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  1. No one here tried a GROM?
  2. Looks lovely! Enjoy! I've owned mine for two years and thoroughly appreciate it every time I drive it... amazing vehicle
  3. From a distance my paintwork looks pretty good... - it's just the front bumper which has chips.... - as I say, I'm not overly fussed about the silver itself.. so I dont think a detail would satisfy my urges :) thanks for the suggestion :)
  4. Thanks. I will give them a call when I get a moment to see what their take is. I have spoken to a local place, - they said £3k minimum for an outside only paintjob...... probably more like 4.5 - 5k for a more thorough one. It'll cost about £2.5k to get it wrapped
  5. Always very interested in personal recommendations for obvious reasons, - happy if you want to provide the address I'll see what he has to say... :) I love the current air suspension :) Logic tells me that if i'm going to get it done, to get something unique.. I've been looking at other greys, and of course I'd like to get a colour that actually suits the car... and I haven't seen anything I like better than the grey the LS430 actually comes in... - but as you say, at least i'll be able to enjoy having the paintwork in amazing condition, probably protect the bumper and mirrors with that clear wrapping stuff too Hmmmmm - I'll go around and see if I can get some quotes. :) :)
  6. Not sure if this sounds daft. My LS430 is sorted, new brakes, tyres, radiator, tracking, cambelt, LPG, stainless exhaust, intake, everything works, LEDs everywhere... There is is a couple of things I'd like to change however, - it's not really my colour, - silver, personally I really like the grey. Secondly, the interior wood has been painted in BMW satin black - so I have an all-black interior,, - which looks good and the guy who done it before I brought it done a good job, - but I'd prefer the original wood effect. I'm thinking of getting a full respray in grey. I could wrap it, - but from what I can gather, the cost will be similar. Given the age of the car, and the value, - is this just money down the drain? The front bumper is full of stone chips anyway,.. I full respray would make the car look lovely and would increase the resale value, - however, I am not intending on selling it anytime soon... - so if i'm going to keep it a while, (trying to justify it to myself). What do you reckon? Any advise on getting a full respray? I understand the price can vary a lot... - given the age of the car, - maybe it's not worth spending a fortune..? The car's done 127k, - so i'm presuming there's many years of life left in her yet.. (??) Penny for your thoughts! - Just wondering if i'm wasting my money!
  7. Thanks everyone. The fix has worked... sounds much better, although I did it with some rubber glue and the brush which comes with it... think I could've done a much better job with silicone and a sausage gun... - so if the problem comes back I'll do that, - if it comes back again, I'll consider buying new foam rings :)
  8. Took the card off.... the speaker cone rubber was COMPLETELY detached all the way around... - i've glued it for what it was worth... - we'll see if it makes any difference, - if not, I might consider upgrading the speakers...
  9. UPDATE: Took out the back seats. The cap of the suspension strut (from which the squeak was coming from) had a dent in it. Took the cap off and wondered if the strut was traveling too high... - i.e. suspension somehow f****d. Took the cap off the other side to compare. Noticed that the plastic sensor thing at the top of the strut was the wrong way round. The problem one had been replaced by Lexus before I brought the car. So; turned around the plastic sensor, - test drive - squeak gone. The plastic sensor is higher at one high than the other. Best outcome really - very very happy.
  10. Oh really - just some of this stuff for example? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENERAL-PURPOSE-SILICONE-SEALANT-EVERBUILD-C3-310ML-BATH-KITCHEN-SINK-SHOWER/222572681428?epid=1105261215&hash=item33d25d98d4:m:m0qEN6MoKJMTgZvNCrROGgQ
  11. I'm about to do this, - I fixed my subwoofer by using rubber-glue... - reckon the same will work with the door speakers...?
  12. I'd be interested as they're not far from me.... - I'd not even heard of them
  13. Sorry for the late reply! I thought notifications would be sent to me automatically. I think the pressure is supposed to be 33psi... from what I could work out on the slightly confusing sticker in the driver's door well :) I pressed the "set" button as suggested (had to try it a couple of times) and lo and behold, the message has gone and has not returned. There is two buttons there, one called "set" and another without a label.... MANY THANKS all for your help here :) - I had visions of visiting a garage and having to have the diagnostic kit plugged in to remove the warning.
  14. I have the warning light permanently lit up, and the message is "low tire", - I have check all four tyres and they are all 33psi. Any ideas? Many thanks :)
  15. I will certainly use this information, - superb, - many thanks Steve! :) I have removed just the base seat before, a couple of times actually, on my own, - bit of a job, especially to get the seat back in... I remember sitting in the rear footwell facing the rear window and "chest pressing" the seat back in place, screaming like some mental bodybuilder as I did so :D