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  1. What colour was the smoke and was the engine cold?
  2. Yep, I’ve been running them and with the forecast for these parts to be snow tomorrow I’m glad to have them 🙂
  3. Not sure why a CT would require a flatbed recovery? As long as it’s on one of those trailer things that fold out the back of the van to lift the front wheels off the ground then it should be good to go as the CT is fully fwd. Will be interesting to hear what went wrong here as has been said, drivetrain wise at least they are the most reliable thing on the road. OP have you had a look at the cars history on the owners section of the Lexus website? If it has happened before it might be noted in the service and maintenance history.
  4. Bumper is different. Not 100% sure on doors but I don’t think they have changed.
  5. Insurance is becoming a problem now: I can’t help but think if there was more checking done and enforcement of the rules are scrap dealers this problem would go away. Despite cash being banned there are still too many loopholes and dodgy scrap merchants so this is too easy for criminals.
  6. Can you stick a fault code reader on it? EGR valve issues aren’t unheard of, particularly with the Prius which shares the same engine.
  7. If you do a lot of night driving it’s probably worth it for the lights. I don’t have the led lights on mine and wish I did, the standard projectors are ok but not great.
  8. CT has a button to the right of the steering wheel to turn them on or off. If on you also get a green indication in the instrument panel.
  9. Not sure if the 2014 all had memory seats. They certainly don’t on the 2018 cars, although mine does as it was part of the leather seat upgrade or the pack which added the parking sensors all round. Lexus seem to change the configuration slightly each model year. The F sport isn’t any quicker and the suspension is slightly stiffer than the already firm ride so perhaps look for the best example that ticks your other requirements. If that happens to be a F Sport fine but the other CT models are pretty good too and something like the Advance + has much of the same toys for less money.
  10. I’ve been meaning to visit for a while now, especially since visiting Beaulieu a couple of years ago. This might be the excuse I’m needing to make the trip down (it’s a good 6 hours from here).
  11. I’m 6’1” and know what you mean although I’ve had much worse in other cars (Fiat). For me I have the seat all the way back, wheel pulled all the way out and up a bit (not quite as high as it goes) and base of the seat nearly but not all the way down. My knees are then more behind the wheel than hitting it.
  12. I've got the Defender wallet which I use when at home. It's a bit bigger so you can get a keyring, passport, contactless cards etc. in as well. I noticed in the 2018 CT I can turn off keyless entry in the setting menu, which wasn't an option on the 2014 model year - I've been using this when on holiday without the wallet. As above, the keys need to be in the lined part with the top shut for it work fully block the signal. £4.99 is a good price, especially for a pair.
  13. Sorry to hear it happened to you. I’d assumed the CT was a less likely target given the limited ground clearance but I guess some thieves might have trolley jacks to get around this. I believe smart water has been created now that can take the high temperature, might deter thieves or at least stand a chance of identifying them if it happens.
  14. Might have insurance issues too, could be classed as a modification as it isn’t an oem wheel/tyre size combination. The Yokohama tyres are indeed noisy! Other tyres are a bit quieter but the ride won’t change much unless you go with a bigger sidewall.