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  1. congratulations mick4545 I am on record as saying that the ML isn't worth the extra cash and I stand by it, the standard Pioneer system is really that good. I have tried all sorts of different settings with the ML and frankly it sounds the best if you turn the 'surround' off....I know you have debated this in previous threads; it occurs to me that cutting-out all the DSP settings and the right-royal muddle that makes of the sound and equalisation that the surround mode induces, is much for the better. But all in all don't waste dosh on the ML is still my recommendation As for the HUD? It's ok, a bit of a novelty if I am honest, I could certainly live without-it. I instinctively still look at the dash for's almost like you look through the HUD most of the time and it just doesn't register with the you still instinctively glance at the dash all the time. I know what you mean about BSM, I really miss that. I have had it on my last 4 cars; why-oh-why they don't offer this as an option on any spec car, I cannot for the life of me understand. anyway .... enjoy!
  2. Hello mick4545 yes, I have seen this video before I might be wrong and the Clarifi function might be embedded in the system but it seems odd that there is no menu option to select/de-select this option and it's not mentioned at all in any of the manuals and handbooks, no logo's declaring its inclusion etc etc all my audio files are WMA & AAC rather than MP3 anyway, so can't even compare A to B and let you know that way oh well, perhaps an enquiry to Lexus UK is required regards RozzaLex
  3. Thanks Rayanns There are various bits missing off the UK spec vs the US spec .... in no particular order: the active stabiliser is not fitted the F-sport 'sound-box' is not fitted the expand compressed audio files option is missing you only get 6 radio pre-sets/memories .... in the US you get 24! the 'connectivity pack' is a poor man's cousin of the US equivalent (ok, it is at least subscription free) you don't get the remote start (ok, you'd need the subscription in the US) or App options no option for the electric rear seats (ok no great loss) I am going from memory, so there could be other things missing that I have forgot I don't think I said the handling was poor, what I said was don't spend money on an F-sport or Premium **just** to get the variable suspension. The Luxury model with options may well suit you better and save money. With the Sport+ suspension engaged the dampening is such that you almost bounce and pitch around the more demanding bends (i.e. those with lumps and bumps) and it soon gets very undignified. In Normal setting on the same demanding bend, you may tend to float, waft and wallow around the bend but it actually feels more composed! .... you don't actually corner any quicker in Sport+ mode. On less demanding bends (smooth A-roads), the Sport+ setting does corner flatter but not much and again you don't get around the corner any faster, the standard setting is pretty good and just as composed. Engage Sport+ on the motorway and the suspension tends to 'patter' on certain surfaces, increasing cabin noise, and so you soon turn it off. Sorry can't compare to your Q7's, X5's etc.... never driven one Hope this helps RozzaLex
  4. There is no menu setting to switch-on and switch-off the option for expansion of the compressed files and it's not mentioned in the EUR, I get the impression that it is one of those USA 'features' that has got dropped for other markets or at least ours!
  5. Yes, I agree, I don't know why Lexus don't give that option, as you say in the US you can spec-up any of the cars to have what you want including the blind-spot monitor. It's a feature that I really miss and I really liked the 360 degree parking-assist side of it too. But I really **didn't** like quite a lots of things on the premium (grill, seats, bizarre trims, wooden steering wheels, alloys) so I couldn't convince myself to go for the Premium even though my specc'd car was almost the same list price by the time I finished with the options list You may have seen one of my previous posts and I'd really suggest that you listen to a standard audio system before you commit to the ML upgrade .... I didn't, I bought 'off-plan' and seriously, you'll barely notice the difference, the standard audio is almost as good even with high-quality audio files good luck with your choice!
  6. RozzaLex

    2016 Rx450H

    Hello Mick 4545 It really depends on the situation .... but on the whole, yes, you can apply **slightly** more accelerator force before the the engine cuts in but the effect at best is marginal and barely perceptible in some situations. Let me explain: In EV mode and in crawling traffic, with little stop-start to the traffic, where the car is 'rolling', it seems to accept slightly more accelerator force before dropping out of EV mode. This seems to be the best use for EV mode because it will stop the engine from continuously stopping and starting every 5 yards or so If you are sat at the traffic-lights say and engage EV mode (i.e. normal, gentle, pulling away situations), you'll barely notice the difference in throttle setting/pressure; you can keep it in EV mode if you are **very** ginger with the throttle if you are already rolling say 10mph with a light load, then engage EV mode, then it is slightly less likely to engage the engine upto say 30 mph (I've had 40!) but still has a propensity for the engine to cut in at very mild acceleration .... typically less than 5-10% of throttle Throw an incline (even a slight one) into the mix and that can make a difference either way. Get to 50% battery and below and it will drop out of EV mode with even the lightest of throttle setting The crux of it is that it depends on the 'load' on the engine that you are asking the batteries to substitute for... the car on batteries doesn't really like any load. Typically, the engine will start as soon as you want to pull away...if you back off the throttle when rolling, then you can keep it running on batteries (EV mode or not) if you have a very light touch on the throttle. I dont know if the other Lexus Hybrids are the same as this or whether it is because the RX is so heavy Hope this helps! Regards RozzaLux
  7. Many thanks DanD Yes, they are the standard F-Sport alloys, they are 20" with a metallic dark grey/graphite finish which nicely hides the brake-dust! The seats are full leather (rear facings aren't), no cloth. The perforations in the leather look **really** good on black and you don't get the same effect on the other leather colours because you don't get the same level of contrast as you do against the black; you get a small white polka dot effect which just grabs your attention. I suspect it is the un-dyed part of leather, from when the perforations are cut, that is causing the white edge to the hole. Then silver/white contest stretching then finishes off nicely Rgds RozzaLex
  8. RozzaLex

