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  1. Can anyone point me to assistance on this error on my mates ls600hl please? Hybrid control - 1U2/ hybrid control 2.0 Status: P 3147 transmission control system. He's getting oil burning smell at high acceleration. Thanks for any help folks!
  2. Hi Spacewagon Thanks for answering :) Tbh I fancied a bodyguard driving course - there is one that a 2 day version but I needed to have budgeted and planned that far further ahead. It was just for fun and improving my driving skills. Anyway something exciting like racing or rallying was what I fancied as I sit in an office all day coding, top and tailed with a half hour commute. Think I have to plan these things more carefully - does NOT live up to its name with these experiences :)
  3. This is an unusual post maybe but perhaps I'll get lucky. I've 2 days off, Monday Tuesday 26/27 and want to do something different but it's a bit last minute (got let down by someone). So on the vague chance some car enthusiast here might know of something, I'm after inspiration. I've had a look at Rockingham for their experience days and such like but can't see anything for Monday. I'm Midlands based and looking for rallying/racing or something; or flying perhaps but as I said, it's simply very last minute. Thanks for reading!
  4. Lexus 600h - like it

    They seem to reach sane prices after 8 years.
  5. Lexus 600h - like it

    Had my 2008 one since April and love her to bits to be honest. I've the HL without the relax pack but that gives a little more space in the back. The relax pack is lovely mind, my mate has it in his. She's quick when i need her to be, which strangely seems to be a lot and the difference in handling in sport mode is substantial. Downsides? I don't like taking her to supermarkets or places with tight parking but i rarely need to :) I had Lexus service in August where they sent me a lovely intimate video of her bits. The advice sheet was full of green items and one orange - one tyre at 4mm. The video showed all the boots and all sorts, she's in lovely condition still. All in all, I've had no problems at all. My best mate has had two of them and does ridiculous mileage - he's done over 200,000 miles in these and only had to have a new radiator (and tyres etc).
  6. LS600HL White slightly oily smoke on startup

    I think your right. She's fine today. I'm probably too sensitive to her lol. I don't usually notice any smoke or steam.
  7. Hi everyone I've a quick question about my 41000 mile old 2008 LS600HL. Yesterday she started and gave out white smoke with some oil smell to it. She sounded the same as usual and there are no warnings or anything. I'd not noticed this smoke before though I've owned her only since April. She ran just fine for a 200mile round trip. Is this normal on these?
  8. Midlands Meet

    I'm curious too as I'm not terribly far from Coventry :)
  9. Shamaya

    Meet Shamaya, my LS600HL and my first Lexus. So far her hobbies include drinking serious petrol and being washed a lot. 3 times in ten days so far. I do love driving her though!
  10. Headlight restoration

    I've done some of this kind of work on several cars,though not a lexus yet using a combination of fine wet and dry, micromesh and autosol metal polish. The headlights in question were very opaque and would not pass an MOT, I had to start at 400 grit! Most cars on here probably wouldn't start at no coarser than 1200 Grit. I used a polishing head on my dril and cut micro mesh to fit - if you do this use a slow speed and water, otherwise it can melt the abrasive a little marking the surface. Once I was done with the meshes, I'd use autosol with a polishing head and if I was feeling very OCD, finish with Peek polish. The process took two hours for both headlights. I'll add pics if I can find them for you. Micromesh cloth is good, starts at 1500 (roughly 400 grit wet n dry), finishes at 12000 grit, which I believe is where Autosol paste starts (then breaks down to finer grits), Whilst the coarse stuff works well on badly damaged light covers, it's a trade off as you make lots of scratches that have to gotten out as well - the finer grade you can start with the less work you'll create but of course, this can mean it takes far far longer to remove much of the blemishing. Lastly, I mentioned a drill - this was a battery drill, but I also used a sponge backed bodyworkers sanding block.
  11. This is probably the shortest guide on a forum like this but having seen a few folks elsewhere wanting the answer to removing the headrests on these cars and at least one father who needed to, I wanted to leave a note on how to do it for others. I managed to get a seat belt stuck around the head rest this afternoon and it would not retract. I’ve attached the photos I could get to clarify this a little more. The first step for me was to lower the head rest tilt the seat forwards. This allowed me to get to the leather cover on the back of the seat – this covers the rear workings of the seat but allows access via Velcro and one odd little plastic plug that will pull clear. A head torch is useful here to locate the two clips that are the only reason you can’t pull the headrest out. They pull out with fingers easily enough – just take care not to drop them as I suspect it’ll be a pain in the rear to retrieve them. Once the two clips are off the steel pillars of the head rest, it will come out easily – save that you’ll need to recline the seat to give you maximum clearance from the rear window. Re-installation is as simple as the clips push back on easily. Hope my pics and explanation helps someone else in years to come – the answers I’d seen so far had been to take her to the dealer which seems a bit OTT.
  12. Why won't Lexus offer this?

    funny thing is I'm hoping I can find a way to upgrade the screen and hardware in my lady - 2008 LS 600hl. Got my fingers crossed now.
  13. Intro: Bought my first Lexus 57 LS600hl

    Thank you. It's something I'll probably do myself methodically as at least if it goes wrong or its not quite perfect, I know who to tell off :).
  14. Intro: Bought my first Lexus 57 LS600hl

    The ceramic is what I'd like for certain, once I've done the best I can with cleaning, and claying. You wouldn't have any recommendation would you? I used to polish boats with G3 then G10- a very fine cut the latter is. I notice that faracla seem to be using G3 as a sort of brand now for a bunch of stuff. I do have a small dilemma over bodywork-I see one tiny hole that looks like it's rusted that needs doing. The dilemma is get the spray kit from Lexus and do it myself or rely on a third party. Not certain at all ATM as I've not done much bodywork for a long time and it's black, so I need to do a perfect job.
  15. Intro: Bought my first Lexus 57 LS600hl

    I'm convinced she's happier after waxing or maybe I'm just projecting after spending quite a long time rubbing acres of black panels. Either way, she's a bit prettier this way. Does anyone recommend anything longer lasting than autoglym Polish?