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  1. You need to be very, very careful as regards taking it to small claims court in the frame of mind, if you are found/judged in court to be there because of your feelings theres a chance you will be found by the judge<>(prompted by defense solicitor) to be a vexatious litigant, it's up to you, I'm just making you aware that going to civil court to annoy people because you feel 'wronged'/'aggrieved' can have negative legal consequences for you. Guidance Note: Vexatious Litigants and the Treasury Solicitor . .
  2. Just so it is clear >what specific< context I've been talking about in all my posts. My posts refer only to some of legal issues which I did understand (many other legal points I did not know/understand), for the record, if you/anyone has a search in their browser it comes up with 4 incidents of 'ombudsman' & 10 incidents of the word 'court' >not all mine<. It would be very financially risky if the OP took this case to civil court and ended up with a judgment of 'seller has no case to answer', it would not cost anything to report it to the ombudsman.
  3. In which case had you taken the goods back you would have got your money back, but, instead you used them & by your own implication you knew they were ''The wrong parts'', therefor they lasted in good order for as long as the warranty lasted despite the fact ''They were the wrong parts''. The seller has no case to answer because you accepted the goods and used them in the knowledge they were ''The wrong parts''.<Based on what you've written about >the whole event' you will almost certainly and up paying your own court costs and theirs if you took this to small claims court (max claim £10,000)
  4. He would have no >legal choice< It's one of hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of products which are 'poor value for money' there is >no law< which states a product must not be an exorbitant price. In this case a customer accepted the goods on offer for the price & took over as the legal owner. The owner went on to use the goods as described.The goods lasted for at least as long as they were garanteed for so in law, the goods were 'fit for purpose'. As far as charging exorbitant prices for goods its perfectly >legal< buyer accepts the contract 'offer', if I have a box of Swan Vestas matches & offer it for sale at £3,000 anyone is free to buy them at £3,000, it is not illegal for me to sell a box of Swan Vestas matches at the price neither is it illegal for someone to buy them at .£3,000
  5. But it only had 12 months warranty, it lasted longer than that, their argument would be it was purpose made to last 12 months minimum, which it did and more. A judge would only rule on whats written in this case & the dealer has 'No case to answer'.
  6. OK that would be very useful, the LS 400 vids I've seen on youtube are all US & many parts are not exactly the same as here, there's gotta be a reason why when go to Lexus for 'most' parts they want the chasis number..
  7. Thanks for that Matt. Someone on one post topic here said replacing bushes in some part of an LS (can't remember where) needed to have 20 tons of pressure applied, do you/anyone know about that? it sounds to me like there must be a special machine for it but that sounds like a very expensive outlay for non franchise group garages to do only once in a while & which would presumably be out of date for many vehicles as they come out with new models, any info on that would b interesting.
  8. I was told the same thing by a garage/dealer owner around the N Lancs Yorks border area earlier this year. His personal car was a Bentley but he said the Lexus LS engine was a much smoother engine than the Bentley, he did not mention other interior comforts, but was quite emphatic about the smooth engine & driving in it.
  9. Thats way outside my knowledge that bit, though the price sounds great, technical mechanical things are outside my arts centered abilities in the same way I have zero technical talents. .
  10. Well, the link below is to a guy and his LS and who gives his opinion & experience .
  11. Check out ebay LS's 'for breaking' would my best my suggestion, see link, there a 1994 there, same size engine as yours, maybe seat as well 1989-1994 the rest
  12. I got an email & all that it said is whats written above, is my mind wandering with age or have the gremlins finally got in?