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  1. Cheap car (mileage dependent) and I love the colour combo.
  2. I've used these guys before too. Top guys and a fantastic service. I'd be very keen to know how much a floating disc set up would be!! Could you let me know @Twellsie?
  3. Guys, this car has been in and out of auction for quite a while (I'm a car dealer). Its had a stint at Parks Motor Group for a while - retail, who have failed to sell it and its now auction bound again. Its a 5 owner car with 31k miles. Not ideal, but it can happen with high performance/high running cost cars. Anyone know anything about the car? Its a bit of a long shot, but worth a post! Cheers, Stevie
  4. Hi CB, its not really a fair comparison. I've switched from 19inch MPS 4S to CUP2s which I'd imagine are stiffer in construction. I'm not really bothered with ride comfort too much. The Penske shocks with the RR RAcing Spring rates are, what my geo man described as - race car stiff. Still, it managed a fairly comfortable family run to the South of France last June 🙂 Thank God the French roads are beautifully flat!! lol The wheels are just cheap Bolas. Once I know for sure its going to be a good track day companion, its looking like a set of forged SSR wheels, but until then, its these cast dumbbells. 😞 I was willing to gamble with 700, not 2000! Plus, Bola were the only guys who could supply me 18x9.5 ET45 Stevie
  5. @Twellsie, can you let me know what spoiler you've got on your car. Looks good, and have a spoiler / wing itch that needs scratching. That looks just the boy! Cheers, Stevie
  6. Its coming along! Got the car back yesterday and managed a few average phone pics in the rain with the new wheel/tyre combo on. Race fluid, HEL lines and Carbontec pads fitted, but not visible in photos. Off to Lexus for annual service on Tuesday, then its all go for the year ahead, although I have a major hankering for a boot spoiler/wing now!! I'm going to hold off to make sure it does indeed perform on track first, then might treat it to a bit of carbon fiber as a treat 🙂 Cheers, Stevie
  7. Certainly did Sir! That was a great watch!! Those pesky Megs are quick though eh! 'Rings full of them. Well, before they end up, upside down! What tyres? And just standard pads/suspension?
  8. Track outing a few years ago. Car stock apart from H&S Exhaust and an intake. Tyres - Michelin Pilot Super Sport - OEM size. TCS off. Expecting the car to be a little less lairy with the latest mods/tyres.
  9. Thanks Martin! I've had the car out once in standard trim, and it was v good. A bit lairy, but predictably so being a big power RWD car on such a small tyre. I'll post up a video of one of the laps.
  10. Mr Funex, thats all positive stuff. I too have the H&S Exhaust, and its far from quiet!! Does sound good though. Agree on the car being nose heavy. I found quite a bit turn in over steer on the brakes, but quite enjoyed that aspect of the cars handling. With the two way adjustables, I should be able to dial some of that out by turning up the compression damping at the front to help cut down some of the weight transfer under braking. One thing I was impressed about when I had the car on, was the balance. Very predictable and easily caught and balanced on the throttle.
  11. Evening all, not posted for quite some time! After many a night researching track wheel fitment & tyres, I finally got round to ordering and fitting my new wheels and tyres, for what I hope to be a great year ahead, exploring some of the bigger more open circuits down south (I'm from Scotland, and we only have Knockhill). I settled on square 18x9.5 and chose to play it safe, opting for an ET45 offset. I didn't fancy the idea of rolling arches/buffing expensive tyres on the body with a lower 'pokier' offset. Tyres are Michelin CUP2s in 265/35/18 As it turns out, this is the widest CUP2 available in 18inch. Originally, I really wanted 275, but now they're on, I'm glad I went for 265 as the fitment is pretty close. Along with the wheels and tyres, I've fitted Carbotech XP10's pads front and back, braded lines with performance fluid. Last year I fitted Penske two way adjustable shocks from RR Racing with their URSS, and since have been desperate to take the car to the next level with proper rubber and pads. I think (hope!) its going to be an incredibly capable package. I've attached a few pics. I speak with Jean-Luc who also tracks his car. Anyone else on the forum track their ISF and could hopefully share their experiences? Stevie
  12. Woopsee! Sorry for steering this thread completely off-topic gents!!
  13. 3rd! Wholly ****! Thats shocking! Can't wait to tell my made whos just 'upgraded' his 997 GT3 for one lol I can be cruel like that 😁