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  1. Lexie04

    Swapping Wheels

    Thanks Colin, just checked the handbook and yes it's 103Nm. Cheers. Phoned Toyota Aberdeen which is the Lexus service centre for this area, run by Arnold Clark, after twice having to phone them before anyone would give me an answer, was then told, March is a very busy month for tyres it would be TWO weeks before they would book the tyre in, you can get a Doctor's appointment quicker that that up here!!! Very poor service, for a so called Lexus centre. Phoned an independent garage that booked me in for the tyre repair this morning, job done and tyre back on without a mark on the rim. Well impressed.
  2. Lexie04

    Swapping Wheels

    Evening All, looking for some info on Wheel nut torque settings. Has a nail in one of my back tyres over the weekend. Took the wheel off and got the tyre repaired. Put the wheel back on but finding it difficult to find the correct torque settings for the wheel nuts. Have seen 103Nm, Garage said 113Nm think, and someone even said 200Nm. Any idea's ?? Once the wheel went back onto the car the TPMS reset once the car started up, no problems.
  3. Sorry to see the condition of your seats. The RC seats are Dark Rose colour and you get blue dye off them when wiped with a damp cloth. Have had no marks on mine after 2 years.. Just wipe with a damp cloth and put on some Gliptone Conditioner every 6 months. RX seat colour looks more glossy than the RC. PS. Will have to stop wearing those ARMANI Jeans. Scratched the seat side bolster on one of my previous car with that badge on the back of that type of jeans..
  4. Some great photo's and excellent turn out. Had to look at where Kemble was on the map.? From north of Aberdeen google maps said shortest route was 516 Miles and if I came down the east coast it was 563 Miles 9Hours 46Mins. Bit much miles to put onto your car for a weekend. !!
  5. I only run my RC on Shell V power. Was offered fuel additive on my last car at a service, informed them that I only use V Power fuel and was then told there would be no need to add the additive then. Don't know if you can justify the extra cost for V Power. Most garages charge an extra 10p a Litre. You never know that the extra cost will be as some only charge an extra 8p litre and once was charged an extra 13p a litre.
  6. Hi Alan, Like you I was gutted last month when my front screen was hit be a stone one day and then the same place on the same road the next day another stone cracked my windscreen. Insurance put me onto Autoglass for the repair . Because of the front view camera calibration, they required my to take the car to there workshop to check the calibration. Unable to be done at my house and had to wait 10 days for an appointment at there centre. When I arrived at there centre the guy doing the job had worked for Autoglass for 22 years so that put my mind at rest.!! Checked the windscreen and it had Lexus RC-F stickers on it, the glass is also etched Lexus, passengers side bottom corner. Guy was very professional and took great care and time with everything. First class job and no issued. Fitter said this was the 1st Lexus RC he had ever seen and worked on.
  7. Lexie04

    Glassed off

    Hi Steve, Had the same issues with my 2008, IS 220d. My car is always spotless and garaged most of the time. Only things I put the horizontal scratches down to was the window was opened and closed to access work via a barrier/ swipe system. We also had Volcanic Ash storms about this time?? When back to Lexus dealership and because the car was less that 3 years old got replacement front windows on warranty. Well pleased with the service I received Checked out other used cars at the dealership at the time and quite a few of them had the same scratches on the front windows.
  8. Lexie04

    Parking Sensors Faulty>?

    Had a sensor painted on my IS due to a slight scrape. The rear bumper has to come off. Once it had been painted I was unable to clear the fault on it, maybe due to overspray. Went to Lexus for a new sensor, told the good news they come painted the colour of your car, bad news it costs almost £200 . I was only after 1 sensor not a full set of 4. Yes that"s the cost of 1 sensor was the answer. Hopefully you will be able to get your one reset.
  9. Bought the Lexus GOLD membership card last year for £39.99, before I bought my car. With the RC service costs now on the web site look like I saved at least 15% with a 3 year service plan.
  10. Thinking of buying a new RC 300h F-sport this year? Better get ur skates on before April. Cost Car £38,495, Paint £625 and Lexus Navigation Total cost £40,115 Road tax will be £450 each year , keep the car 5 years that's a total of £2250. Buy a 66 plate or March 2017 and you will pay ZERO the 1st year , then only £30 a year for each of the next 4 years. Total £120 for 5 years. This is a saving of £2130 on Road Tax over the same period.
  11. Lexie04

    Just joined the Club.

    Hi John, great looking car. Test drove a Red RC 300h, but wanted red interior so went with F-sport white. Like you had my one 3 months now and still to see another one on the road. Check out the RC section, not many posts yet.
  12. About Road Tax costs 2010 cars and older had emissions of 209g/km which made them band K , costing £290 road tax. 2011 cars had lower emissions of 194g/km which made them a band lower, costing £265 road tax. Don't think the engine was any less powerful.
  13. Lexie04

    help needed

    After seeing your post, went out and checked the windows on mine. The credit card won't slide in on either of the windows. Same as your top photo and doesn't slide in at all. Must be lucky from what I have read.
  14. James, Sizes for your centre console box. Length 140mm MAX to allow access to power sockets, back of the console is curved by the main hindge Height 100mm safely MAX size is 120mm Width 125/130mm sides tapered. Hope this is helpful. Got my RC 300h F-sport last month. Not many on the roads yet. All the best. Iain.
  15. Lexie04


    Had a quote from Lexus last night. 0800 371041 Quote was £310 for a new RC 300h, a lot less that I thought whey would come in at.. Might be the fact I live out in the sticks! Northeast Scotland . Might be worth a call.