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  1. If its GU10 on the reg plate, or its got tinted rear windows and blacked out badges on the back..... Then yes it was my old car. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  2. Him and his better half are both Police in London and are based in the near-London SE. Sale process was very easy, with the exception of the actual payment mechanism (online / telephone banking). Price was agreed pre-meet, I test drove, showed the features, they had a look round and the deal was done. Happy bunnies all round. I'm sure he'll fit in; his other vehicles are a twin turbo IS300 and a custom imported / built GT-R (not sure, but I seem to recall R34 being mentioned) with 700bhp.
  3. @Flytvr, it took a few months, that's for sure. There weren't many on when I started, now there seems to be a glut. I know mine has slightly higher mileage than average, but it did necessitate a couple of drops in ticket price before I got the bite.
  4. So that's the deed done. Black ISF is now on its way south to Kent. New owners are near Blue water so may be visible in the future. The owner is a copper, so keep it clean. Its been an absolute pleasure to own an ISF and I will admit, it was a little awkward letting it go, but needs must. Bye everyone, have fun with V8's!!
  5. I went round the advert loop a number of times. A few speculatives, a few laughables. Funnily enough, the guy coming to purchase (hopefully) came from my eBay ad in the end. AT was limited in response, as you found, PH didn't yield anything
  6. Yes, it's still the same. I replaced my sidelights with LED bulbs. Realistically, the only tricky bit is getting access behind the air filter housing and the intake pipe on the drivers side. I had to unbolt the airbox from the car, take the intake feed off the slam panel, then swing the intake pipe out the way to get access. Bit of a faff, but possible. I think it took about 5mins for the passenger bulb and about 20-25 for the drivers side, with most of that unbolting and then rebolting the intake kit.
  7. Is that not an ISF and an Avensis? Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  8. Oi @Prof Manny, you shush!! I've almost convinced myself into an Evora and now you're agreeing with my heart approach of an Exige S. I do however know that my budget won't stretch to an Evora S, so there's going to be a 'compromise' somewhere along the line anyway.
  9. Lotus is nice. Trialled a N/A Exige, but wasn't impressed compared to my previous supercharged Elise S. Think I need to try a supercharged Exige S, and an Evora. My gut feeling is that an Evora is more appropriate as I'll need the ability for 4 seats in some way shape or form. Difficulty being, as you say, the vulgar subject of ££ as to whether I can get into an Evora at this stage. I may go for a staged approach and try to get into an Exige S for a couple of years, then 'upgrade' to an Evora. Heart says Exige S Head says Evora FIGHT!!!
  10. @jonthebarber, you still on the hunt?
  11. Don't listen to them (I don't). You know you want a BLACK ISF, as it's the best colour!
  12. @Ace8800 I can help!! Want a black 2010?
  13. Up to 12 ads on AT right now. Just sayin...
  14. I'm just going to leave this here: