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  1. I asked my local Toyota dealer if they could service my car and they said they could do the service but not the hybrid health check, different software or something like that.
  2. Well done, looks the same as mine, fsport in Azure blue 👍. I got red leather heated and ventilated and I love it,🚙 😎
  3. Hi Stuart I have the same car and wheels as you and done exactly the same thing, all 4 wheels had just been refurbished under warranty as they were flaking and about a month later i curbed one 🤬 Had mine repaired by a local wheel specialist for £35 plus vat. He called it black chrome but it flakes off like plastic.
  4. SE is entry level and then luxury, I had a luxury spec which had leather which was heated and ventilated plus premium navigation, both these items were extras. SE comes on 16 inch wheels as opposed to 17 inch on luxury
  5. Here’s a link to the method I used and it worked first time, just follow the video. https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/111959-customise-image/ Sorry wrong link. I’ll have another look.
  6. I have just bought a 65 plate Fsport and i love it, i am 58 years old and suffer a bit with back ache but i find the seats are super comfortable and the ride is perfectly acceptable. I am sure you won't be dissapointed. I bought mine from Lexus Cardiff without even seeing it as they supplied it from Lexus Canterbury, i had a short drive in another fsport they had in stock and just thought i have to have it. I had to wait a week for them to deliver the car from Canterbury but it was worth the wait.
  7. Bought it without even seeing it other than online, first time I saw it was the day I picked it up and I was well pleased.
  8. Yes Lexus Cardiff are part of the Motorline group same as Canterbury so it was available from group stock. I’m loving it 🚙😎
  9. Thanks rayaans just found it in the handbook exactly as you said, I’ll give it a go in the morning.
  10. I have just changed my 2013 Luxury spec is300h for a late 2015 fsport in ultra blue with rose red leather seats both heated and cooled with 3 way drivers memory and premium nav, all was well until the nav screen started returning to the home screen after roughly 15 seconds whenever i select the audio screen, it will stay on the map screen or the energy screen without any problem. I was wondering if i have done something to cause this or is it faulty, has anybody else experienced this. I thought i would ask the question before taking it up with the dealer under Lexus warranty.
  11. I have exactly the same issue and when the car went in for service at Lexus Cardiff I described the issue and straight away the service receptionist said it’s skip and it’s a common complaint, they checked it out and found no mechanical problems with the steering, that was last January and the tyres are wearing perfectly and car drives fine. Still get the skip while turning at slow speed.
  12. If your plugged in USB port you don’t need to play music via Bluetooth, you can select the USB port and play direct of your phone.
  13. Well I just sat in the car and followed the video move for move and it worked exactly as described, the 3 flashes have been annoying me since I bought the car in March and I was going to have it changed by the dealer when the cars in for service in February. Happy days and thanks for the info. 👏