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  1. Hi Phil Don't really want to split the interior bit hard to sell just the back seats sorry Ade
  2. Sorry mate only got the bit's at the start of this tread Ade
  3. Hi Yes i can post them Ade Cheers Ade, Could you give me a price posted to S66 7HA? Ta OK I'll go round the post office see how much they want Ade
  4. Hi Yes i can post them Ade
  5. What’s the point of making arrangements and then not turning up or replying to text’s waste of space
  6. As far as i know they are UK Got then new off a member on here (Dylan) tell me what to look for and i'll check Ade
  7. OK it's yours I'll take it round the post office see how much it is can't be much this grom is for the head unit with the CD at the top Ade
  8. Yes still got them £150 Ade
  9. Not sure what you mean by Symmetric ?? Ade