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  1. Many thanks everyone. I appreciate everyone's thoughts. Yes, I will fill the tanks and see what happens. No - absolutely nothing happens when I press the switch, no bleeps, noises, lights, absolutely nothing that I can notice. I have family in Essex, so I may drop my car into these guys... - unless anyone can recommend someone - maybe closer to Surrey? http://ajrpowersolutions.co.uk/
  2. I have a Stagg system in my LS430, it has a little control box fitted on the dashboard, - with 5 lights indicating how full/empty the gas tank is (if no lights are on, the indication is that it runs on petrol, - it has a single button which you can alternate between running on gas or petrol), - however, this little box has stopped lighting up completely. Not sure it it's related, but this happened not long after I successfully replaced the gear shift selector bulb, and took the mirror switch gear off to clean the connectors (don't think this should be related). For all I know the car is still using LPG - I have no idea. I am in Surrey - I don't know of an LPG garage nearby either? Any ideas or suggestions welcomed 🙂
  3. Would you be able to elaborate or link to the fix for this please?
  4. Yes, my LS430 has red lights in the door, - although the drivers side is not working, i attempted to replace the bulb but it's still not working. There are white lights under the door mirrors
  5. Look fun - would you be able to post a link to where you can buy them? My drivers, Red, door puddle light doesn't work, I tried replacing the bulb but it's still not working...
  6. Many thanks... It might do.. guess I will find out! :) I don't suppose anyone can anyone confirm the correct bulb? Shall I try an independent place like the Lexus ebay guy, or just go to a main dealer
  7. Has anyone done it? Wondering how easy it is. I have replaced the gearbox/height/dual-temp lights which wasn't too difficult. Just wondering if anyone had any experience, tips, or could confirm which bulb I need please? Only thing I came across was this https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-3rd-gen-2001-2006/497176-shift-indicator-light-replaement.html :)
  8. I rarely worry about the suspension on my 130k mile 2004 LS430 (touch wood!). Why worry about things you can't control. I also don't see the point of downgrading a major component for peace of mind. Deal with it if/when it happens... which it probably won't :)
  9. Are you sure your subwoofer has died? Mine started "blowing" - but I fixed it by using "rubber glue" around the cone edge. It sounds excellent now after that cheap quick fix.
  10. Mine's a daily driver, although I don't commute in it as my work is close by.... I still do about 10k+ a year, although mine runs on LPG
  11. Hi Roger, I was up against the clock as I needed tax and couldn't get that with an MOT, so took it to my local independent... they replaced both bushes - all in £703. It might be placebo but it does feel a little surefooted at the front. Thanks for recommendation, - will bear him in mind in the future :)
  12. Like those - many thanks both - have a great weekend!!!!!!
  13. I have been looking and I cannot find standard number plate license plate bulbs for a Lexus LS430. I do not want LED bulbs as I have found they flicker. Can anyone confirm which bulbs I need to provide a link? Many thanks! :)
  14. Good advice... many thanks. My local indy has been pretty trustworthy over the years... unfortunately I am under time pressure as not only does the MOT run out soon, my car tax is due at the end of the month (which of course I can't get without a pass)... Yes - will be interesting to see how the ride changes... bushes alone should tighten things up I do love the car, I dont hugely begrudge paying out for it from time to time...