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  1. RC facelift heading our way?

    I went to Lexus Liverpool last Sunday 4-Feb and checked out the new version of the RC, and of course the exterior is unchanged but the 10 inch screen and infotainment system is far better, sharper and quicker to respond to inputs. They're supposed to have enhanced the ML audio too but I couldn't tell the difference, and in fact the B&O in my 2013 A5 is better, more punchy, more defined bass, mind you it has 2 amplifiers even though it's only 505 watts. Seems odd to me that we're 5 years on and the ML isn't as good. Swings and roundabouts I suppose but I will miss the Audi - fast, smooth, great to drive but it's time to change and I think hybrid is the way to go. Cheers Andy
  2. RC facelift heading our way?

    I don’t think so, a new colour is being introduced too, Naples Yellow for F-Sport.
  3. RC facelift heading our way?

    There are more changes than MMI system, all will be revealed on Monday I’m told, dealer can see 4 changes on internal Lexus system, the interesting one is that all cars now have rear camera and premium navigation currently £2000 option becomes standard. This should bring the price down as F Sport with ML and sunroof is almost £45K.
  4. RC facelift heading our way?

    I asked the very same question and he said they don’t have photos yet and believe changes are purely new MMI system. I did however see a photo on Twitter home page of Liverpool Lexus @LexusLiverpool could that be the new RC - looks different and very RC like?
  5. RC facelift heading our way?

    Thanks for your replies - so I did a walk round the car with sales guy and it seemed really good but just before I signed The paperwork I went round again and spotted scuffing/ tramlines and a deep scratch in the paint, white mark so pretty deep. Salesman embarrassed and took it away for remedials and 30 mins later it was back but I could tell they’d been working on it, the scratch was gone though. I was a bit irritated though because you shouldn’t need intensive buffing on new paint. Gut feeling was not to proceed so I left, the sales guy was polite but was unimpressed, saying (nicely) that it was an acceptable standard now. Not to me though. So disappointed and I was so close to signing up. Got a call from another Lexus dealer in South when I was leaving, confirming they can order new model from Monday.So the revised model is on the water as he said delivery from Feb onwards.
  6. RC facelift heading our way?

    Thanks for all your replies, the scratched paint thing does make me wonder how they can go to such lengths describing the remarkable attention to detail, Takumi craftsmen etc and then present a car like that! My A5 has nothing like that in its paint finish and it’s done 39,000 miles. Also examined a new A5 in Audi showroom and it was perfect. I wouldn’t expect to have to pay a detailer to fix paintwork damaged by a clumsy pdi process either. I thought Lexus was another level above Audi to be honest. So what should I do, hold out for the revised model or buy the one tomorrow?
  7. RC facelift heading our way?

    OK, so I have some news - I did a deal on an RC300H with Premium Navigation, Mark Levinson and sunroof and went to check it over before purchase on 23-Dec. Bad news was that some clumsy oaf had polished the paintwork along with a bit of grit in his cloth - why a new car needs polishing is beyond me but both the dealer and I were surprised/disappointed and I didn't proceed. So they then started searching for another car in UK group stock. Nothing available with ML, and unable to place an order for a new one (status NCO - non-covered order in Lexus system). Latest is that they called me to say that there is a Lexus RC bulletin imminent should have been today but now deferred til prob Monday. Alongside all this another dealer whom I'd decided not to buy from (no issue just better deal at first one) ended up ordering an identical one from another centre (new) and have it ready for me to view tomorrow, a really good deal too. So, what do I do - wait for the new model and make excuses over the other one? I feel bad letting them down as they have worked hard to win my business - such a dilemma! I have an appointment at 10am tomorrow...
  8. RC facelift heading our way?

    I have been in dialogue with quite a few dealers over last 7-14 days as I have been trying to do a deal on the RC models which are currently available from the Lexus UK pool so to speak, already spec'd up. Anyway, there were about 3 brand new ones, mainly RCF Sports in either red, blue or black but one thing I learned speaking to a sales guy last Fri 1-Dec was that he said the ordering system wouldn't allow him to order an RC without premium nav which indicates changes are indeed afoot, certainly in the spec. I was also unable to get a good deal on the one I did fancy, seems 2-3K discount is the max, when I can get 6-7K off a new Audi A5 with similar RRP. So the difference to swap for an A5 was 20K or 26K for an RC. I think I will wait and see what happens in the new year, my A5 is running beauitfully and looks A1 for a 4 1/2 year old car, 38K miles.
  9. RC facelift heading our way?

    The dealer didn’t have any pictures but he said he understood it would just be an updated MMI system as fitted to latest NX and he sent me a video demo. He said if I ordered Dec he would expect delivery around March. Have you been happy with your IS and the hybrid system, has it been good on mpg?
  10. RC facelift heading our way?

    Latest news on the RC facelift/update I spoke with a local dealer earlier as I am debating whether to go for an RC or an Audi A5. I had said before that dealers couldn't order a new car in current shape and someone said that was not the case, but today I was talking to another dealer who has been pursuing me since I did a carwow quotation and he showed me the new larger multimedia screen currently in the NX and LC and actually said he could now place an order for the updated RC, sounds like just a refreshed MMI system, icons along the bottom versus them dotted across the screen in a grid. Apparently, if I order now I would be taking delivery Mar-Apr so there you have it
  11. RC facelift heading our way?

    Thanks for the replies. One thing I should have mentioned was that I talked to another Lexus dealer to see what was in national stock and there were only 2 available in my preferred spec and he said he wasn’t able to place a factory order which indicated that production of current model had possibly ceased.
  12. RC facelift heading our way?

    If that's the 2015 model then I want one😃 I think it's quite different from the current model but then I'm no expert on the RC
  13. RC facelift heading our way?

    Thanks for your replies, sounds logical - saw a video of the face lifted RC on YouTube earlier which is set for US market (RC350) and it looks very different, I'd say even the side body panels and boot look more angular, maybe we won't see this version? If we do I will wait for the new version😃
  14. I am currently about to change my car (Audi A5) and was in the advanced stages of buying an RC300H. I popped into a Lexus dealer here in the North today and asked, before I went ahead, was it true that there was a face lifted RC on the horizon. First answer was no but then he checked with the dealer principal who said that he understood there was one arriving in Spring 2018, anyone know about this, as it may make me hold off until Spring instead of buying last of he old shape. cheers Andy C