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  1. Thanks I will try that.not sure if I seen a setting for the average speed but I will look cheers
  2. I did find a grill online and asked would it fit the is300h the seller seemed to think it wouldn’t but wasn’t too sure
  3. My point exactly that would be a good option and would have thought that the quickest route would be standard
  4. My sat nav is driving me crazy it only sends me the long way to my destination and never the quickest way I thought I went into the settings to try help with speeding it up but always sends me the worst way possible end up on the iPhone maps 😖
  5. Looks good but I also agree that the wheels are a let down,I have a is300h and after seeing this front grill from the f sport I want it done anyone know where I could get this done?? Preferably in London and if you have any knowledge of cost?
  6. No I back tracked and got these instead! But you can get them on eBay or amazon that fit and go buy the embroidered logo like I did and attach it to the mats.i went with the white and black logo.thanks to the ppl in this thread that pointed me to the right direction.
  7. Hi,might be a long shot but has anyone seen or themselves had a different touchscreen system fitted to their is300h (2013),I want to have a system installed that links up my phone and mirrors the phone on the display to play YouTube etc... due to the climate control taken up a large area not sure if it's possible.any help would be appreciated or if anyone knows a London based shop that a expert can install such a thing???
  8. After all that I decided to get these mats and followed the advise in the thread and got embroidered Lexus logo patches to sew on,ordered a couple days ago won't be here for 2 weeks most probably.hope they will look alright now.👍🏻Cheers for the input now I have another project,want to put a touchscreen android system has anyone seen if its possible? Maybe I will start another post for that
  9. Yes i will do just ordered patches now just stuck with getting the luxury Pegasus mats or getting the red,choices choices🤔
  10. Capese thanks for the links should of checked them before I replied that just might be the solution thank you,still just wish Lexus would give us the option,I like to stay with the genuine stuff.thanks again
  11. Capese21 great idea 💡 I did think of sending for embroidery for the logo but if I'm honest I was waiting for an easier option,I'm not even too fixated on red I just think we should have a couple of other option besides black.thanks👍🏻
  12. Sorry meant does* not don't bloody typos
  13. Surendra I don't have all those extras but I never actually tried to suspend guidance thru voice control but I will try now you brought it to my attention
  14. Thanks Steve I have seen them,but I would like the Lexus logo on the mats,o can't believe that's it's that hard to find,even asked Lexus eBay and they didn't seem to know either.
  15. I've been searching everywhere for a change of genuine floor mats in different colour other than black for my is300h,I really want red and I did see them on eBay a while back but unfortunately not for the IS,does anyone know if this is possible or even a place that does Lexus floor mats,I want it with the Lexus logo on the mats I've seen many mats that are the right colour but no logo!! If anyone can help please let me know I've tried searching but no joy.