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  1. i can't resist using that stealth to put a bit of power down, up to the speed limit in the area of course. this is without power mode, i have avons, probably around 36 but I'd have to check, might be 34...
  2. yes, for no apparent reason, and sometimes doesn't. it's very odd. I'd get one, but not for the fuel economy... if you look at the gs and the rx the max we can get is 40, the rx goes up to 60mpg...
  3. Hi All I thought I'd write my own thoughts around the car, having bought it around the middle of last year. The drop down, windows in, parking sensors, etc. Gets in the way of my knees, personally it would have been nice to locate it elsewhere, but it could be a space issue. Would also be good if the wing mirrors opened automatically at say 10mph? traction is very poor (i may drive too fast?) and handling is average, compared to the german counterparts. I have what I believe is a "common", if thats the right word for any fault with a lexus...problem with a door lock. basically it slips, so won't open (the car tries to open itself a few times, so you know just from listening if it's slipped. I need a new one, it's around £120 i think for the part, plus labour. I have a tear in the drivers seat (back not side bolster) - could quite easily be user error i think the seal in the sunroof has seen better days, and the rear door seals stick a little (nothing me pulling my finger out and lubricating won't fix) the boot confuses me, sometimes it opens sometimes it doesn't (thats separate from the sneaky button in the glovebox that locks it when all you're really looking for is a cd) Its fast. No one seems to know how fast, and it's under appreciated in that respect. Its comfortable, reliable (I do have a knock, but so far no one has been able to identify what it is), and nicely equipped, especially considering its an 11 year old car.
  4. Renewal Pain

    My policy expired tomorrow. This morning someone runs into the back of me (i am stationery behind another stationery vehicle) my premium renewal price, even though I explain i will not be claiming on my own policy but that of the responsible party, goes up from £518 to £602. what a joy! obviously i will look to claim that back, but it just feeds my theory of it all being a massive con...
  5. Gs450h paint correction

    Hi Mike, apologies, Ive not been on the forums too much at the minute due to some personal issues. i've not washed it yet, now the weather is getting better I may do this weekend. luckily today some ran into the back of me (whilst i was stationery), so I'll need to wash off some of the muck to view the damage.
  6. Cheap LS

    this must only be a couple of miles from me. having the dhp wheels, and an odd size tyre thats going to be a £cost to factor in.
  7. Yes i was assuming (possibly incorrectly) that a gs would be cheaper
  8. WHat is the insurance cost difference?
  9. Gs450h paint correction

    Very pleased, will be interesting to see what the ceramic coating does and how long it lasts. I'm told I can wax it, but in theory it just needs a wash and dry when cleaning it its just dust, lots and lots and lots of dust
  10. After seeing @Farquis shining Gs450h is always planned on getting my car corrected they (autobrite) had it this week for three days, £280, and what was a car made up of more of swirls than I remember seeing, and multiplying every second look, was transformed into a rather nice clean car two stage polish, some manual effort involved where paint has been repaired and was too hard for machining, and a water based ceramic coating then within hours, my neighbours building work took effect, the car is now covered, or as I am now pretending, covert.
  11. If your lights were like mine, almost original, and you fancy an upgrade, my side light went out, so I thought I'd change all four. so I read the tutorials, seemed pretty easy, got two Philips racing vision headlights and some white sidelights. then found my lights were quite brittle, and do take a firm hand in removing. One clip broke on the side light requiring bonding. I also found out that the bulb wasn't out and it's actually the side light connections that are a bit temperamental. Any suggestions? Happy with the result though, I might end up replacing the deteriorating plastic units at some point Total cost £26 plus the worry that anything plastic would break at any moment, and the need to sort the connectors for the side lights
  12. Personal car that he drives from Surrey to stoke for a service ? i am becoming more and more cynical as I get older
  13. Sounds like a manual?
  14. Maybe where the police filled in holes drilled to put their kit in? not sure the owner is right with the unmarked description, unless they were hiding in plain sight...