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  1. I know its ancient history really enjoyed and used the IS / Attezza rear speaker guide infract just used it. Tiny detail on an Altezza the seat belt guides are held done with 2 self taped Philips . head screws on each . Otherwise faultless!  

  2. Any advise would be helpful . Car not shipped till 21/03/16 haven't arranged Marine insurance yet any pointers ? Cant see the point in paying the import tax until the arrival in imminent as I imagine getting tax back on undelivered goods would be like taking food from a Rottweiler ?
  3. I know this is an old tread but . Standard speakers any good and what sizes if you are looking for replacements ?
  4. Got one on the dock in Japan don't know a lot now but imagine in 10 weeks or so this wont be the case . Did you ever get one ?