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  1. Messi and Steve thank you for replying to my message.Lexus changed the oil twice. I only realised when i bought the car there was a problem when on the motorway, as in London you can barely get up to 30mph. Suffolk Transmission have it at the moment they have had it for 7 weeks, yes 7 weeks. I have looked at the one on ebay and will probably contact him as didnt have a clue where to find the information you gave out. Hopefully he can fit it aswell. As to nice a car to get rid of.
  2. Hello i have had problems with my Lexus gs 300 sel 70000 miles on clock. I can only get 1st 2nd and 3rd gear will not shift into 4/5/and 6th. Have had solenoids changed , wiring loom and now clutch in gearbox. Been told that Lexus only used this type of gearbox for 18 months then changed it to different model. Still cannot get gears. Lexus want nearly £5000 for replacement wont even look at gearbox. Love the car but very frustrated as even transmission people who have it are finding getting any information of Lexus is difficult. Can anyone help. Anthony
  3. Thank you Steve thought I was going mad. The reason I asked about the level is Im only getting 1st 2nd and 3rd forward gears its coming up with fault code P0761 saying Solenoid C stuck or off. Lexus cant be 100% sure its this but want £2200 plus Vat they have already changed the oil twice. Wondering if i could do any checks myself. Love the car though.regards Anthony
  4. Hello can anyone help me. I have looked everywhere in the engine bay to try and find the dipstick to check my transmission gearbox oil. I have a GS300 2005. Some cars show it at the front near radiator and some at the side. Mine is nowhere.If you can help could you post a picture of where it is. regards Anthony
  5. Hello i am a new member and have bought my first Lexus GS300SEL. 2005. Could someone please help as i have a VSU coming up and looking back through the history of the car says fault codes P0751 P0761 & P2714 gear box solenoids. Also whilst driving on the M25 was doing 65mph and was doing 4000 revs is this right. Would be glad for any answers. Thank you