horses!
  8. TBH the spring rates don't look too harsh, certainly experienced far worse in the past. Will stick them on the list of possible purchases. Cheers for the info!
  9. I've been looking at a set of coilovers for ages now. Just waiting on the right excuse to order them! Good to know they doesn't upset the ride too much. One thing I'd advise is to clabber the adjustment collars and threads in marine grease or something similar. It won't look pretty but it will protect them from the salt and water they will see over winter. I don't see a make in the pics, how do they stack up to BC and D2 brands?
  10. I bought one of these off eBay which seemed to keep me right when working on the wagon: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Highlander-Lexus-RX-300-330-1999-2014-New-Haynes-Manual-Workshop-Service/253788786205?hash=item3b16fd8e1d:g:jDcAAOSwhCBbYLoS Seemed pretty decent to me but probably not a touch on the genuine workshop manuals.
  11. Hi Geoff, there was a factory fit spoiler which I took a fancy for a while back. I actually got two spoilers at the time as the first landed with some scuffing. Planning on fitting the good one to mine this month but there is a spare one here that might be of use? I can grab some proper pics but it's similar to the one here:
  12. Probably not what you want to hear but I struggled to find anything for my RX when I was looking to upgrade the stock wheels. Everything was either over-priced or in need of serious refurbishment (or both!) After about 4 months watching ebay I got lucky on a set of L-tuned rims at random. My advice is if you see something move on it quickly, I dwelled on a few sets too long.
  13. My life is full of drunken ebay purchases. I approve immensely. Spares are always a good thing, I'd rather be looking at it than looking for it!
  14. The 2006 one I have is 3.5 (2GR-FE). Pretty sure they retained the engine for the third gen RX after that. Yeah it's expensive although I don't expect anything less from our illustrious tax system 😉
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    Is Future uncertain

    What have I just read.. Mind. Blown.
  16. I'm no expert but I've owned a 350 for almost a year now and love it. Normal suspension, 25-30mpg and I don't even mind the tax bracket. Seems to go quite well for a big armchair too!
  17. I've a 350 and noticed a knock from the DSR over rough ground at low speeds last year. My advice is to get a pry bar and check all the bushes on the rear hubs before going too far into it. It actually took me to take the wheel off as the knock only happened when the wheel moved in a certain direction. Had to replicate it to make sure I could pinpoint the culprit, ended up being two of the three main bushes. Worth doing as I wasted time at the start with replacing the easy stuff!
  18. There's two drains at the front and two at the rear of the frame. I struggled accessing the rear ones but if you open the roof fully and pour a small amount of water into the drain channel you should see it exit the vehicle at the bottom of both A-pillars (behind the front wheels) and below either side of the boot (behind the rear wheels). Bear in mind that the gradient the vehicle is sitting on will determine what flows where. To check mine were clear I used thick soldering wire and pushed it down each drain pipe. The rear ones were impossible to find inside the roof cartridge so I reversed the wire and went from the drain holes up to the roof instead. I think they are a one piece tube so there shouldn't be any connections to disrupt but be careful. Happy hunting!
  19. Regards the rear ARB: I could swear that the genuine bushes I bought from Toyota were split to allow fitment and weren't too dear either. Diagrams and part numbers are here: http://www.japan-parts.eu/lexus/eu/2006/rx300-330-350/mcu35r-awagkw/3_521220_002_235W/powertrain-chassis/4804_rear-spring-shock-absorber#48818 One thing worth nothing is that the bolts and brackets were totally corroded so I just bought the lot to save any hassle. If I'm honest I would like to replace the rear antiroll bar as it's very rusty too. Has anyone any links to an upgraded one? I think whiteline did make them at one stage but can't find any trace online unfortunately.
  20. Jaystar77

    O/s/f coil spring

    From a 'good practice' viewpoint you should be replacing coilsprings in pairs so a full set might be a worthwhile option TBH. It's the same with shocks - if you have a worn one on one side and a new one on the other it can compromise handling. Best to keep things equal when it comes to suspension. I've no experience with the GS300 but it's the same with most cars so thought it worth mentioning. Good luck with the search!
  21. Hi Dale - finally found someone who has gone for the BC's! Do you find them much harsher than the stock ride on our roads? I've been considering them for a while now but don't want to lose too much in terms of comfort. Just a word of advice - make sure you coat the threads in some marine grease to safeguard against the elements (if you haven't already). On my other cars I've had fun adjusting ride heights after a few winters so whilst it doesn't look great it's better to protect them at an early stage.
  22. I'm one of those innocent owners who has had a few leaks in the same spots as yourself. Thankfully I'm in a position to tinker with such issues so it hasn't bothered me too much. I would certainly agree the body seams are substandard to say the least, a huge surprise after changing from a first gen RX. If anyone is in the same (leaky) boat I feel for them. It's put a damper on what I thought was going to be a relaxing vehicle to own. The only thing is I work in a VW dealership and see on a daily basis how easy we have it in terms of reliability overall. If you think this is an issue you should see some of the stuff I've dealt with!
  23. BTW I found the reset sequence here: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/58458-one-touch-open-or-close-for-moonroof/ Worth a punt before you buy it I reckon.
  24. Morning Neil, my RX had the same sunroof issue when I bought it. Just needed the set-up procedure done on it (took 60 secs) and it's been fine ever since. I think they sometimes lose their calibration.