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  1. It's mandatory to carry snow chains in austria & use when appropriate, whatever that means.
  2. Apart from tyres, it's mandatory in some euro countries to have snow chains with you in winter months, france is one & there are I think others snow chains
  3. I found these at link below if your having some difficulty, I know the michelin crossclimate are winter rated so legal across europe all year round
  4. I think thats the factory size, they are on mine anyway, why whats wrong with all season at that size?
  5. How does the ride compare with KYB?
  6. Yes now I can see it but I had to lighten the whole car up first, is it one of the dark green LS's?
  7. Thanks, got that though I still don't/can't understand what is seen in the photo, to me the photo just shows a normal, good looking, good condition ls400.
  8. Sorry, I did not understand the meaning, can you explain?
  9. Where it is not OK for uk authorities is channel tunnel link, conversions are banned & I think even manufacturers are banned from using the tunnel.
  10. Bear in mind, if you go much before spring, it is mandatory to use winter rated tyres and normal to carry snow chains, snow chains mandatory in France, you can end up with a car impounded if you break those winter tyre laws + fine, check the rac site to get more specific winter tyre laws for euro countries.
  11. I thought of both that & the need for new suspension at the back (maybe the front, I dont know) when I was after a new buy LS. part from this forum I spoke at length to 2 retailers & although they knew I was not buying from them they both gave the same opinion, based on their experience, which was get a good condition LS 400, which did as a private buy. I was of course talking about cars in the region of 12 to 15 years old +, a factor all to often forgotten when talking about the 430 & 400's.
  12. Good grief, wish I had known about that, although, thinking about it, I doubt I'd have trusted my car to him, maybe now I will find him & try getting a spare key from him, he does exactly what Lexus did with me ie take a photo of my key, your info is very useful, not least because it shows other Lexus models are prone to this problem, I hope these posts help others on a subject matter not often discussed & I just found the guy on ebay as well as others charging average 20 quid.
  13. Well, that crisis s over, Lexus just called to say collect the shell, which I will be pleased to do tomorrow.
  14. Hello bruv, I just joined the same club except mine did fall apart, thankfully it happened in the house & not in some other place where the 'key' shaft (metal bit) could/would have fell out whist hanging on my belt loop and got lost without me even knowing it till I got back to car & where ever I was the car would have been stuck there until I got a replacement, in my experience I would say this is very, very serious issue indeed for anyone buying an LS400 with this type 'key' because the metal shaft would simply fall out of the 3 button shell without anyone realizing it! I am having mine replaced by Lexus edgware rd, 100 quid, the replacement has the metal shaft molded into the shell (with the 3 buttons) as opposed to the seperate part it was in late 1999 when mine went into service..
  15. LS430 AUX, possible?

    Is there any reason why people are not simply burning a CD in? thats all I ever did for playing on the LS CD