    2016 Rx450H

    yes, there is an intrusion and tilt sensor-off switch on the roof-light console
  9. Hello All New owner ... I have attached some pics because I understand that is what new members do. Sorry about the quality but taken on an iPhone with the rose-tinted filter switched-off! Happy to answer any queries on any aspect of the car; most reviews seem to be very US-model centric and the UK models do deviate from the US-spec in quite a few areas so can give a UK owner perspective on the good, bad and indifferent bits of the car So it's an F-Sport, mica white, black leather, panoramic roof, HUD, Mark-Levinson sound, protection pack; I don't think there any other bits that could be added other than bits of trim cheers
  10. I'll take one & post .... mica white, panoramic, HUD, ML, protection pack.... otherwise a 'stock car'
  11. Hi Bodmeister Yes, you'd think so but I wanted to change from the Jaguar brand after 4 cars. As for F-Pace ... same house style internally as the XF's and XE's, and that is what you see of the car when you do the miles I do, so 'didn't punch my buttons'. It is a glorified XF inside and when you see it in the flesh it is basically a bloated XF-Fastback. If that wasn't enough, still a long way off on delivery, especially the patrol version, which didn't suit me No, all-in-all, didn't want an F-Pace which is why I looked elsewhere As for my mpg.... I didn't get 30-35, I got 35-38! control.... steady 70-80mph .... 150 miles ....regular as clockwork, week-after-week
  12. Thanks Rayanns; glad you are enjoying the car and the Lexus brand. As for Jaguar, they can defend themselves, they don't need me! I only tell it as-it-is To prospective 2016 RX450h Owners .... if you want to know about **anything** on the car, I can probably answer the question for you; the best bits, the bad bits, warts and all. But can't tell you about Q7's, X5's or XC90's or another SUV .... you are on your own on those!
  13. Hello Rayaans; thankyou for your comments. I see you run a 2012 model; I run a 2016 model so I think I know what I am talking about, so below, I have clarified the points you raise: I know what I bought, I knew its shortcomings, I am NOT even disappointed but some aspects only become apparent when you have lived with the car for sometime AND I stick with where this exchange started .... other manufactures do things BETTER than Lexus on almost any aspect you can pick-on, this may or may not matter to get an extended test drive! Good luck in defending the Lexus brand, you don't have to. They are good, but they are also a long way from being the best
  14. Hi alvinsu this is my first lexus and first suv so bare with me.....I am comparing my experience to my previous jags (I have had 4 in a row).....the things which are the most frustrating are.... the numb-nuts steering ... point, shoot, correct and correct again is the order of the day...there is absolutely no feedback the mpg which is less than my last 5.0L V8 (!)....I only average 29 mpg at a steady 70-80, my Jag got 35-38 mpg lexus claim to be quiet cars but my last jag was 3db quieter at 70mph the gearbox ... sorry but I am not sure I will ever get used to the CVT .... but I am trying to love it! It just encourages you to accelerate sllloooowly one of the feature of a cvt vs a standard gearbox is that on cruise-control, the engine revs will tend to increase to maintain speed whereas on a standard gearbox, the engine will tend to use its bottom-end torque more and be less likely to change down in queuing traffic, the engine stop-start .... it drives you nuts in traffic because it will literally run for 2 seconds and stop; most other cars allow you to 'feather' this thus, at junction, no engine running, lots of traffic, need to pull out quickly .... there is a lag you have to build in compared to sitting there with your engine running and ready to go trying to run in EV only mode means you must barely touch the throttle otherwise the engine cuts in and then promptly drops out (see above!) dont waste your money on the air-suspension; you don't need it. It doesn't make any appreciable difference to the handling; I am not going to have a go at the handling, it is what it is and I bought into that ditto, ML sound upgrade, it is only marginally better than the standard system and way behind my last system you can't shut-up the sat nav guidance when you are on a phone call! unless you try and go through 4 menu screens! who plans that one? some of the menu systems defy logic, they have related-settings scattered across multiple menus it has hard buttons which are barely used and is missing ones for functions which you want to use voice recognition is an absolute joke .... it even interprets "yes" as "no" or "cancel"! the locking system to the rear hatch defies logic; often not working or requiring resets or lock-and-unlock there is no control whatsoever over AWD being on or off the seats after 2-3 hours give you a numb back and bum; I have tried all sorts of positions and haven't found the right one yet 10k service interval! I am used to 20+k ... I missed that one my car when delivered had scratched rear screen and trim, so much for lexus quality, it is going to take 3 months to get the replacement parts; it has a buzz and rattle behind the dash that the dealer can't locate Seriously, I could go on and on but that's not the point ..... the Q7 may have similar issues for all I know, I have no idea, but I hope the above help on things to look-out for on the RX .... dont rely on the reviews....go see for yourself but my hint is to do try and get an extended loan or test-drive so you can suss-out the things that matter to you