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  1. The manual seems to suggest so. The bigger screen also comes with a different nav package (premium vs standard) I think. The F Sport seemed to gain the bigger screen by default around 2019.
  2. I'm pretty sure mine (2018 with smaller screen) still shows on the nav. Probably more accurate too even counting for changes since the map was produced, the RSA is rubbish. It either stops reading signs during the journey (usually after coming off a motorway so it sticks saying 70) or it reads random numbers and has no logic to disregard something clearly wrong like 120 when the odometer is set to miles. I hope self driving cars will have a better system or things could get interesting!
  3. Speed camera warning works even without being on the satnav screen, at least it does in mine 🙂
  4. Probably not. There is a EV mode button next the the driving model selector dial. I think it might have been on the 2014+ facelift and later only however. That only keeps it in EV mode at slow speeds/gentle acceleration and until the battery drains down however. It still starts the engine if it needs to. Handy when wanting to keep the engine off going round a mutlistory car park and the like.
  5. Mileage isn’t really a big factor with these. Go based on your budget and the condition. A pre facelift is getting in a bit now but then it might still be in better condition than a facelift that has lived by the sea - there are a few examples on here of unexpected rust and the heat shield rotting at the bolt holes is a common fault (although easily replaced).
  6. If you do a search in the forums you should find some answers. The short version is you can get a cat lock which is basically an extra layer of metal covering the area to make it more difficult but not impossible to cut through. The SUVs are at greater risk and they can be done without jacking the car up but their has unfortunately been a case of it being stolen from a CT on here that was in a shopping car park.
  7. 95 is fine for the CT200h. I usually get Costco fuel as it is cheaper and they use the same cleaners as for the 97 stuff. There are plenty Prius on mini can mileages with no mechanical issues, I’m sure whatever was cheapest was used in them.
  8. As for your query on traffic lights, my tactic depends on the situation. If I think it will be a short stop I just leave it in D with my foot on the brake. If ages or going to blind someone behind I apply the parking brake but leave it in D. Only if I'm going to be stopped for several minutes so I stick it in park. Never use neutral as it stops the battery being charged, that is really only of use if you broke down and needed to be moved off the road. For a longer recovery it needs to have at least the front wheels lifted as the transmission is locked when the power is off.
  9. I think a dealer can turn down the sensitivity if it becomes a problem.
  10. Used in a few models including the Prius (which has the same engine). The CT is quite fussy on the grade of oil, get it wrong and expect higher fuel consumption and possibly rough running.
  11. I briefly considered the new Corolla but went for a second CT instead. The new Corolla is way too expensive for what it offers (especially the new 2 litre), they didn’t even include Apple Car Play in the UK at launch despite it being a new model. I’m not planning to change cars soon but I’ll have to leave Lexus if they only offer SUVs and cars costing 10k more than the CT does. If only they would get the new 2l hybrid in the CT and give it a refreshed infotainment system it would properly compete with the BMW 1 series and Mercedes A class. As said above they risk losing the gateway models into the brand.
  12. Not that surprised about the IS. New model is coming (just not to the UK) so production will presumably be ending. Shame about the CT really, getting a bit long in the tooth but a good starter model for the brand, UX is considerably more expensive and not everyone wants a mini SUV. With the introduction of the ES and UX in the last year or two the lineup was getting a bit big but I'm not sure they are going to end up with a range that covers what the UK market actually wants.
  13. MOT should probably have picked up on that as well. Also done by the dealer?
  14. Bit steep. Current servicing prices are here: Hybrid system check is part of the servicing by dealers when following the Lexus schedule. So is wheel alignment on the majors, mine was slightly out on one corner so my dealer kindly sorted that FOC last week. Hang on. If your car is fairly new the first 3 services should be 2 intermediates and 1 full unless it has already had the 10k?
  15. I think I’d be asking whoever is selling it if they are confident they could do a repair if you claimed. Based on my experience it would have been useless but things might have moved on or repairers in your area may have the right technique that mine don’t. Whether or not to take it is personal choice. A replacement wheel is about £360 so the price you have been quoted is about the same as one new tyre and wheel.