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  1. Direct from HQ. Every time my warranty has been close to renewal for that 2 years, I've received another letter. @C.B, did you take your initial warranty out at the dealer and therefore this may be why you didn't get such a letter? Have you ever got such a letter when it's been up for renewal on previous occasions?
  2. @ColinBarber, renewal was from Lexus. Received a reminder/renewal doc through the post, called them to renew and all was sorted.
  3. @ISF V8 JAY is correct. @FTBBCVoodoo you're not correct I'm afraid and you'll be in for a welcome surprise when yours does run out. Mine is an April 2008 car ans the warranty was due to run out at the end of this month, ie 11 years 9 months later. I got a renewal letter through a month ago stating this and I have just renewed the warranty again until Febraury 2022.
  4. @BUG4LIFE, car #3 is mine. Happy to answer any questions you may have. It's only been up 4 days although I appreciate the other two have been up a little while!
  5. Sorry I I've re-read my post and it was a little unclear as I mentioned Lexus service history. The main point of my post was actually regarding the number of services and not where they have been carried out. I have seen 2008 cars that should have (at least) 11 services but they have only had 7 or 8 yet this is still described as a full service history. The black 2008 car I refer to has has 11 services and is low miles, has warranty left to run etc as well as in the OP's preferred colour hence I was just interested in why it had been dismissed as it looked like a great example. Hopefully @JAD90 will shed some light.
  6. Mine will be going up for sale soon but the colour isn't to your preference and it's a 2008 model. @JAD90, you mention you have discounted all that are for sale on Autotrader - I'm just interested as to what made you discount the black car up for £18k? I only ask as if I was buying now, I'd be going for that one (other than mine). That black car looks immaculate, is low miles, low owners, full lexus service history with the correct number of stamps (a few 2008 cars have 9 stamps and claim FLSH when what they mean is the history is all with Lexus but isn't full as 2 services were missed). It even has reasonable amount of Lexus warranty to run. Is it because it's 2008? You do mention your preference is 2010+ so I appreciate that perhaps you'll wait a while to see if any 2010+ become available but may then opt for an earlier model. Cheers
  7. From the photo you've uploaded, I would be asking them to swap the front wheels round as the alloys are corner specific and they look to be on the incorrect sides. Of course ensure they also consider the tyres in case they're directional. Other than that, can't add anything else that hasn't already been covered!
  8. Anyone got photos or videos of the Novel RC F? I haven't seen any footage on YouTube and have only found 1 or 2 photos so far. I did find a couple of videos on their Instagram page "novel_japan" but hope some better quality videos will materialise.
  9. Popped into Lexus Guildford Can confirm the service chap still has his ISF which is nebula grey on a personalised plate and not silver unlike the one up for sale. I did have a look around the silver one to compare it to my own. The silver one has a couple of marks but nothing particularly untoward. The alloys have been previously refurbished but not to the best standard as I noticed on at least one, it was starting to flake around the centre cap so I'd factor in doing all 4 again. Also, I probably sound like a tyre snob but I didn't expect to see nexen n'fera tyres on the rear of an ISF being sold by a Lexus dealer! Hope that may help to anyone potentially buying.
  10. I had Michelin PS4S on the back for 420 fitted last year. 275/30/19 and that was via black circle. Just booked in to get fronts fitted on Wednesday on black circle for 376 fitted for the pair. They have an offer of 15 off for 2 or 40 off for 4. So mine will be 361 for the pair fitted. 245/35/19. So may be worth having a look on black circle and seeing what they come out as including the 40 off if you're getting 4?
  11. Looks excellent Pete! I saw the photos on Instagram on Elvin's page and thought it was yours. Was very keen to get the centre console and bit between the rear seats done but sadly the quote was a little too expensive. However, the finish does look a step well above what I've seen elsewhere though so the price tag is certainly justified. Cheers
  12. Regarding these additional ISFs... One of the 2016/2017 ISFs will surely be Defratos's car from the middle East. Think that was 2017? Giblet did point me in the direction of my car which was in Guernsey in 2016. However there are others that have been imported/exported. I can't remember who bought it in approx mid 2016 but think it was Emjay who had a cadoxton slate ISF from Republic of Ireland. That was originally a UK car that was exported then re-imported. Likewise there's a blue ISF in Jersey that was originally registered in the UK and exported in 2010 or so. Oh and didn't Etienne import his to France in from the UK 2016? Not quite so easy to track these imported/exported cars as you'd think! One thing I'm interested in... @GibletPH, when you say you helped both, was the other car from Jersey or Isle of Man? I'm only aware of there being 1 in the Isle of Man and I'm pretty sure it's still there.
  13. That looks like a serious bargain. And an H&S exhaust!
  14. Blimey you've got nearly all of them! I modify my claim of 10 down to 5... I'll send you the details later 👍