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  1. Not surprising really, the CT will be 10 years old by then. The new Corolla would make a good platform to base the CT replacement on and the 2.0 litre Hybrid setup would sit nicely alongside an all electric option. The 1.8 in the CT has always felt a bit underpowered to me, although it cruises quite nicely once up to speed.
  2. They chopped and changed the features list over the years. For example I had a 2014 Advanced that included parking sensors front and rear as well as keyless entry. The first facelift was 2014 and there was a second facelift last year. The 2014 and later cars have revised suspension which makes for a slightly softer ride (but still firm compared to rivals). The 15 or 16" wheels also provide a softer ride than the 17" but I find it fine even in my current F Sport (which as different dampers from the rest).
  3. When it popped up on my YouTube list today I thought it was a late April Fool! The Asian market seems alien to me but if this is what the up and coming elite want then I suppose Toyota/Lexus might as well grab a piece of the action.
  4. Good piece about wheel sizes. Note also that often cars are launched/given their first press outing in Spain rather than on a potholed British road. I’ve often though What Car? should be renamed What VW group Car? That all said while comfort and safety are higher priorities for me, the Lexus infotainment is starting to get embarrassing. Surely at least the UX should have had Apple CarPlay from launch.
  5. Letting the battery drain to the point of jump starting won’t do it any good. Also be aware it only brings up the electrics anyway, it doesn’t crank the engine so it doesn’t need all that much power (hence being smaller than ice cars). Could you connect up a charger when it is being left for long periods? This would ensure the battery isn’t let to drain right down and will maximise the lifespan. Also be aware there are points under the bonnet for emergencies, you don’t have to go into the boot and get at the battery.
  6. Sounds like the door car may have to come off to get at the mechanism behind the handle. Probably best left to the dealer.
  7. The 60k service is £475. If you haven’t hit that mileage then it should be cheaper as there is less to do. Not sure about the leak. Could put the seat down and get in the car while someone sprays the outside with a hose? Hopefully warranty will cover it.
  8. Same in the 12/2013 I just dug out but could have sworn it wasn’t there 🤨
  9. MPG varies quite a bit with temperature so expect at least a 5mpg gain in the summer. I also found the mpg improved a little as the engine got bedded in, although that was probably also somewhat the time it took me to adjust to getting the best out of the hybrid. DAB is poor. Oddly I got more stations in my 2014 than my 2018, not sure if something changed spec wise or I just haven’t managed to press the right buttons! Glad to hear it is living up to your expectations 😀
  10. Don’t think my 2014 had the option but my 2018 does.
  11. I'd expect a few 19 plate Pre Regs will start popping up in a month or two. Some will have some miles on the clock as demos/sales person runabouts but some are usually just delivery miles. I got mine last year with just 15 miles on the clock and it was only a couple of months since registration so nearly all the warranty is left.
  12. I believe the gear stick in the CT isn't actually connected to anything, it just signals what the position rather than having a mechanical linkage. This one has me stumped. Looking at the Prius information online (same running gear but more of them so more info) I can't find the same thing. There are some YouTube videos relating to the braking system but it isn't a high pitched a sound. TBH unless someone comes on here with the answer the best thing is probably to check under the bonnet for anything obvious (e.g low coolant that could cause a pump to make noise) then take a trip to the dealer. Provided it relates to the hybrid system and the car has been serviced by a Lexus dealer then it may well be covered under warranty.
  13. I know you said front end but have a listen around the passenger seat behind the driver. The inlet for the battery cooling fan is next the rear seat belt on the offside. Fan for the cabin heater is probably behind the glove box so you could also stick your head in the passenger footwell and see if it is louder there.
  14. Tried turning the climate control off to see if that is the source?