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  1. I’ve opted to keep it turned on with my CT except when I’m away on holiday at a hotel or something and in range of the car. At home the key is kept in a Defender signal blocking pouch but it’s a bit bulky to take about with me.
  2. As above I'd think you are on ok ground (but I'm not a legal expert). After all anyone under 50 who ever used a comparison site would have to put refused down just because Saga didn't give a quote! In your case it wasn't a refusal to renewal either, totally new policy on a different car that they just wouldn't quote for taking all the current facts into account.
  3. Got a letter from Lexus today to say they are adding 3 months onto my breakdown cover for free as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. Pretty good of them and mine wasn’t even expiring this year. Not sure what the deal is with servicing at the moment. Car will be due it’s second service next month, perhaps things will be a bit clearer by then and the Lexus website says they are taking a sympathetic approach to warranty and service scheduling.
  4. I usually have something electronic/trance on. I just prefer not to drive to something with many words 🙂 While I'm working from home much of the time I do have to drive into work now and then during lockdown as it can't all be done remotely (ironically I work in IT making it all work so everyone else can work from home).
  5. Might be safest to disconnect the battery first.
  6. Good point as it’s all at 5amp. Might be safest to use motorcycle mode and wait longer? You only really need to get enough power in to let it start the cars systems, once the car boots up it can recharge the 12v battery itself from the traction battery. Its not like a standard engined car where you have to go drive it for a few miles so the alternator can put more back in than it took to crank the engine over, as long as the traction battery isn’t too low.
  7. The manual for mine is quite clear: AGM option 14.7V/5A Use for charging most AGM batteries like Optima and Odyssey. and Recond option 15.8V/1.5A Use to return energy to the empty WET and Ca/Ca batteries. Note it doesn't say Recond for AGM batteries...
  8. A CTek charger should do it fine. There is no old school lock on the boot of the CT but you could get in via the back seat. The 12v battery doesn’t need much power as all it does is boot the computer really, the traction battery is used to power the motors and spin the engine over.
  9. Hmm with everything going on, safe to say this might well be postponed?
  10. What colour was the smoke and was the engine cold?
  11. Yep, I’ve been running them and with the forecast for these parts to be snow tomorrow I’m glad to have them 🙂
  12. Not sure why a CT would require a flatbed recovery? As long as it’s on one of those trailer things that fold out the back of the van to lift the front wheels off the ground then it should be good to go as the CT is fully fwd. Will be interesting to hear what went wrong here as has been said, drivetrain wise at least they are the most reliable thing on the road. OP have you had a look at the cars history on the owners section of the Lexus website? If it has happened before it might be noted in the service and maintenance history.
  13. Bumper is different. Not 100% sure on doors but I don’t think they have changed.