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  1. Hi I have been experiencing a rather sluggish ML premium Sat Nav and would like some help to try and sort it out. I am sure we would agree the infotainment system isn't one of the fastest but the leisurely pace I have been experiencing is very frustrating. Symptoms started ~6 months ago. When trying to make phone calls, on occasion, the system is incredibly slow. I have noticed that it is also sluggish performing other functions, but it is the phone that is most annoying to me. It can take around 1 minute to register that I have pressed the call button either via steering wheel controls or using the remote touch. It's almost like it is doing something in the background. Interestingly, the fault doesn't happen as soon as I have started the car but it can happen say 20 minutes into a journey. Another symptom is that it is random and sometimes the system works as it should. I have tried everything to try and sort this annoying issue out i.e. turning off WI-FI access etc, resetting the bluetooth phone connection but nothing seems to work. I have tried to see if there is a way to reset the system back to factory settings but can't find a way to do this. Any ideas greatly received
  2. Agree with Rayaans I was concerned enough about this via media and the police to act. For me there were two main choices - turn the smart entry and start off or use a blocker. I like the smart entry system and so was very reluctant to disable it, and yes through the menu system you can. However, it is one feature I like and I don't see why I should disable it just because of the risk of some scumbag stealing my pride and joy So I purchased an RFID pouch/wallet instead. Cost was ~£6 from Amazon and it works well. As soon as the car is locked and I walkway from it, the keys go into the pouch, and this happens wherever I am and not just at home. Why carry the pouch on me at all times? Well this is a personal choice, but I can see a scenario where the car could be stolen using this technique whenever the keys are "not protected" e.g. in your pocket outside of your home. Of course, it would be more of a challenge due to greater likelihood of RF interference from other sources and not to mention being spotted. Sorry, but wrapping keys in aluminium foil I agree is not practical if you use the car frequently! Also, although a lined box would work (assuming it meets the faraday cage requirements) will work it would not so easy to carry it around with you when outside. Problem solved as far as I am concerned.
  3. bagpus

    Best polish?

    Get the beer in and ask the 'bird' to complete it!! Although, if she gets the hump and uses a brillo pad you may be in a bit of trouble!!
  4. bagpus

    Best polish?

    Put some elbow grease into it!! Try polishing and waxing a Volvo XC90 by hand that hurts a tad. LOL
  5. Oh yeah, you definitely don't wanna be in an accident in a mustang. Your knees are officially the crumple zones!!Engine sounds good, interior is s***e! They are cheap for a reason and are not a patch on the 'ol Lecky!
  6. bagpus

    Best polish?

    In my time I have been through many products and have more than the Misses has makeup! Overall, Poorboys products are great, they are also good value. I polish my beast twice per year. Note polishes will remove minute quantities of the paint i.e. they are abrasive so you don't want to use them too often. Every other week it gets wax. Once per year it gets clayed. Products I use are: Poor boys World: SSR1 - small swirl remover 1 - if you have swirls, I would recommend this. Polish w/carnauba (blue) smells like bubble gum! You can use it in sun or shade, on bumpers and plastic it does leave residue and it goes on so easily Natty's paste wax - blue Black hole glaze All put on using Maguires DA2 orbital polisher. Also use Farecla G3 Super Gloss Paste Wax - bloody good stuff this is and cheap for what it is. ~£25. Autoglym HD wax is good but not in G3's league and it's pricey. Hope this helps.
  7. Arrh mine has AVS so I believe dampers maybe at there most comfortable setting? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Do you generally get better economy when you are in travelling in eco mode or in normal mode? I appear to be getting better mpg (2-3 mpg+) when travelling in eco mode, I also prefer the fact that everything is dampened down, which further makes the ride sublime IMO. My daily journey which this is based on is around 12 miles. Eco in summer 48, winter 42. Any thoughts?
  9. I've been tempted by a GS as my next car, so that's quite comforting. Probably looking at a 450h but even then people appear to be getting good mpg.
  10. What, put your skirt on you big girl....have you tried sunglasses at night
  11. bagpus

    Leaving -But not going far!

    Good 'ol boy Hope you enjoy your new motor.
  12. Yes they did you could see them in the rear mirror..... Also, if you reduced cruise from say 50 to 30 mph, you could feel it brake rather than coast back down to speed. Not a bad function to be honest.
  13. Sorry, had 2 BMW's before my Lexus both had standard cruise but they also had "brake function". This would brake the car if it started to speed when going down hill thus maintaining the set speed. The only advantage I would add over the lovely IS......I hasten to add!!!
  14. Having you tried disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes or so? I suspect since a "system" reset did nothing this probably won't help, but anything is worth a try. Do you have the ML Premium system? If so is the small red LED illuminated? It's on the panel right at the bottom of the dash near where the micro SD card goes. Hope this helps......