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  1. I need help with my 1996 lexus gs300 sport I ve had nothing but running on inner bald tyres for 3 years this will be my 6th set is there a specific spec for the gs300 sport!
  2. help can anyone give me the correct adjustments for a 1996 gs300 sport I keep wearing tyres both rear on the inner and after having this done a month ago my front n/s has gone too
  3. hi I own a gs300 sport and have had nothing but tyres wearing on the inside so i took it to a local garage near me and they done a spot on job but 6 months down the line they were showing signs of wear on the rear two so I took it back they redone the front and said they couldn't undo the rear bolts but the steering wheel was off centre so I took it too a well known nationwide garage they done it and now I have 3 badly worn tyres does anyone know the correct setting for the gs sport
  4. Hi all i own a mk1 gen lexus gs300 sport and it has only done 50.000 miles on purchase in 2017 now it has 80.000 ish in 2018 i had 3 rear sets of tyres after taking it too a well known garage but it failed to cure it i took it to a indipendant garage and it was spot on 6 months ago when they did it now after taking it back there on Friday they said the tyres are worn on the inner edge again and couldn't undo the bolts as they are probably seized in the sleeve now im stuck with bold tyres and dont know where else to go
  5. Hi i managed to get some from Poland and after fitting them i the noise would of having the window open it may of quitened it down but it doesn't but still got them on
  6. Hi all i own a st generation lexus gs300 sport i purchased some wind deflectors for my car but they dont fit even though it is marked on the box lexus gs 300 93/97 its too late to return them i am wondering if anyone know of somewhere where i can purchase some this is my 2nd set and they are definitely for the 2nd generation as they are way too long
  7. hi all I have just got back my lexus gs 300 sport from Toyota it went in with a knocking sound and it turnt out to be my front tyre out of shape and also a seized rear caliper also they said diff oil needed changing and brake fluid so upon my drive with the man who done it I was happy no sounds and feels new then as I drove home at low speed of 10mph /15 the knocking appears he did say rear bearings were rubbing so my question is do these when they get hot knock!
  8. Are brilliant thankyou I had it done by a garage that are on the alignment page as well
  9. Hi all well I would use the door pillar pressure but it's not for the sport version neither is the handbook I can only say that the sport version are the correct wheels as I ve looked at photos of other gs 's I believe that they are borbet wheels so I can only assume that the tyres and wheels are correct but another issue I have is wear on the inner rear I have had the hunter laser for camber and toe and front track so they all should be correct unless there is another way of setting them up
  10. I asked the garage what the pressure should be and that's what they said 44 all round another garage said 33 all round then when I took it to this well know nationwide garage they said 44 all round so bit stuck to what I should be putting in I will try 33 all round today thankyou for your replies
  11. hi I have a mk1 lexus gs 300 sport I am running 245/40/18 rear 275/35/18 tyre pressure is 44 psi all round this is what a nationwide garage also this is my 3rd set of rear tyres this year I have had the camber and toe and tracking all lazered they are still wearing on the inside any ideas it's only me that's in the car in the week and weekends my partner
  12. Hi all I have a gs sport first generation I am wondering what tyre pressure is I got 245/35/18 front rear 275/35/18 I had a puncture last month on the rear and a slow one on the front which turnt out leaking from valve when I asked at this well known garage they said 44psi all round so been running at that I cannot find nothing on any sites so any help would be appreciated I live in the UK
  13. Hi all can anyone help me I own a 1996 lexus gs 300 sport I want to know what the seal/strip is called that runs from drivers door and goes along the inside to drivers passenger door approx half way down it is clearly a wind/rain seal/strip but cannot find one .
  14. Hi all can anyone help me with this I have just purchased a gs300 1993 and I noticed that it has nt got a cd cartridge so I had to purchase another one off someone who is scrapping one I fitted it and all it does is click and comes up with error is this a laser problem ! I did try the cartridge in the one I had and that started at disc 8 to 11 nothing before but still wouldn't play anything any suggestions