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  1. Yeah thats what i thought, any idea where i could get hold of some, there would appear to be a few missing, assuming there should be 2 for driver side and 2 each side in the rear? I think i only have like 2 left haha. Andy
  2. Yeah im assuming so, do the round things need replacing for new clips to be put in or can i put these ones i found on ebay in without the round bits there? Any idea? Thanks
  3. Hello all Just looking for some advice and answers, ive ordered some cheap floor mats for my 2004 rx300 and they dont have holes in for the clips, ive taken a clip out of the car as is loose and i need to replace a few of the clips anyway. In these pictures there are the old clip, an ebayitem of some new ones which are apparently the correct ones, is the ring on the bottom.of my clips something that should be attached to the actual floor carpet of the car? If so can i buy new replacement ones? And will these new clips just clip straight in? Thanks in advance Andy
  4. Wow £100 for mats!!! Maybe i will invest when these ones wear out. Thanks for finding some for me mate!
  5. Well ive ordered some anyway as i cant find any oem ones anywhere anyway. Plus theyre only £15 so not bothered if they dont last long anyway, but we dont use the car too much anyway so they should cope haha. Thanks for the recommendation bud. Will let you know how they perform. But if you know where i can get some oem ones any information is greatly appreciated. Andy
  6. I bought a 54 plate rx300 se-navigator a few weeks ago in black with cream interior for £3500 on gumtree and I love it!!! Buy one
  7. Wow thanks buddy these look like a bargain!! Were the clips on your ones all in the correct place too? Might have to order some of these. Whats the quality like? Thanks Andy
  8. Hey everyone, there comes a time in all cars life where they may require some new floor mats!! My rx300 time has come. Does anybody know anywhere i could source some original floor mats, rubber or carpet ones. Or can you order the older ones from lexus dealer? If not could you reccomend a place to get some unofficial tailored ones, tried one guy on ebay and they didn't fit at all so dont want to takw any more risks with it. Thanks for all replies in advance. Andy
  9. Thankyou again, i have seen how to do the windows and roof but notnaure on the boot? Any idea? Also found this battery online Does Does it seem like a good deal? Andy
  10. Thankyou Colin. That was very helpful i will try the dealer tomorrow. If their price seems high the one that halfords online recommended was £69 woth a year guarentee and that was the only one that came up so that should definitely fit? The car has also been dead for almost 2 weeks is that going to have caused any problems that you know of? Andy
  11. Hi everyone, looking for some help. I need a new battery for my lexus rx300 but have absolutely no idea about them. Should i buy what the halfords site reccomends or look elsewhere? What is the specific size? Are the terminals all the same size or are they smaller? Are the pos and neg the opposite side to european batteries? Where can i get one and should i get a calcium battery as i only do short journeys? How much should i be looking to spend? Thanks in advance Andy
  12. Hello radoslav! Ive been having key issues and my lexus rx300 2004 hasn't been starting at all. Battery jas been flat but that is now fine and the car would turn over but not start, where abouts in the fob is the transponder found? Is this moat likely the issue as i have a broken key and its in 2 or 3 parts? Cheers for any help. Andy
  13. Battery has been charged and ia a decent batrery holds its charge fine. It turns over fine but still won't ignite, which seems to be immobiliser problem, as it would still turn over because the immobiliser doesn't control that. Anybody know a way of fixing without needing a mechanic?
  14. Hi everyone, looking for some help. I bought a lexus rx300 2004 it had 2 black keys. One of them was taped together and the blade worked but not the buttons and on the second key the buttons worked but not the blade. I replaced the battery in the one where the buttoms didn't work and now they do so both keys can lock and unlock etc... but my battery went dead and after charging it the car now turns over but wont start. I am assuming its the immobiliser but wondered if there was a way i could fix this myself without having to go to a dealer (as i cant start it to get there). Please please help, I'll answer any questions needed to figure it out. Regards, Andy