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  1. Whilst I agree that most owners of current N.A V8 cars will bemoan the loss of the N.A engine, I believe we must see the reasons why manufacturers are going the turbocharging route. Porsche have done it with their latest 911 and if as expected this engine comes with the same state of tune as in the 2018 LS 500, then we would expect minimum 416bhp @6000rpm and at least 442 lb-ft@1,600-4,800 rpm. Thus the torque figures is a lot more than in the current V8, which is only 371 lb-ft@5,200 rpm. Thus I would argue that the new engine would be more powerful but may not sound as sweet as the old; but only time would tell. Happy new year to everyone.
  2. I might if it drives well and the figures fit
  3. Hi Jason - I have been running mine from New (March 2018) and No issues whatsoever to date.
  4. A surprising narrative Jules, I would like to hear what Lexus UK have to say, have you shared these concerns with them?. secondly I will be aggrieved as much as you are if I had spent close to £80K on a car and finding all these issues.
  5. Mike, that was a very neat car you’ve got for yourself am sure it would even be better looking once you finish the project. I will be interested in how you install the interior lights - is it going to be one of those that could change colours according to one’s moods?
  6. Sorry to hear of your experience. Am not sure if it’s anything to do with the model 450h in general as there are many examples with 120k on the clock still cruising around happily. I had one myself years back on an 08 plate and sold ito a friend at 55k six years ago and he is still using it till now without any issue
  7. Exactly that’s what I do, the most amazing feature is the photo view of the destination that you can view before you get there especially if you are going to a place you’ve never been before
  8. Always tricky at first, I hope you are using your home WiFi as that is the best way, also you have to follow the instruction in the Navigation manual . When I set mine up, I had the manual by my side and was parked in front of my house to be able to connect to the home WiFi before I was successful
  9. Lexus Hatfield is great I have been using them for the last eight years. Excellent dealership
  10. Thanks guys, as you may imagine I already did a lot of internet research before I posted on the forum. A lot of my findings came from the American forums. The narrative is often too techy for me to fully understand . I also approached one audio specialist store but they themselves do not seem to know how to integrate the existing ML amp and hence their solution was to bypass it altogether and sell me an aftermarket amp and subwoofer package. This is clearly not an option for me. I also tried ML site in the states whether I would find a download link for the wiring system, but no that isn’t available either. At this point I guess what I really need is a UK based audio store who have good experience of working on ML systems in Lexus cars. Thus if anyone know of such in the London area, please let me know .
  11. No Mr Vlad, I haven’t done anything but if you have a link you could share it will be much appreciated . I guess generally most people find the ML setup adequate , but really suggestions from any Lexus owner who had upgraded their system would be useful
  12. The RX is fabulous and just like you, I also hated the NX, harsh ride and too small for my family, got rid of it after seven months for the 4RX which clocked 2000 miles yesterday.