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  1. colin79666

    Fuel Tank Capacity / Cruising Range

    Standard. On US forums some people have done over 100 miles with the fuel light on (not the gauge shows R not E). Most I ever got in a CT was 35 litres and that was about 20 miles with the fuel light on.
  2. colin79666

    Road noise but tyres already replaced?

    Well a wheel bearing normally changes pitch with speed but is independent of road surface where are tyre roar changes with both speed and road surface. I haven’t had a wheel bearing go on my CTs but did in a works car around 70k miles. The oem Yokohama tyres are awful for noise but even with better tyres I’m afraid the CT isn’t the best when it comes to cabin insulation, magnified the fact the engine is so quiet at cruise.
  3. colin79666

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    A colleague at work has been a Saab fan for years and swears by them. He is currently on a 2006 9-5 I think and given the GM ownership around the late 90s and 00s parts aren't usually an issue despite the company being out of business. Given the lack of service history I'd probably verge on the side of caution and get any belts/water pump etc. done unless you have paperwork or it obviously looks fresh under the bonnet.
  4. colin79666

    Replaced the 2014 CT 200h Advance...

    Yes I did consider ceramic coating. In the end I look the lazy route and let the dealer sell me supaguard (I’ve always avoided it in the past on 2nd hand cars as I know a dealer won’t prep the paint as well). I know it’s like 90% profit for them but it got some level of protection on the paint and interior and certainly has made washing quicker. I don’t expect it to last years like the sales material says but if it gets through a winter or two and I keep the car beyond that then I’ll get it to a detailer then. I’ve overheard passers by in car parks commenting on the colour. All positive but mostly all middle aged women rather than petrol heads 😆
  5. In Japanese but you get the gist even if you don't speak the language. Interesting idea but I'm not sure it will take off.
  6. colin79666

    Replaced the 2014 CT 200h Advance...

    Think the dealer is having a laugh with the price tbh, probably leaving a margin so they can cut a couple of grand off in an autumn sale. Ride is pretty much the same, perhaps a little better on rough surfaces with the f sport suspension, definitely not harsher. Haven’t pushed it yet through the twist stuff yet but will hit 1k soon so can be a bit more enthusiastic then.
  7. colin79666

    Lexus servicing - wheel alignment

    Yes I've had it done and was provided with the results when my last CT was in for its 40k service (alignment check is every other service in the CT schedule) - all in the green.
  8. colin79666

    Latest UX videos

    When I first heard about the UX I was disappointed as I'm really looking for Lexus to come up with a CT successor rather than another SUV but reading the latest news and preview reviews has sparked some interest. Apparently you sit much lower than in rivals and it handles pretty hatchback like although Autocar pointed out how many rattles were coming from the interior trim so hopefully Lexus will address that for the final production models.
  9. colin79666

    Fuel Tank Capacity

    CT has a big reserve. Some reports say it is to protect the fuel pump. Most I ever got in was 35 litres and that was after driving 10 miles after the range estimate dropped to zero.
  10. Awful, especially as it would appear from the reports that various manufacturers have known about it for years and could fairly easily and cheaply fixed it. I'd be interested to know if those in the front seat had belts on. The snippet of crash test video in this report shows the dummy flying into the backseat but they aren't belted in: Euro NCAP have been doing whiplash tests for years but only at slow speeds so the seat isn't under such stress.
  11. Yep UK spec cars don’t appear to get an alarm button on the key fob.
  12. colin79666

    Replaced the 2014 CT 200h Advance...

    Repaired by Lexus Edinburgh first thing this morning while I enjoyed a coffee 👍 Checked the tyre this morning before setting off and pressure was fine. Drove carefully and could hear it hissing when I dropped it off but no tpms light on at that point but wouldn’t have been long. Shows the important of using your eyes and not relying totally on tpms!
  13. If you look up around the sunglasses holder there will be an alarm deactivation button (for use on ferry’s etc.) if it has an alarm fitted. Pretty sure it will do.
  14. colin79666

    Replaced the 2014 CT 200h Advance...

    Thanks. Booked in to get looked at on Friday, borrowing another car until then.
  15. colin79666

    Replaced the 2014 CT 200h Advance...

    Unbelievable 🙁 Only covered 500 miles! Not sure it will be repairable.