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  1. Possible new CT ?

    Good to hear Lexus understand the UX isn’t going to be a CT replacement for a good percentage of buyers. The CT has always been crying out for a more powerful drive train so the new 2.0 litre hybrid setup would be a perfect match.
  2. CT200h spec levels

    Battery would be expensive if outwith warranty but very few fail. It is the same setup as the 3rd gen Toyota Prius and some of those have clocked half a million miles. Most likely the battery will last the life of the car.
  3. CT200h spec levels

    Not all Advance have a reversing camera (my 2014 doesn't although it does have sensors front and back).
  4. MOT Failure

    Interesting. I had a service plan in place and was told the MOT price was £49, oh and they wouldn't do it on a Saturday morning. Well I've voted with my feet and had it done at a local outfit for £30, who would do it on a a Saturday and are more conveniently located for me. Their coffee isn't as nice however . I get the dealer probably has higher overheads but surely good customer service would be to offer a discount when the MOT is booked in at the same time as the service? Especially hybrids when they don't have the emissions test to complete. Disappointing to hear the OPs failure. Was the £95 just for the adjustment/repair? The MOT retest can be partial at reduced cost if you get it back to the test centre within 10 days (or free the next day for some faults).
  5. 2013 or 2014 ct

    Had a niggling thought and have just checked on the government website. The 2013 model is Euro 5 where as the 2014 model year was Euro 6. No different in tax bands at present for most trim levels (same CO2 except for the S spec) but it could become important in future as more places roll out low emission zones and the restrictions get tighter.
  6. 2013 or 2014 ct

    Facelift had a stiffer chassis and therefore slightly softer suspension. Also had some CVT tweaks to make it drone a bit less but overall not much changed other than cosmetics. I'm not aware of anything really to be aware of, both models have excellent reliability with the only thing being the exhaust heat shield being a weak point on some. Your best bet if you are serious is to test drive both and see which is preferred. As a school run car I expect it would be quite good as long as you don't need more than 2 child seats in the back and the relatively small boot (ok depth but not height) is big enough for your wife's needs.
  7. Air con service

    Well mine is nearly 4 and as far as I'm aware it hasn't every been done. The dealer hasn't mentioned it when going for the usual services. I'll see how it performs when the warmer weather comes and may get the air con seen to then. On my previous cars I got it done between 3 and 4 years old as I'd started to notice it wasn't as cold as it used to be. Some outfits recommend every 2 years. More often than that would suggest a leak that needs further attention. I think the gas used in the CT200h isn't as widely available as some so probably best to go to the dealer rather than one of the tyre chains that say they do air-conditioning recharging.
  8. To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    As long as you are happy with the test drive I’d say go for it. The CT 200h was the most reliable car in the latest car magazine surveys. Performance wise the road holding is great, even on a twist B road, but what makes that great can be a ride in town that some people find too firm. Personally I’m a fan of a finer ride than sacrificing cornering. The hybrid system is surprising pokey when you floor it but definitely not fast. Quick enough however and a 2017 model shouldn’t have the cvt drone as much as pre 2014 cars. I’ve found motorway performance to be really good. Comfortable in long runs and nearly as god economy as a similar capacity diesel (hybrid works best at city speeds). I stick to normal mode for motorways and slip into eco when in town or traffic jams. Sport is reserved for when I’m planning a quick overtake as it makes the electric assistance kick in at full force without being full throttle. Im assuming you don’t have a big dog as the boot isn’t all that big given the battery under the back of it and the rear seats.
  9. Occasional use

    You can got 3 or 4 weeks fine but beyond that the battery could be in trouble. The big hybrid battery is fine but the 12v battery is smaller capacity in hybrids and therefore can have a tendency to go flat if the car isn't used sooner than in a conventional motor. I haven't seen much of that being an issue with the CT but it has been a problem on some other Toyota hybrids like the Yaris. If the car isn't used for several weeks at a time you might also not be covering much mileage to justify the extra expense of a hybrid if you are looking to buy based on the fuel economy.
  10. Ah that really sucks. Have you double checked the insurance position? I assume you reported this to the police. If the other driver is traced then the MIB should pay out, if they turn out to be uninsured. TBH after you pay for parts, painting and fitting this is probably worth using insurance for. There may well be hidden damage such as to the wiring loom for the fog light and parking sensor. From your pictures it looks like the door might need a smart repair too. If you have a few years NCB and haven't protected it you shouldn't lose all of it with one claim. For example if you have 5 years you might drop to 2 or 3.
  11. Michelin Cross Climate

    Even Cross Climates have their limits
  12. Lexus specialist in scotland

    As above I don't know of an independent specialist but there is a dealer just of Newbridge roundabout so easy to get to from the M90. If you are a gold member on here they give a discount on parts and labour.
  13. Bulbs and engine cover clips

    Wee update on the bulbs. One failed this morning so not impressed. High performance bulbs usually have a shorter lifespan due to running hot but 3 months is pathetic.
  14. Michelin Cross Climate

    Was definitely Yokohamas on the courtesy car, which was registered in December.
  15. Michelin Cross Climate

    Year 2 winter update. 12k miles since they were fitted and still going strong. Health check sheet from the recent service shows 4-5mm left on the fronts and about 5mm on the back so wearing fairly evenly all round (a bit more on the front to be expected from a FWD). Tracking was checked as part of the service and shows every adjustment within tolerance. Barring punctures these should last into the summer and I'll probably get a fresh set all round for next winter. Michelin have changed the compound slightly and the new Cross Climate+ promises less wear and improved performance through the life of the tyre. Not had much snow yet this season but that might change this week. On the few snowy days thus far they have performed well and got me out of where I live with no fuss unlike neighbours who struggled on summer tyres. I think they have become a bit noisier with wear and while driving the CT 200h F Sport courtesy car while mine was in for service I did notice the different. Initially the Cross Climates were quieter but the courtesy car on standard Yokohama DB70s seemed about the same or quieter depending on road surface. That said the courtesy car was near new so those tyres had little wear.