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  1. I just done this film on the UX after also doing an NX I posted here a while back. Here is what I thought if you don't want to watch my review. 1. Better interior than any other Mini SUV 2. Less road noise than any other Mini SUV 3. More beautiful and unique to look at " 4. Better seats than any other " 5. It doesn't matter what colour you get it looks amazing. 6. Its my genuine belief that they would outsell every other car if they just added Apple Car Play. 7. Without runflats this car would be astonishing...why did they do that? Here is my film on it. I get a lot of cars and I absolutely love the NX and UX and I have a G11 7 as my daily. It looks great on film. Quite liked the XC40 but this another level. Are their any Lexus with Apple Car Play in the UK? Lexus UX Review
  2. Thanks to you guys I am going well on the views - still a great car, so worth a re post. My early efforts seem, raw but cute :) Hope you like - share it if you think it needs more love
  3. Love the word CHIDING... I am doing the Pruis next all those who called it ugly are going to get it. They are gonna get chided. Only 1000 views since 19th - that is crazy - took me ages :) Still at least LOC don't delete like some forums... they are gonna get chided aswell.
  4. So... 950% increase in VED from 2017 Feel free to comment on YT or here with your thoughts / ideas?
  5. If you wandered how articulate BMW owners are... here are some of my favourite X5 owner reviews...
  6. Totally - when you are clarkson you can say what you want - as you have the £50m
  7. Ha ha - ok then. You can be my executive producer...I like mucking about. Got to dial it in slowly to not ***** yourself too early out of views :)
  8. haha Round and round hahah Oh maybe I do need to do the boot some how... but doing the boot is so "car buyer"
  9. Ah. Got it. Good one. I love the IQ OMG. So amazing... yet the Yaris is so bad I couldnt even upload the review... I'd never be lend another car ever again.
  10. That is very true... and getting back into the 535d when its cold and moves off to 1 2 and 3rd gear the non manufactured non sport jerk is so so so prominent. Makes it really odd. I get it for sport mode, but the BMW does not cold start feel as good as a Lexus.. I really like them so much. How did you watch that if you are a lexus man... are you also on other forums or are you like me a serial car review watcher. Yes Passenger left hand side shot would be perfect... I will note that and try and fix up a shot. I dont have a crew! so will have a look for my next car. Good idea.
  11. Loving all these likes. I cant beleive it. Wow. Was worried I didnt include the boot.. or sit in the back! but then I thought that, and the sat nav were probably things to leave out right?? or no?