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  1. True. Not sure where exactly Paul is but Poole is on the list.
  2. Can a space please be put in between East and Lothian?
  3. Become a gold member and get a discount 😉
  4. Not a must, I went 2 years with an Advance with just sensors and got on fine. The camera is handy but not essential IMHO. I’m not sure I’d want to go without either of them however as the view out the back window isn’t very good low down, even if the side mirrors are a decent size. It sure if the camera as standard on the Advance Plus that year but someone else might come along with the answer on that.
  5. It’s proper leather I believe. They have a Tahara option on some models which is man made.
  6. To add to the above on the battery theme, the big traction battery is unlikely to go flat in a month or two but you ideally need to get the car out for a decent run at least every few weeks. If the traction battery does drain down too much then it isn’t a simple thing to sort and needs kit only dealers have access to.
  7. Hmm if it’s the one I think it is then the previous owner took it for a mot with an illegal tyre and the tpms light warning them about it! I’d be looking very closely at the maintenance history on it. It’s a year older but there is a blue on at the dealer near that red one. I’d look at that at least to compare. Dealer will give a year warranty and although older it has a bit less miles on it. It’s listed for more but you might get them down a bit.
  8. Hybrid battery replacement would be very expensive but also pretty rare. You definitely want to see service history from Lexus or Toyota (they have the tools and knowledge for servicing hybrids as well as the Prius is the same as the CT in most ways). At 56k miles it should have had at least 5 visits for servicing. Dealers also do a hybrid health check and that gives a report in the battery and also adds a years warranty to the hybrid system. Not much goes wrong with the CT. It often comes out top in reliability surveys. Have a look at the condition of the exhaust heat shield. Not too expensive to replace if needed but a bargaining point. They often rust at the mounting points and are not covered under the body corrosion warranty.
  9. colin79666


    No, only if they are old or damaged in the tyre changing process. I’ve had one tyre off for a puncture within a month of getting the car and then again with the other 3 when I got cross climates put in. Make sure the garage fitting knows it has sensors so they can be extra careful and ensure they put the wheels back on in the same position.
  10. This. Quite common on Japanese cars as in Japan they often don’t have a fog light so they swap out a reversing light for a fog light to comply with EU/UK rules.
  11. Shame you are at the other end of the country from me. I’ve got a hardly used set of the oem tyres in the garage as I swapped them for cross climates before winter set in.
  12. I usually notice it on a poor surface rather than depending on traffic passing in the opposite direction. Temperature also seems to play a part, actually worse when warmer.
  13. Yep they changed the hill assist. It is automatic in the 2018 cars, although I sometimes find it doesn’t engage on lesser slopes where I would have manually engaged it in my 2014. Go find a big hill with no one behind and give it a test 😀
  14. If the car is in full sun today then clear out any blockage of the cooling inlet as above and try again once the car has cooled down. Found some related info on it over on Prius Chat (the CT 200h has the same hybrid setup):