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  1. I used to own jags for several years mostly XJS's and loved them but I've had my LS for 5 years now and still love it. The wife always says it's and old man's car but admits its a great way to travel and is as quick as her Boxster! The only looks you have to worry about are inside when you're sitting in it - you can't drive and look at the outside at the same time (well except in shop windows!). If you're worried about fuel my LS has avergaed about 25.5mpg over the last 100,000 miles. I always bought Jags cause they were british and stopped when ford bought them, had an A8 - great car but not that comfortable (and you say you're not in the bracket for the latest model). Why do I drive an old LS400 and not the newer LS430 because, in my opinion, the LS400 is still better to drive and all the improvements inside were for the passenger not the driver but an LS460 :D
  2. I quite regularly do trips of 500 miles in a day (with a days work in the middle) either travelling from home in Oxfordshire to see people in Manchester/Warrington/ North Wales and sometimes to see clients in Belgium. In my LS 400-500 miles plus a full day in the middle in no trouble. Best single day journey was Home to France / Spain border using channel tunnel about 850 miles - this was 5 up with luggage for two weeks holiday going down to La Manga in Spain. Done similar trip down to Portugal last summer. Some may remember an LOC Champagne run a few years back though don't think other who went are still members - that's a great weekend run. My LS(MK4) is now up to 140K miles and still a dream to travel in.
  3. Is there no one else out there who plays golf????
  4. Non brainer it is go for MKIV it was well up on MKIII. Don't worry about bushes etc if buying from a dealer as warranty will cover them - I've had 2 sets done on mine last ones at about 90k.
  5. Don't be put off the formula is designed for people who only play occassionally - I only play about 4 times a year. Team up with someone who's OK and the system works in your favour. The best teams are made up of some good golfers and some, lets say, less good.
  6. Now we're started. lets see if we can get up to 6 teams for each region. North East -Dodgy North West South East -Marcus South West Midlands Central South -J M Russell (Jonathan)
  7. The place I get my tyres from, who is very competitive on price, gives a 12 month warranty on all tyres and if you have a non-repairable puncture you get a new tyre and just pay for the percentage of tyre used on the old tyre. It was good news for me a couple of months ago when I had a screw in mine!
  8. The only firm I've ever used in this sort of area in Manches who have offices in London and Oxford. My contact in the firm is a Rob Jonkheer based in Oxford - 01865-813608. He could tell you who would be best to advise on this sort of matter (my clients who've used them on these sort of areas have always spoken highly of them). If you do want to call him feel free to say I recommended them (Jonathan Russell of Critchleys).
  9. Isn't anyone interested in a bit of fun - and golf?
  10. Underr new rules most tyre companies will not repair tyres with screws/nails etc if they are within 1/3 of the tread width near the edge. They agree that they are technically repairable but becuase the chance of failure is higher as you get nearer the edge they now generally will not do it.
  11. Thanks for all the feed back - I'll be back on the D8Z's if i can track them down again but the michelins and yokoholmas sound good alternatives.
  12. I've always stuck with the Dunlop SP Sport D8Z tyres which were specifically designed for the LS400 - no problems with them and car is as quiet as only an LS can be but of late they have got harder to get hold of (getting close to impossible though Dunlop do say they are still making them) and recommend the New SP Sport 01. Having just changed to these they are much noisier and do tramline a bit more (they've got an assymetric tread as opposed to the linear tread). What other tyres have people tried and in particular what have they found re noise. With the old D8Z's you didn't get tyre noise at all now with the 01's always a bit of a rumble and a real roar on some surfaces (well by LS standards).
  13. No problems at all of note with mone except for sagging drivers seat (redone under warranty) but that is due to, might I suggest, LS drivers being larger than the average and sagging rear springs (again replaced under warranty). And just to increase that smile even more I did a run earlier this week from home near Oxford to Great Barr in Birmingham, down to Kettering across to Cambridge and back home again a distance of about 310 miles and got 32.6mpg YES it's a 3 at the start!!! and no I wasn't pussy footing around and I came back cross country from Cambridge not round the motorways.
  14. I looked into tow bars a couple of years ago and was quoted £1500 inc oil cooler etc. I only tow occasionally and when I do it's something heavy - horse box, stock trailer or big display unit. On basis tow bars tend to devalue the car as well I just paid £1800 for a 10 year old Range Rover - and I don't minf throwing building rubbish etc in the back either. No good if you are a caravanner or want to travel in Lexus comfort but if like me you only tow as a work horse. The Range Rover has aloso replaced my old tractor to pull gang mowers and chain harrows round the paddocks!
  15. Mine's a 1998 with TC and snow setting etc. It's useless in the snow. Even on the level getting moving is almost impossible. Once moving it's ok but stopping and corners are a problem. It took me 3 and half hours to do 20 miles from Oxford home last night. Went out this morning to go to work and could even get the car to move at all. Out with the trusty old Range Rover - no problem..