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  1. colin79666

    Hybrid Badges

    £17.95 on eBay Least the salesman can do is supply and fit one. As said above I’d check closely for signs of damage. A repair done properly is fine but the missing badge raises suspicions.
  2. colin79666

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    Interesting to hear you think it has sufficient power as quite a few people who have stepped into a CT courtesy car feel it is too slow. The oem tyres are noisy but it is at least partially cured with a switch of rubber. With the engine being so quiet (unless you accelerate hard) road noise is more apparent and I don’t think the CT is as well sound proofed as more expensive models. Agree on the speed limit camera being useless. The F Sport I had when mine was in for servicing in February was complaint as soon as I drove out the dealer forecourt. Wish mine had the adaptive cruise control though!
  3. colin79666

    lexus ct 200h, frst registered in 2014

    Right here is a snippet from the owners manual. 16W is the reverse lamp, 21W is the fog light. Msa, are you looking for the reverse bulb (left side when facing the back of a RHD car) or the fog light (right side)? The CT only has one reverse light so perhaps the bulb isn’t blown?
  4. colin79666

    lexus ct 200h, frst registered in 2014

    Hmm. I went with what autobulbs direct listed for the model but you might be right. Dipped headlights are definitely H11 (I replaced mine) unless you have the Premier spec LEDs. Side lights are DLRs and part of the headlamp assembly, very unlikely to burn out and not replaceable as a spare bulb. Did some Google work. Old thread here suggests P21W for reverse lamp.
  5. colin79666

    lexus ct 200h, frst registered in 2014

    955 (W16W)
  6. From what I can gather you can use any decent SD card that is 2GB or larger (probably not a huge card). Put the card in the car to initialise it and then remove it with prompted. Plug it into your PC and using the TomTom home app you can download the maps. This is in pages 19 & 20 of the manual. Manual here if you didn't get one: MoveOn Navi_en-GB.pdf Failing all that a dealer can probably source a card for mega bucks or you can but it on eBay for £70-90 (could even be the one stolen from your car...)
  7. colin79666

    Tyre inflate for CT 200h CVT Advanced 1.8

    2.3 bar at the front, 2.2 at the rear as listed. I’ve got the same model and tyre wear is pretty even after 15k miles so it seems about right.
  8. colin79666

    Bigger is better?

    It’s official that there will be a CT successor and not just the UX.
  9. colin79666

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    Agree the ads are becoming too intrusive. As a gold member I expected fewer/no ads. I totally understand hosting costs money but surely gold membership more than covers any lost ad revenue Right now I’m getting an ad about nursing care covering the top of the page.
  10. colin79666

    Speed Camera Warning

    Had a look in my own car yesterday and I couldn’t find an option to turn it off. There were options to turn off beeps and another to turn off showin that e speed limit in the sat nav. Not sure if changing these settings would have a knock on affect of turning off the camera warning.
  11. colin79666

    Rear ended

    Be sure to check under the car. Bumpers have a habit of popping back into shape and hiding floorpan damage. Glad you are ok. My only accident was when I was a learner stopped at a red light and an old guy in a Rover 800 hit the back of me. Fortunately it was slow speed and I had the handbrake on, like you we moved forward a bit but there wasn't any lasting damage to either car.
  12. £60 at my local dealer:
  13. colin79666

    Possible new CT ?

    Good to hear Lexus understand the UX isn’t going to be a CT replacement for a good percentage of buyers. The CT has always been crying out for a more powerful drive train so the new 2.0 litre hybrid setup would be a perfect match.
  14. colin79666

    CT200h spec levels

    Battery would be expensive if outwith warranty but very few fail. It is the same setup as the 3rd gen Toyota Prius and some of those have clocked half a million miles. Most likely the battery will last the life of the car.
  15. colin79666

    CT200h spec levels

    Not all Advance have a reversing camera (my 2014 doesn't although it does have sensors front and back).