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  1. Unlike the 430's which have a massage function, looking at the hand book the 460 SE-l 5 seat model has heated/cooled and recline function it does not mention a massage function. The only mention of a massage function is in the 4 seat ottoman seat which has a remote for this function ( see picture below ). If you need to you can get a PDF manual here http://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/resources/owners-manuals?model=LS460&year=2007&type=om be warned though this is HEAVY reading.
  2. Have family in the area so could combine the meet with a visit to family. Let me know the dates.
  3. Sympathise had a 400, 2 430's and a GS450 hybrid and would have to agree snow mode useless. I then had a Audi Quattro A8 amazing but not an LS so I got a 460 AWD Bad weather a thing of the past.
  4. Don't know if it helps but I have these inserts off my old LS400.
  5. Don't do it, because you will be so spoiled by having a 460 you will never want another car
  6. Good idea I'm following 460 AWD
  7. Hi, I am looking to change these Ls460 SE-l wheels to the standard LS type, anyone know where I can get 4 off genuine 19" Lexus wheels to replace them? Alternatively anyone interested in swapping there's out for these?
  8. Do you have the light sensor for Automatic headlights when it gets dark? If you do see
  9. Been looking to fit DRL to my 09 AWD LS-460 but found the mods to be somewhat intrusive. Fixed it by simply putting an old film cartridge cap over the light sensor, hey presto in auto lights headlights always on and they go off when the drivers door is opened. Had to tweak the sat nav screen to switch it from night mode but a minor issue.
  10. Sorry to hear about your damage your not on your own with this. Same thing happened to my original 95 LS400 I normally put it in my garage but left it out one night until 11pm when I came to put it in the garage I noticed it had been keyed all down one side.
  11. Tempted to trade up!!

    You won't be disappointed IMO its possibly the best car ever made. If you can run to it get the 460 SE-l you get more toys than the standard 460
  12. All Wheel Drive LS460 Se-L

    Colin, Thanks for the info. Typical understated Lexus information you've got to own one before you find the subtleties. Derek