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  1. Ibiza-party

    Aftermarket lights

    Nope, it's a facelift model of the one in your pic
  2. Ibiza-party


    Hi guys. Like many of you I'm sure you love the 250 but know it lacks a bit of punch... I know it can't be remapped as such so leaves modding minimal, but what can be done to get it up to say 250/300. Imo it seems to lack that 50hp if really should have to get it up to speed with rivals. Has many people done the super charger thing? Where in the uk does it and how much is it, all in?
  3. Ibiza-party

    Aftermarket lights

    Hi guys. Owned my 250 for over a year now, 2011 plate. Love it however seen some lights that might give it a more modern touch https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Clear-Red-LED-3D-Stripe-Bar-Tail-Lights-for-Lexus-ISF-IS250-IS350-GSE20R-05-13-/171875270707?fits=Make%3ALexus&hash=item2804908033%3Ag%3AGFIAAOSwB09YJ~B~&_trkparms=pageci%3A06221d96-ade3-11e7-9348-74dbd180dcf0%7Cparentrq%3A0765a5c615f0aa42eb4dd998fffcb869%7Ciid%3A20 and https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Lexus-IS250-IS350-Crystal-LED-DRL-Day-Time-Projector-Head-Lights-Headlight-ISF-/131145619527?fits=Make%3ALexus&epid=1191010560&hash=item1e88e35847%3Ag%3Av60AAOSwZ1lWdfxH&_trkparms=pageci%3A6635552b-b10a-11e7-8892-74dbd180a149%7Cparentrq%3A1c10dcb215f0aa493679b0f5fffbbf58%7Ciid%3A6 im sure you'll all have seen them 100 times over. I've looked over forums and is it true the headlights will bring up an error on the dash? Something to do with the auto levelling? Will the tail lights have any issues attached?
  4. Ibiza-party

    Is 250 options

    Don't even think I have the premium audio lol. Sure it only has 8 speakers? I guess that means a set of 4 in front and back
  5. Ibiza-party

    Is 250 options

    Sadly it's too late for that cars bought
  6. What additional wiring looms are required to upgrade don non nav to nav? And are they easy to get a hold of also so buying a second hand unit I assume it'll need a security code? If it doesn't come with one is it easy to get a code?
  7. Picking up a 2011 is 250 next week and lookin at my options regarding the sound system.. what options do I have?looks pretty limited to be fair. My car won't have nav which is a shame ( how much is total costs to upgrade to the nav unit? And is it an easy job? After market nav or Infact after market anything seems to be out of the equation? Is upgrading the speakers with the standard unit even worth it? If so, what size speakers are in the car?