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  1. That’s some wicked exhausts. Wickd Sound note, enjoy
  2. Hi Habu, I ordered the Takumi in Sonic Titanium. The interior is Ochre leather
  3. See this thread on Clublexus as such modifications are most common in America https://www.clublexus.com/forums/nx-models-2015-present/774207-the-unofficial-aftermarket-wheel-thread.html
  4. Interestingly I’ve been told my RX Takumi is also arriving in 3 weeks time. I can’t wait hopefully all the Apple CarPlay software will have been installed from the factory.
  5. Fatts


    Thanks for sharing, am only just hearing of this.
  6. Welcome to the forum Ro Ro , am sure you will enjoy your new acquisition
  7. Those figures preserve the exclusivity.
  8. I Agee with everything you’ve said. Personally I have not driven the new ES, but being front wheel drive I don’t think it will necessarily be the 1st option of current IS owners but I may be wrong. The ES is obviously a step up however that is expected asit is a recent 2018 design. There exist a large IS loyal fan base in North America and within Japan and to some extent in China therefore I can only conclude it is our loss in Europe.
  9. Yes the GS 450h engine was highly tuned compared to the version fitted to the RX. i still miss my 450h seven years after I sold it. Especially when I remember how I embarrass one BMW 535d owner on the m25 in the days when there were no cameras
  10. Good to know as this can happen to anyone
  11. Got a lovely update from Lexus UK that the my new car is fully built and just leaving the factory in Japan on its way to the UK View in browser YOUR LEXUS IS NOW COMPLETE Hi Banji Our Takumi craftspeople have completed their final inspection of your new Lexus and are happy it has met with their exacting standards. It’s now ready to begin its journey to your Lexus Centre. We’ll be in touch when your car has arrived in the UK. SIGN IN TRACK YOUR ORDER PROCESSING ORDER BUILD IN PROGRESS LEFT FACTORY IN TRANSIT ARRIVED AT RETAILER LEARN ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR CAR FIND OUT MORE © 2020 All Rights Reserved PRIVACY POLICY LEGAL CONTACT US
  12. Yes the Lexus link app has always been problematic since it was set up. It is run by Lexus Europe rather than Lexus UK hence they have shown a non chalant attitude to it