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  1. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    well done it sounds like it is now sorted, good luck.
  2. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    I paid £360 for 2 second hand ones , the leak off test has to be home made and is attached to the injectors individually on the left hand side , if you inbox me I will give you my phone number and you can call
  3. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    hi aF Tim that will be your problem, everthing that you have described is down to the lexus, ( dont waste your time going to lexus they will never work it out), do a leak off test, change the injectors that are faulty. If you can get injectors from a 2008 car onwards, as denso changed them in 2007, ( I wonder why???) changing the injectors is easy, just make sure the engine is warm when you pull them good luck. ps then sell the car, the is220d is the worst car that lexus made in my opinion
  4. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Hi mine was number 2 also . Well-done problem solved . Great news . Exactly the same on mine .
  5. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    hi normski, thanks for that it is a MK3 but i will check the drainage holes. the car is absolute blast, i love it. badger, i just lost faith in the car and while is was running well, i believe there will be another problem around the corner. i have been put off diesels for life, personally i think lexus knew the problems but don't want to admit it. will probably find that it fails the emissions soon,,, lol
  6. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    good luck,i have now sold the lexus and got a MX5 far more fun,,,,, and reliable
  7. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Hi It is driving spot on . Still no problems. Good luck with the leak off test .
  8. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Hi badger Hope you have made some progress . I have been away for a long weekend . The Lexus us now averaging 42 mpg . Daily . Just thought I would give you an update . No lights have returned .
  9. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    i don't know let me measure i had it in the shed...
  10. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    hi i did a manual leak off test and it showed up fault, its just a bit of a pain in the ***** as i had to push pipe and use PTFE tape to make a seal. if that had not shown up the problem you can have them tested i paid £30 as i was unsure about number 3 when in was under pressure it leaked . to be honest i am sure the other 2 old ones will do the same thing at some point but i am not keeping car so as long as they are ok for now that's all i need. i have seen the stuff about 2 stroke oil , again i will never buy another diesel. and i don't think lexus were joking .lets have it right they were the people who said we will keep going until we sort the problem ... took the car to work today and got the injectors programmed into the ecu. car worked fine no lights no problems, i just don't trust it any more
  11. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    i also put the upgraded injectors in and it cranks and starts so much quicker
  12. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    i can officially say on the 23/3/2016 i have sorted the problem that lexus could not... THE CAR RUNS LIKE A DREAM ( EVEN IF THE INJECTORS ARE NOT CODED YET) NO LIGHTS, PROBLEM SOLVED YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH badger the leak only shows up when they are asked to hold pressure. happy wednesday
  13. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Hi It's 6c here at the moment and the car started mega quickly give it a run no lights no issues no smoke . It's going down to 0c over night so I will have an answer by 6 in the morning . It cranks and starts before the dials get half way round it has never done that .
  14. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    injectors are now in, need them programmed in to the ecu, started it up and it runs ok , acid test will be in the morning......... will this be the fix or not...
  15. P0093 Help Needed To Decipher Data

    Watch this space ... lol