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  1. Day 1 with 300h F Sport Nav

    Nice car Enjoy it!!
  2. Nx Alternatives

    I want to say there aren't rivals for this car. Bmx X3 : Not hybrid, diesel and expensive. But i like it. Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60: Hybrid expensive, bored design and not as tested as Toyota hybrids. Mitsubishi PEHV : Looks cheap, it isn't the same category.
  3. New Member with RX 400h

    Hello, welcome Some photos pleaseeee
  4. Hello from Valencia Spain

    Thanks!! I've make the conversion, i'm making 6,2 to 6,8 lts/100km going slowly and up to 8 lts/100 going very fast, i hope this well done,
  5. Hello from Valencia Spain

    This is my machine
  6. Hello, i'm from Valencia, Spain, i've bought an Nx 300h this year and i want to give to you my congratulations for this owners club. I'm very happy with the car, its nice, powerful and luxury but de cvt change is some slow out of the city, i'm making around 38-40 mpg, i think that is good, when i have to run the car go up to 118 mph, then i make 30 mpg, I use the car 90% in city and i'm very impressed whit the progressive cvt and the fast acceleration from stop, I think that the hybrid technology it's neccesary today fot the global heating Nothing more, only give you tanks for adding me to the club, bye