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  1. Most of japanese luxury cars imported in Pak are of good grades means there repair and maintanace history can be checked from the auction house in JP. Yes we do have good electricans here but hopefully this glitch will not happen again..!!
  2. Unfortunately we dont have a Lexus dealer here in Pakistan.Its a Japan import with the car having good service history. I think from the comments so far a computer diagonsis check up may pin point the fault. Is there a chance that the batteries have some issue ?
  3. Dear i have not replaced any bulbs all equipment are original factory fittings. They were working normally as i was driving for about 20min and suddenly it all went OFF. It was quite dark on the road so i had to stop and then after 10 min of fiddling around and starting the car again it came back. I am wondering if something wrong with fuse or the light lever/stick has some problem as indicators and head light dippers once you push up were also not working...
  4. Helloo Bought a 2010 lexus rx450h with 45k miles. last night on my way back to home suddenly its front lights went off without any warning. Instrument panel was illuminated but no lights even the indicators and head light dippers , front fog tights were not working. Few buttons on panel like tail gate,height control were also not illuminated. I stopped the car and after 10-15 minutes of fiddling around. Switched on and off the car a couple of times. Its lights came back. Now im a bit worried what caused this sudden black out. What should i check so as to get this thing not happening again.