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  1. Happy Birthday rascalrobin!

  2. i looked at them on your link but no is200 only is 300 is that the same ? Thanks :winky:
  3. need some advise plz i found this can you tell me what you think and any suggestions welcome :D nice one B)
  4. here is the link again sorry
  5. what do you recon to these as i am needing new ones B) thanks :winky:
  6. Nice B) How much :D Nice video as well
  7. stafford I am originaly from stoke :D
  8. Nice choice never mind the BMW. and wellcome to the club as for the dash i dont find it to plastic and all the other things the lex has far makes for a better vehicle in my humble opinion. But i would be biased :winky: Happy in your new lex
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