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  1. i looked at them on your link but no is200 only is 300 is that the same ? Thanks :winky:
  2. need some advise plz i found this can you tell me what you think and any suggestions welcome :D nice one B)
  3. here is the link again sorry
  4. what do you recon to these as i am needing new ones B) thanks :winky:
  5. Nice B) How much :D Nice video as well
  6. stafford I am originaly from stoke :D
  7. Nice choice never mind the BMW. and wellcome to the club as for the dash i dont find it to plastic and all the other things the lex has far makes for a better vehicle in my humble opinion. But i would be biased :winky: Happy in your new lex
  8. e r can any one tell me if it is march 4th as on the registration or march 28th I will put meself down if 28th Nice One B)
  9. Lovley m8 like the all leather, well and the wheels if you are like me 2nd day and whooops kerb damage oh well ENJOY :D
  10. Thanks again its going in tomorrow i will point these things out to them :winky: Nice one
  11. yep you are right they dont have washers on em dont know why though
  12. Lo all Getting a knocking on my front wheel when i go over speed bumps any idea what it is as i ave just got me car and they gave it to me ike this. Also when i am driving the car when hits a grove wants to pull me and idea Nice one
  13. :D :D :D Sorry i have not been on for a while but icked up me car :D :D :D :D :D and i cant stay out of it I have a full set of mats 4 sale £40.00 if any one is interested original lexus mats
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