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  1. Lexus noobie 😆

    Aha I like it! There's always bolts and washers left after I'm finished on a car! I'll start my revision for the test soon :) , thanks guys , looking forward to getting a thread up on the build once the car is mine! High mileage rusty piece of Lexus!
  2. Lexus noobie 😆

    Its a 200 se mate
  3. Lexus noobie 😆

    Hello all Just a quick post to say hello , I've read up alot on here so thought I would sign up. Soon to be buying my first is! Basically its my boss's old car , 1 owner from new, full service history, 175k , still on mostly original parts , bit rusty but already been fixed! All this for £400! Ive been looking into drifting as a hobby as I'm car , rubber and oil mad. Cheap Car - Cheap Route Welded , lowered, louder and a few other bits