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  1. There is a coolant pipe next to the common rail and you need to remove every thing on that site! But if you are worried about the coolant you better not to start this job,because there are bigger things to worry about then drain the coolant or not to drain!
  2. What guide repair? No need any guide just unbolt it just start from the top and go bit by bit don't forget to drain the coolant before!
  3. Hi there! I already sold my Lexus as I had enough of the problems ! Never buy Lexus again that's for sure! If it doesn't start then it's injector problem ....suprise suprise! You need to do leak nack test to find out which one! As for the manifold, everything has to come out from that side like;common rail,battery with trey! Good luck with it!
  4. Hi! I post a picture of the place where you need to look for it! Just fallow the on screen steps and you should be fine! Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the info! I did the programing myself it's easy! I haven't noticed any difference before I did the programing.
  6. Hi! I had 3 injectors leaking, I already changed 2 of them but with different part number ! I still need 1 more can I ask you where did you get yours? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I was wondering if you Have done the leak test ? I want to do it as well my Mot is raining out soon so I need to sort it out. Thanks. 

  8. Hi guys! My one is a smoker as well but I just disconnected the 5th injector fuel line and I put the old 5th injector on so it wont leak and no more smoke but I got the lights on the dashboard now!
  9. Morning! Around 180000 miles and you can reuse the gaskets because they are metal ones! My advice is to clean it car rans much better! How is your car is the SCV fixed it? I'm going to change my one tomorrow along with the 5th injector and oil,filter!
  10. Hi! Yes I did the job myself it took me 3days to clean everything including the intake ports with picking,hoovering,blowing the carbon out as much as I could it quite fiddly job as you have to remove battery with tray,there is some kind of control modul under the battery,fuel rail,coolant pipe! Good luck with it if you need any help just let me know!
  11. Hi there! Unfortunately I have the same problem but with cold start problem won't start without Easystart spray! I hope your problem is over! Good day!
  12. Hi everyone! I need some help with my lovely Lexus! When the engine is cold it just won't start without Easystart spray it turns over but won't fire up?! I just changed glow plugs, cleaned the intake manifold and Egr but still nothing! And I just ordered 5th injector as well!I can post some pictures of the manifold how dirty it was! Please help! Thanks!
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