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  1. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Lexus IS200 (pics to follow) and one thing ive noticed, its a bit on the slow side of life. Now I know the lexus is very comfortable smooth reliable and everything I want in a car, just a bit more grunt would be amazing! Ive read up and seems to be superchargers are very hard to come by and there is a turbo kit for about 2k on ebay. My question is: Which one is better? Ive had a turbo charged car before and loved it, however the supercharger noise is amazing. What else would need to be changed? I know the ECU is a thinking ECU and you cant remap them?? So if fitting a supercharger/turbo what can I do reference ECU or will it do it itself?? Sorry if seems stupid, new to lexus ownership etc. Many Thanks Neil