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  1. Thanks for the SGS info, I ordered a pair of bonnet struts from them this am
  2. Wrong Denis, I used Brembo on my last LS 400 not Denso, Brembo are fine, no squeal, I don't know whats on my current '99 LS, the seller had them fitted, either they are sharp or the braking system is sharper than my last 1995, no squealing. I always thought the brakeing was quite soft on the '95, maybe it was the car, I don't know but I've heard that occasionaly from others before.
  3. Desno pads are fine with the LS400, I've done the high heavens sqealing apprenticeship, not with Denso, a few here use them with the LS400
  4. OK thanks, I doubt something like that would be an autragous price from Lexus.............then again experience says😫
  5. Where on the car is the ''rear ride height sensor'' to be seen?
  6. Lexus have an online ebay store, I've had genuine Lexus pads from there, it needs checking out for any other Lexus stuff.
  7. they'd get more at the breakers
  8. dendonc

    LS 430

    I've been using ASDA 5-30 ever since I went LS in 2008, great oil IMO, so is Shell can't fault either although I don't use shell.
  9. you must be driving it an ex showroom car?
  10. One thing thats often/always overlooked by all of us with posts about the glories of the LS is the price of it as a new car😨
  11. dendonc

    LS 430

    No, it was blacked out, which is why I commented
  12. dendonc

    LS 430

    I am always suspicious when they hide the number plate like that 'cause I cannot check out advisories (if any were written on MOT) on DVLA site
  13. 175k is not much at all, mine has 160k but thats fairly low mileage. The very first LS 400 I bought was about 240k when I bought it and was going as strong as ever, it was serviced regulary by an indi garage & the driver/owner used it as an executive hire car here in London, it was running purrrfect. This subject was skimmed on in another post some weeks ago & 2 of us agreed a pre 2000 Volvo serviced regulary will get upwards of 300k. I get the engine oil & filter changed every 5 or 6k but never much more than that, thats really the main thing to to do. If your on LPG that runs cleaner on engine parts than petrol. Check this volvo forum out for comments in their mileage, they tend to be talking over 200k on the thread below.
  14. Very good point, almost a certainty some places will do that