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  1. Many thanks... It might do.. guess I will find out! :) I don't suppose anyone can anyone confirm the correct bulb? Shall I try an independent place like the Lexus ebay guy, or just go to a main dealer
  2. Has anyone done it? Wondering how easy it is. I have replaced the gearbox/height/dual-temp lights which wasn't too difficult. Just wondering if anyone had any experience, tips, or could confirm which bulb I need please? Only thing I came across was this https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-3rd-gen-2001-2006/497176-shift-indicator-light-replaement.html :)
  3. I rarely worry about the suspension on my 130k mile 2004 LS430 (touch wood!). Why worry about things you can't control. I also don't see the point of downgrading a major component for peace of mind. Deal with it if/when it happens... which it probably won't :)
  4. Are you sure your subwoofer has died? Mine started "blowing" - but I fixed it by using "rubber glue" around the cone edge. It sounds excellent now after that cheap quick fix.
  5. Mine's a daily driver, although I don't commute in it as my work is close by.... I still do about 10k+ a year, although mine runs on LPG
  6. Hi Roger, I was up against the clock as I needed tax and couldn't get that with an MOT, so took it to my local independent... they replaced both bushes - all in £703. It might be placebo but it does feel a little surefooted at the front. Thanks for recommendation, - will bear him in mind in the future :)
  7. Like those - many thanks both - have a great weekend!!!!!!
  8. I have been looking and I cannot find standard number plate license plate bulbs for a Lexus LS430. I do not want LED bulbs as I have found they flicker. Can anyone confirm which bulbs I need to provide a link? Many thanks! :)
  9. Good advice... many thanks. My local indy has been pretty trustworthy over the years... unfortunately I am under time pressure as not only does the MOT run out soon, my car tax is due at the end of the month (which of course I can't get without a pass)... Yes - will be interesting to see how the ride changes... bushes alone should tighten things up I do love the car, I dont hugely begrudge paying out for it from time to time...
  10. Car's just failed it's MOT as both the front "bushes or suspension arms" are worn. Booked in to get it sorted next week... anyone have any idea of what sort of bill to expect? I wonder if I will notice any difference in the ride quality after it's done also..
  11. I would definitely get air struts... I wouldnt go for coilovers. The air suspension is beautiful.... I wouldnt want to be without it, as for me, it's a big characteristic of the car that I would not want to be without. I would definitely consider after market air struts too :)
  12. Sorry, probably me being silly, I am not sure what you're asking? Whether I would go for OEM air struts, or fully adjustable coilovers?
  13. The LS430 is such an amazing car, who cares if you have to spend a couple of quid on a few bits. You're getting a 70k car for circa 4k anyway :) I've had mine for nearly three years, I've not had much at all go wrong with it (touch wood!!!!) so far. if the air suspension failed tomorrow I would replace it with air suspension as I just absolutely love it. It's worth the cost. Stereo has been fine... I replaced the radiator as a precaution, although the original looked fine actually after it came out. I dont have a aircon fridge, I have a ski hatch From memory, I had to get the multi functional display unit fixed, replaced a couple of interior LED bulbs.... erm... that's it. EVerything else I have spent on the car has been consumables.brakes, tyres, cam belt, radiator, servicing Absolute bargain if you ask me, - i love the car, - so special to drive, - makes journeys a pleasure If I wrote the car off tomorrow, I would look for another LS430