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  1. MadBrit

    EGR Valve Cleaned

    OH and I used a hoover when i cleaned off the manifold part, and i devised a long small flexible tube I bound to the hoover tube to go right into the manifold to pick up any stray parts MB
  2. MadBrit

    EGR Valve Cleaned

    I was advised not to the manifold off, so i put a good additive in the fuel at each fill up now I did notice that the erg valve was very slightly open even after a clean, is this normal, or do i need to replace it ? Thanks MB
  3. MadBrit

    Single Knock When Braking

    does anyone know of a good workshop manual I cam buy / get for this car ? MB
  4. MadBrit

    EGR Valve Cleaned

    After reading a lot of comments in here about the EGR valve, I thought it could be the cause of my lack of power problem and the odd warning light. Below ar the pictures, now cleaned and what a difference, I also put a new air filter and cleaned the MAF sensor, like it was when I first got the car now Thanks for all your help MB
  5. MadBrit

    Single Knock When Braking

    In answer to questions, it only happens when going forward and it only started after the brake service, I have taken the wheel off again and I noticed that the top pin on the sliding part of the caliper, is a little loose in its sleeve, can I just replace the pin or is it a complete caliper ;( Thanks for all your help MB
  6. I have a 2006 IS220D I have recently had all new brakes pads / shoes Including hand brake and discs. It is now making a CLONK when I brake, just one CLONK, O/S Front I think, I took it back and that said there is nothing wrong Now it makes a nasty metallic knocking when i drive along and the slightest bump sets it off, if I put my foot on the brake when I drive along it seems to get better. I took the wheel off and was surprised that the wheel is the only thing keeping the disc on, I presume this is right. The caliper nuts are tight, but a bit of play in the sliding caliper part. What can this be, do I need a service kit ? Thanks G
  7. MadBrit

    Injector Clamp

    I have had to change the injector seal on my 2006 IS220, can anyone please tell me the torque setting for the clamp bolt Need it urgently as using car tomorrow Thanks GRaham
  8. Hi all, just bought a great IS220D 2006,I am slowly getting through the instructions but the Assisted Parking Sensors are not working The Book says press the button that has a left arrow a right arrow and a centre switch, but all they do is PRIME Tacho on / Off and Speedo On / Off Am I missing something here Thanks in advance Graham