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  1. Thanks I will try this to the scratch someone kindly left on the wing of my car. I am sure they were just walking passed holding their keys and by accident it slid along my wing !!!!!!!
  2. Points well made and taken on board - thanks
  3. I'm having my first NX service after 12 months. The dealer has recommended (at an extra charge). A/C re-gas Engine cleaning fluid added. Are these worth doing ???? Thanks
  4. Hi I am looking at a high mileage (100k) 2014 Lexus CT200h. Is there anything I should look out for and has anyone any experience of owning a high mileage CT. Thanks
  5. Bought one of these and it works perfectly - thanks
  6. Went to look at the new NX300h Luxury yesterday. Like new red leather Sat Nav Indicators New Grill Electric Steering wheel Improved mouse pad No real dislikes. Would I upgrade from my 2017 NX Luxury, not yet. It would take an excellent deal to persuade me but I really like the car.
  7. This is my fourth Lexus A GS300 in 1999 SC430 in 2004 CT200h in 2016 NX300h in 2017 and it's my favourite Lexus to date. Not as stylish as the GS300 or the SC430 but an all round great car. Very few things I don't like apart from having to fit a SatNav in a Luxury model. I'm now retired so I'm not rushing everywhere and I don't need speed off the mark but for a heavy car it's no slouch.
  8. I paid £271 with Privilege Insurance. I am however old and Capt Slow.
  9. I did the same and changed from a CT200h Sport to a NX300h Luxury two months ago. Very happy the NX is a much better car (apart from MPG). Got an excellent deal on trading the 1 year old CT and buying the new NX.
  10. Looks great - how much is a 6 month old car with 11k on it?