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  1. On his Majesty Service

    I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion but yours is the very first comment I have read describing the new LS design as awful since it was launched !
  2. Deposit

    I take your point Tel, however you’ve got to accept that in cases where a manufacturer share a chassis between different models each car can still be enginered and tuned to be different. Aesthetically the UX looks a lot more premium tha the CHR from the pictures seen so far. Am sure when it comes to driving dynamics the difference would be wide
  3. Am not surprised at all and tobe honest the current model has not done well in terms of sales volume here in the UK. Some years back I owned a Gen 2 GS 450h and in its days it was a good match for the likes of BM 530i and the Audi A6. Sadly same cannot be said of the current Gen 3 GS imo.
  4. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Flexusenthusiast.com%2F2018%2F03%2F06%2Fintroducing-the-lexus-ux-200-lexus-ux-250h%2F&h=ATP0ntYqwr_lSlAD4U0GCrKb_BQ_FsuENY1JGKkPsz5OEds1Ha3H730je_AEdrJWkTfKO2Neftu5Qmx-1utiCPN5OtRAiqy1aYMRqFzZJEn8&s=1
  5. The interior looks good in my opinion with a touch of LS steering wheel and some LC design language too. Externally it is a Lexus no doubt but as others have said here it may grow on you when seen in the flesh.
  6. Isn’t it pretty? Should offer a good competiton to the likes of Volvo XC40, Jaguar E Pace and Audi Q3 surely .
  7. I agree an Infiniti cannot tempt me from Lexus, but I only shared the video in order that we can see that competitors are upping their game Some interior may in fact look good in pictures and video but may not necessarily be well put together in real life.
  8. Please watch and give honest opinion. My view is ; should Infiniti build a hybrid version of this then the NX is beaten. Just look at the juxtaposition of materials, this car has a four tone dashboard of leather and wood with aluminium accents. Look at the quality of the switches and knobs compared to what we get in Lexus cars these days, am sure most people would agree this was how Lexus used to build their mainstream models not just the high end LC and LS of today. To top it all Apple Carplay and Android Auto are standard as well as all the usual features such as (blind sport monitoring, lane assist, lane departure alerts etc)Personally if I were in the market for a mid size crossover today, I will take this over the NX or the German brands.
  9. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/5351129/lexus-lf-1-limitless-previews-new-luxury-suv-with-chauffer-mode-and-pedals-controlled-by-hand/amp/ Shared from my Google feed
  10. Looking into the Future

    Lexus might be trumpeting bleeding-edge technology for its latest crossover concept – this LF-1 Limitless – but the design that wraps it all up is, well, literally bleeding edge. Yep, the future of the luxury Lexus crossover is a sword. Somebody fetch the warm sake. Lexus has invoked the spirit of the Japanese sword – ‘molten katana’ – to infuse the LF-1’s lines with a sort of liquid-metal-meets-samurai-sword effect. Its proportions – 5m length, 2m width, 1.6m height – have been masked somewhat by a low stance, and tight arches and overhangs. There’s a continuous stroke running from front to back, many creases and Lexus’s now trademark spindle/Predator grille. Inside, there’s less swordsmanship, more omotenashi (‘hospitality’), meaning a welcoming, chiffon-white leather-bound sanctum. The dash is centred around the driver, there’s metallic interior trim, many accents and plenty of front passenger space. Think haptic controls, 4D nav and a touch-tracer pad. Though Lexus hasn’t detailed what provides power in this concept, any number of powertrains could apparently be deployed within its katana-esque flanks. “The LF-1 concept could be powered by fuel cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, gasoline or even all-electric,” we’re told. By 2025, Lexus wants every single one of its models available as either fully electric or with an electrified option. That’s page one, chapter one of Future Car Rules, of course. We doknow that’s its rear-wheel-drive, though, with monster 22in wheels under those flared arches. It’s also packed with a ‘Chauffeur’ mode that takes over the dirty business of actually driving, by allowing ‘hands-free’ operation. Hands-full operation results in what we’re promised as ‘sporty’ driving. “The Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept represents the potential for an amazing experience for future luxury customers,” Lexus tells us. Reckon Hattori Hanzo’s got anything to worry about here?
  11. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed